Morning Meanderings… What Book Are You Waiting For?


Good morning.  Ahhhhh…. Wednesday.  It almost feels like a plateau in my week and I like it.  I need it.  I was supposed to be on my way to Bemidji bright and early this morning for my Grant Writing class, however it is postponed until April and I am ok with that.  That gives me today to do some catching up.  It’s like a bonus day I wasn’t planning on having so I am all over that.

I noticed quite a few great titles have been released recently.  Books I think are drool worthy and I am sure the books that I am excited about is just the tip of the publishing iceberg as to what is AWESOME out there and coming available in Spring 2015.

Here are just a few that I am excited about:


Harlan Cobe, Book Journey, The Stranger

I have been a long time groupie of Harlan Coben.  His writing is engaging, witty, and usually has a sweet story line too.  The Stranger just released yesterday and I am holding up virtual pom poms for this one.  I can not wait to take an afternoon and dive into this one!  Released yesterday, March 24th.




Silent Alarm, Book Journey, Jennifer Banash


Silent Alarm actually released on March 10th.  I am adding it to this list because it is one I am excited about and plan on reading very soon.  Written in the vein of Nineteen Minutes and We Need To Talk About Kevin.




LIARS INC, Paula Stokes, Book JOurney

LIARS INC. is a book I do not have on my shelf but I think I want to.  A YA setting of a senior who starts a business selling permissions slips to fellow classmates… until things go terribly wrong.  Feels like it has a good vibe.






CATALYST, Control, Lydia Kang, Book Journey

Catalyst in the Dystopian sequel to Control, both books here… both I need to read.  These books look like they have potential and I wonder once again how necessary sleep is.





Precisous One, Marisa de los Santos, Book Journey

Precious One also released yesterday and is a book that made me a fan of Marisa De Los Santos.  This one is as excellent read, fun writing style, and gush worthy.  My review for this book goes up today.




I know there are so many great reads out there.  What are you looking forward to this month?  What books should be on my radar?