Return to Summerhouse

Return to SummerhouseI didn’t think you could take such an incredible read As The Summerhouse and then years later come close to topping it… but I think Jude Deveroux just about did.  If you look at my previous blog on The Summerhouse you can read about my love for that book and why.  Now years later Jude comes up with a follow up book that knocked it out of the park again…

Return to Summerhouse is one of those books I was almost afraid to crack open.  After my raving through the years about The Summerhouse, and the shock of finding Jude suddenly out with a sequal 5 years later….(I can’t believe she didn’t call  and tell me!) I was almost afraid the second might tarnish the first if you know what I mean.  Sometimes good things are meant to just be left alone.

Yet Jude must have felt called to continue with this story line and I can’t help but believe that there must be many more out there like me that loved the first one to make her want to go on.  I also have to believe for a writer to write this well, she has to love the topic and the characters she develops as well.

A few days ago after rereading The Summerhouse, I followed up with this one.  I was not dissapointed.  Jude (if I may call her Jude…) used a completely different set of people this time, just left the area and Maddam Zoya the same.  As much as I had hoped that she bring back my favorites from Summerhouse (Leslie, Madison, and Ellie) I am now glad that she didn’t.  These new women were amazing too, and the fact that this time they go back into the 18th century, made me long to create an “orangery” and find a way to get my hands on the original balm out of biblical times…. (you’ll have to read the book to know what I am talking about!)

HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended.  Let this book take you away!  I can not wait to review it for book club and I have a fun idea to go with our review….    A 10.

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