Nights in Rodanthe by Nicholas Sparks

Ok, first of all, yes I have been reading…. I have just been busy with additional projects on my plate lately and the book blog has gone to the wayside…  I hope to remedy that now and catch up here over the next day or so…

Nights of Rodanthe was our book club read for September.  I was not entirely thrilled as this is a Sparks, and I tend to find him a bit light in his writing style and little plot development.  He is also considered one of America’s favorite author of love stories and well, that may be another reason he doesn’t stand out as a favorite of mine… I have never been much of a romance reader.

Yet, I ventured into this book because – it was a book club read … and the movie was coming out and that is something our group likes to do, see the movies that come from books.

I found the book to be …. Sparks.  While I really enjoyed Paul’s character, I felt he could have been so much more.  He truly felt like a great character, that never was fully developed…. mainly – because the story to me seemed… rushed.  By rushed I mean, it starts out strong (love the framing around a Bed and Breakfast) but then off the book races to – feelings, relationship, feelings, its over, the promise, the end.

I felt, and really, Paul should too, cheated.

I will rate this book as average, because for Sparks… thats what I expect.  This book, could have said so much more and really could have been well written by adding “more” and about 150 more pages.

As for the movie – a few of the girls seen it and said not to bother.  So I didn’t.

Hmmmm... what do you think?

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