The Wednesday Letters by Jason Wright

aaa1This is our November book read.  The story line sounded great – a bed and breakfast owned by an older couple who as the story opens, die pretty much in each others arms.  Their three children who all have their own baggage from the walks they have chosen all return home to sort things out with the business, as well as their parents affairs.  The children (all in their 30’s) find something unexpected – boxes and boxes of letters that their father had wrote – one every Wednesday, to his bride….  and through these letters the children find unexpected, unwanted, surprises….

Sounds good huh?  I thought so too… however, if you read two entries below to Nights of Rodanthe, you will find a similar book.

Wednesday Letters is sweetly and gently written, surprisingly in a Christian like fashion which pleased me as it was a total surprise and the book was not published as such… however, our authors sweet short story was just too sweet… and too short.  In this book we have a whole group of great characters that could have been more.

Overall the book was good.  And maybe after having read a few short, non deep books in a row now… maybe its not the book, but me who needs to break out of this style and grab on to something more.

Foe December we try to choose a book about Christmas.  Sadly, these too usually wind up to be light and mushy.  Maybe I can suggest to vote for something like A Christmas Carol (which I have never read but have always wanted too).

2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Letters by Jason Wright

  1. I’ve ordered this from Crossings and it’s waiting patiently on my book shelf to be read. I enjoyed your review!

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