A Christmas carol by Charles Dickens

christmas-carol1Yes! This was our book club pick for December. It has been in the running for two years now and this year was selected. I am thrilled! I have never read the book but find myself in recent years wanting to read some of the greats –
I know the story of course, but to read the words…. that has always been my way.
After this book was selected I ordered a beautiful hard cover copy from Amazon. I knew this book would be a keepsake and after reading it I wished to put it in my library and use this very copy to one day read to my grandchildren.
And so – I opened this book like an excited child and began…. with Marley being dead.
I found it interesting that I had forgotten about Marley and really without him, you have no story. And as I read about Marley – I find that he too, was much like Scrooge in his life… and it is Marley who comes to warn Scrooge of his ways.
I think in this book the biggest visual I got out of it was when Marley shows Scrooge to the window and you see all the spirits carrying with them the same burdens – or choices they made in life. By choosing to live for the wrong things (money, possesions…) they are still with these spirits as they passed on. Now too late to have a generous caring heart, they willf orever carry these “chains”. I had to stop and think a minute what chains I carry….
The book I found to be very enjoyable and perfectly light for this time of year. It was a pleasure to read, to know a little more about Charles Dickens was also a treat. For book club tomorrow evening I am hoping to make a bowl of Smoking Bishop – which is in the final chapter of this book.
A+ read…. don’t miss out on reading this!

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