Spoiler Page: Reconstructing Amelia by Kim McCreight


This is a SPOILER PAGE.  This means that if you are looking for a review of the book Reconstructing Amelia, go to this link.  If you have read Reconstructing Amelia and want to hash it out… stay here.  This is where we hash.


I feel a little odd doing a spoiler page for a book that I have never heard of until it was nominated at book club last week, however:  1) There are questions that I have about the book that I want to discuss and 2) I have a feeling this book may go on to bigger and better things and therefore I would like to be on the forefront of that wave.

While the topic of same sex relationships among teens was a harder one, I think what bothered me the most was her age.  I had a hard time seeing Amelia in my mind doing all these rather big steps so rapidly at the age of fifteen.  Yet, even as  I type this a little voice in my head is saying “Please…. everything happens fast at 15, you have no control over your emotions or who you ever are yet!”

Moving on from that topic – the last 100 pages felt rushed.  Everything starts to be revealed but lots of questions are unanswered.

1.  They dabble on the disease of Waardenburg was interesting but strangely placed…

2.  Jeremy.  Jeremy.  What the heck was he thinking coming across as Ben???  How utterly weird was that?  Creeper anyone? 

3. Jeremy again.  SO he sleeps with his female employees… enough to make women come after Kate years later?  Jeremy.  What a waste of space.

4.  SO does Kate quit her job after all is said and done and she finds out what a true creeper Jeremy is or does she stay and become a torture for Jeremy’s wife? Inquiring bloggers want to know!

5.  Dylan is so undefined I don’t even think I can talk about her…. she is just this girl who Amelia likes. 

Sigh.  Alright.  I don’t mean to give the impression I did not like the book.  I did.  I just like answers 🙂

Your turn. Thoughts.. questions… rants?  Raves?

18 thoughts on “Spoiler Page: Reconstructing Amelia by Kim McCreight

  1. I liked the book a lot too, but thought Jeremy’s actions were really weird. Would an adult really act like that? It sounds like you’ll have a lot to discuss at book club.

  2. This book is still bubbling in my brain. I think I will let it brew a little longer and wait to discuss it at book club. 🙂

  3. Okay, I read your post this morning and read the book this afternoon/evening. I had grabbed the e-copy when it was cheap but had no plans to read it right away. I didn’t even think I would like it, but it turned out it was just the page-turner I needed. 🙂 You raise a lot of good points. My moment is, who is Philip? Did I just forget her meeting him before? Or is the first name of someone that was always mentioned by last name? I feel stupid because I JUST finished the book and she sort of talks both like we should know him and then maybe not… I wish there was a bit less ‘middle’ stuff and the ending was not so rushed. It definitely is not a perfect book, but it is attention-grabbing.

      1. That’s the guy that she tells Amelia about at the end when she is visiting her at the graveyard. So he really is a new entry. I was worried I missed something!

  4. Phillip is Mr. Woodhouse the school Headmaster. I would like to know more about Zadie and Sylvia. Maybe a second book ?

  5. So, who wrote SORRY on the wall of the roof that was initially thought to be Amelia’s suicide note? Was it Sylvia? Did the book reveal that? If so, I missed it.

  6. When Liv came out on the roof talking about the manuscript that she had submitted for Amelia, what did she mean by “she would think about changing the names”? That part really confused me.

  7. When Lew is first introduced and speaks with Baron, he tells her there were scratches on Amelia’s arms, indicating that she didn’t commit suicide but there was some sort of struggle. It’s these scratches that the author uses to point the reader in the direction that it wasn’t a suicide. But in the end, when Amelia explains how she fell, there was nothing about Sylvia scratching her or a struggle between them, only that she struck Amelia with her phone on the collarbone. It’s like the author completely forgot about that major detail. Was there an explanation that I overlooked?

  8. The scratches probably came from Sylvia trying to grab her, or from her falling against the wall. She said she felt the back against the wall. I just finished it and was distressed because I had no idea who Phillip was. Glad I wasn’t alone, makes sense that it was the headmaster.
    I think Liv was saying she would change the names because she was trying to get a book published using the students as characters. She is not a good person!

    1. I was wondering if Liv was submitting some sort of chronicles from gracefully and that’s why she was changing names.
      So glad everyone else wondered about Philip? I tried to look back to see if it was the headmastee, but lost patience looking for a part with him in it haha.
      Also, it could be just me, but I pictured a lot of the Gilmore Girls cast while I was reading this story…I’ve clearly watched too much netflix 😉
      I did enjoy the book, I cried at the end! But, I’m glad I didn’t pay full price for it.

  9. I did the same thing…. Went back to find the name Phillip. I figured it was Woodhouse, but now I know for sure. I hope girls 15 in this day and age aren’t as neurotic! But I liked the book.

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