Morning Meanderings… A Good Day To Jump In The Lake


Good morning!  As the sun comes up this morning in Central Minnesota I am prepping to leave for my two-hour drive to Anoka MN where at approximately 1:45 pm today, I along with many many other crazy people are going to jump in the lake for Special Olympics.

The last time I did this was in 2012.


Showing off my fashionable books.  When in Minnesota...
These boots will be coming along this year as well!


So….. yeah.

I am guessing I signed up, I received pledges.  I am doing this.

I offered the people who pledged me to have a say in one thing that I wear.  I will be wearing a prom dress.  Dog tags.  And something Harry Potter.  I will show you what that ensemble looks like at a later time.

For the rest of you… stay warm.  Read something good.  I will be finishing the audio book All The Bright Places today during the drive time.

I am linking this post to Saturday Snapshop.  Stop and see what everyone else is taking pictures of today 🙂

34 Comments on “Morning Meanderings… A Good Day To Jump In The Lake

  1. Insanity…that’s what I say. You Northern people are so hardy. I’m a wimp. Truly. Inviting everyone down here when we hit 107 in July or August. 🙂

    • It is quick – you are cold for less than 4 minutes….in and out and run for the big tent that is 80 degrees of blowing heat while you change.

  2. Thanks for the good laugh this morning. Your pics are amazing!

  3. This is incredible! You’re the bravest person I know this winter. Kudos to your enthusiasm. 😉

  4. Oh Shelia!!

    We have a polar bear group that swims in the sea during winter…but since Sydney’s winters never drop below 0°C, it’s nothing to the challenge you have set yourself!!!!

    Good luck – I look forward to next weeks update 🙂

    • Yes, we jumped at 1:45 and I started the 2 hour trek home by 2:30. 😀 I am waiting for pictures, they told us they had lots of people taking pictures but I have yet to see any.

  5. BRRRRRR….I would never do this. I have been freezing even in my house. 🙂

    Hope you got in and out quickly and warmed up quickly.


  6. Wow. I admire your fortitude. Can’t wait to see what you wore this year. I can’t believe you did it again.

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