Gifted to Lead by Nancy Beach

This is my favorite kind of book – and if you follow my book blog you would know what that means… loaned to me by a friend who thought I would enjoy it.  I love that.

In this case it was my friend Key who had purchased this book and sent it my way to read through.  I am so glad she shared this with me.

Nancy Beach is an incredible author and an amazing advocate for women in leadership roles.  Her book gives you insight of her 30 years in ministry, with God given leadership gifts that are not always accepted in the church when they are from a woman.

While many of the scenes Nancy talks about, I have not personally experienced (trying to be accepted in a male dominant group, people leaving a church due to the role she fills and the fact that she is a woman filling that role) I have experienced some of what she speaks of in leading missions.

I loved the book, its openness, its humor and how she tells it like it is.  Her gifts have taken her far and I would love to hear her speak sometime in the future.

This is an excellent read for any woman who is gifted to lead.  Highly recommended.  Check out her next speaking event here!

Thank you Key for the loan!   This was a fabulous read.  10+

2 thoughts on “Gifted to Lead by Nancy Beach

  1. I agree! A great book. I just finished it and also attended the Gifted to Lead conference today at Willow. Nancy is truly a remarkable leader… we are blessed that she has paved the way for others of us in leadership.

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