The Last Battle by C.S. Lewis

aI was so excited to get to this book!  In the begining when the book opened with an ape named Shift and a donkey named Puzzle… I was discouraged to see the direction the book was taking.  I didn’t like the ape, and the donkey needed a self esteem shot…

Yet – very quickly, I picked up the rythym of C.S. Lewis’ final installment of this series and was excited again to see the quick and brilliant mind of this man, this author, go to work in ways that astound me!  In the Last Battle we also encounter Tash and followers of Tash (Tash being the devil).  As people of Narnia choose sides Aslan or Tash – and some real confusion as the ape, Shift, tells those who are listening that Aslan and Tash are actually one and the same… we come to a great comparison to Matthew 24: 7 (where we know there will be a great deception at the end of times…)

As this book continues the level of energy and excitement stays high all the way to what possibly may be one of the best book endings I have ever read, and here is where C.S. brings Aslan back and through a great doorway, He brings His followers, and turns others away… and in great detail we see Narnia as we knew it, pass away and the new world begin (Isaiah 65: 17 – 25).

I ended this book with a great appreciation for C.S. Lewis, a man who passed out of this world before I was born… and all these years later I feel privledged to have read his works and spent a little time dwelling in his incredible mind.

An A+ rating on the books and I highly recommend these books not only for children…. but for yourself.

The Wednesday Letters by Jason Wright

aaa1This is our November book read.  The story line sounded great – a bed and breakfast owned by an older couple who as the story opens, die pretty much in each others arms.  Their three children who all have their own baggage from the walks they have chosen all return home to sort things out with the business, as well as their parents affairs.  The children (all in their 30’s) find something unexpected – boxes and boxes of letters that their father had wrote – one every Wednesday, to his bride….  and through these letters the children find unexpected, unwanted, surprises….

Sounds good huh?  I thought so too… however, if you read two entries below to Nights of Rodanthe, you will find a similar book.

Wednesday Letters is sweetly and gently written, surprisingly in a Christian like fashion which pleased me as it was a total surprise and the book was not published as such… however, our authors sweet short story was just too sweet… and too short.  In this book we have a whole group of great characters that could have been more.

Overall the book was good.  And maybe after having read a few short, non deep books in a row now… maybe its not the book, but me who needs to break out of this style and grab on to something more.

Foe December we try to choose a book about Christmas.  Sadly, these too usually wind up to be light and mushy.  Maybe I can suggest to vote for something like A Christmas Carol (which I have never read but have always wanted too).

Dead Sea Scrolls by Ancient Civilazation

dead-seaLoaned to me by Kathy Zak I dove into this small hard cover book about the Dead Sea Scrolls.  I found the book to be interesting and amazing!  I love the story of how they are found….

We have recently been doing a study at church with videos on Jerusalem.  We have in the past few weeks just discussed the dead sea scrolls…

What really makes me think is that so often when people have children they laugh and say if “only they had come with directions!”  Learning about these scrolls… I have to think – we all came with instructions.  God has provided us with a Bible that is our “instruction book”.  Through it we know how to live, what to do, how to act, how to speak, how to eat…. the whole works – all tied up in the most popular book in the world!  AND then…. here come the scrolls….  God is still reaching and teaching to us today.

Incredible read that has been donated by kathy to the church library.

Nights in Rodanthe by Nicholas Sparks

Ok, first of all, yes I have been reading…. I have just been busy with additional projects on my plate lately and the book blog has gone to the wayside…  I hope to remedy that now and catch up here over the next day or so…

Nights of Rodanthe was our book club read for September.  I was not entirely thrilled as this is a Sparks, and I tend to find him a bit light in his writing style and little plot development.  He is also considered one of America’s favorite author of love stories and well, that may be another reason he doesn’t stand out as a favorite of mine… I have never been much of a romance reader.

Yet, I ventured into this book because – it was a book club read … and the movie was coming out and that is something our group likes to do, see the movies that come from books.

I found the book to be …. Sparks.  While I really enjoyed Paul’s character, I felt he could have been so much more.  He truly felt like a great character, that never was fully developed…. mainly – because the story to me seemed… rushed.  By rushed I mean, it starts out strong (love the framing around a Bed and Breakfast) but then off the book races to – feelings, relationship, feelings, its over, the promise, the end.

I felt, and really, Paul should too, cheated.

I will rate this book as average, because for Sparks… thats what I expect.  This book, could have said so much more and really could have been well written by adding “more” and about 150 more pages.

As for the movie – a few of the girls seen it and said not to bother.  So I didn’t.