Friendship Test by Elizabeth Noble

Mind numbingly – chick lit. Sometimes I love it – sometimes I hate it. This one fell in between.

Wal-Mart has these oversize paperback books for $5.88. Great price, so had to pick out at least one of these possible literary treasures. In this case…. not really a treasure, more like the plastic toy you used to get in a cracker jack box…

I have read this author before when she wrote The Reading Group. Of course I was going to read that, and that book as well – I just didn’t fall in love with the characters. Its not that they are not likable…. it’s just that they are not really lovable. (Is that too harsh to say about a fictitious character?)

Anyway – the book was a 2.8 rating. Not quite average, not horrible… I found the story line to be a bit similar to other books I have found my way too this summer…

1. A family death leaves an inheritance of a home in another state/country

2. Main character is going through something rough and the timing to get away is perfect! (What a surprise!)

3. Through this inheritance, a love interest is found.

4. Life is all better.

: )

Ok… I know I am being harsh. The book is a beach read. Good, but not deep… and its ok if you cover it with water and sand.

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