Morning Meanderings… Pics Of The Plunge or… ICE ICE Baby


Kind of hard to believe from the comfort of my cozy home this morning that a week ago I was loading up the car with a prom dress, bubble toe tennis shoes, a black make up marker, and wearing a friend of mines dog tags to go to Anoka Minnesota to throw myself in the lake.


Crazy Minnesotans… we will do anything for entertainment in the winter.  🙂

SO for this Saturday Snapshot, I give you the Polar Plunge pics that I have.  There are more to come from the professional camera peeps of the event however those are not posted yet.

Polar Plunge Anoka MInnesota, Book Journey
This is what we walk through to get to the water. We come in through the back where that dark blue is. This is the lull before the storm 🙂


Sheila DeChantal, Book Journey
I had offered those who sponsored me to be able to choose what I wore. I had to wear something from Australia (the white t shirt I am wearing), something from Harry Potter (the scar on my forehead), my friends dog tags for his birthday, and a prom dress. Check, check, check, CHECK.



This is me and my cousins wife Rhonda (I call her cousin-in-law)…. the dude is a photo bomber and the look on my face is because I suddenly felt someone over my shoulder and he surprised me.


Sheila Book Journey Polar Plunge
Showing that I am wearing the dog tags


Book JOurney, Polar Plunge, ANoka MInnesota
We are “Plungeriffic”


Sheila DeChantal, Book JOurney, Polar Plunge
This is my “I guess I am really doing this” face.


Book JOurney, Polar Plunge, Anoka MInnesota
This is our team, we were supporting Angela Wood, a Special Olympian!


and the pictures you are waiting for….

Polar Plunge, Anoka Minnesota, Sheila DeChantal, Book Journey
Yup… for a moment I walked on water. And yes, I plugged my nose… this one was deeper than the one I did three years ago.


Polar Plunge, Book Journey, SHeila Dechantal, Anoka Minnesota
Me… still in the water. If you are wondering what that feeling is when you jump into a Minnesota lake in March it is mainly “how fast can I get out!”


It was for a good cause, our area alone had 1,000 plungers raising a total of $208,000.  Other areas:

South Metro: 985 Plungers raised more than $232,000
Alexandria: 435 Plungers raised more than $93,100

Today there is a plunge in my home town of Brainerd Minnesota.  Oddly, I have completed two now but I have never jumped in Brainerd.  Hmmm…. maybe next year 😀



You may recall in January I picked my word for this year to be Emerge.  I purchased the above necklace for myself on my birthday to remind myself of my word.  I think so far… I am living it. 🙂


Today is a day of reading, web design, working out, and just chilling around the house.  I rented Mockingjay for my hubby and I to watch tonight.  Laying low and loving it!

Morning Meanderings… A Good Day To Jump In The Lake


Good morning!  As the sun comes up this morning in Central Minnesota I am prepping to leave for my two-hour drive to Anoka MN where at approximately 1:45 pm today, I along with many many other crazy people are going to jump in the lake for Special Olympics.

The last time I did this was in 2012.


Showing off my fashionable books.  When in Minnesota...
These boots will be coming along this year as well!


So….. yeah.

I am guessing I signed up, I received pledges.  I am doing this.

I offered the people who pledged me to have a say in one thing that I wear.  I will be wearing a prom dress.  Dog tags.  And something Harry Potter.  I will show you what that ensemble looks like at a later time.

For the rest of you… stay warm.  Read something good.  I will be finishing the audio book All The Bright Places today during the drive time.

I am linking this post to Saturday Snapshop.  Stop and see what everyone else is taking pictures of today 🙂

Morning Meanderings… Feeling SPUNKY. Polar Plunge Anyone?


Good morning!  Friday!  Egads, it is Friday!  I feel good though.  I have a good work day planned, prep for tomorrows Gatsby Event and plan dinner and a workout (not in that order).  Should be a nice “little bit of everything” day.

When I woke up this morning I seen on Facebook that our 2011 Polar Plunge pictures are circulating again.  I love looking at crazy pictures and have to laugh as pretty much everyone I did the plunge with said they would never do it again.


LOL… why not?


It really was a good time.  🙂

Belinda and I, pre-dunk

Showing off my fashionable books.  When in Minnesota...
Showing off my fashionable books. When in Minnesota…


Alright… that was a Facebook inspired post but it was fun. 🙂  Off to do my thing… have a super day.  And… do something crazy.  Really.

Years later… it will still make you smile.