Lightning Thief Book Vs. Lightning Thief Movie by Rick Riordan


Know that if you read any further you are going to see spoilers to the book and to the movie Lightning Thief.  That being said – read on at your own risk.  🙂

So – for starters I have to say – what the…?  I was shocked at how different the book was from the movie.  I have seen differences before between books and movies but nothing like this before.  After seeing the movie and then continuing on with the book I was amazed what they left out of the movie, or blatantly changed…. and I mean blatantly.

I am going to start a list here and feel free to add to as I know I can not possibly remember everything:  (oh and in no particular order as I am just putting these in as I think of them…)

1.  Medusa’s death.  Hellooooooo?  In the book Percy ships it to the Olympians.  In the movie it goes along with them and actually helps them in their quest.

2.  The little pearls that they need to stomp on to get out of Hade’s safely.  In the book they get them towards the end of their quest.  In the movie they are part of the actual quest and they start out by going places to find them.

3.  The god Ares plays a HUGE part in the book.  After all, he is the god of war and turns out – he is also our bad guy.  In the movie?  He’s not there.  A total change.  Can you say AWKWARD????

4.   The Lotus Casino – the movie part of this was cooler than the book.  I loved the eating of the Lotus Cookie (was it a cookie?) and causing a drug like state that would not let them leave…..  in the book I am not really sure what it was that drugged them.  The air?

5.  The whole escape from Vegas scene.  Cool car in the movie….. illegal animal hauling in the book.  That actually was said in the book.  I hate animal abuse.

6.  The three fates (beginning of the book).  I thought that was cool….. in the movie?  Nope.  Not there.  No time.  They didn’t make the casting call….

7.  The ending with Lucas – in the book Percy is bitten by a scorpion (that evil Luke’s doing!) but in the movie that’s not how it goes at all.

Anyway – I know there are tons more but those are top of my peeves right now.  I haven’t read any other reports on this online yet but I would think the internet has to be saturated with posts on the differences.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on the book. the movie, or both here.  I will comment back to all responses.

224 thoughts on “Lightning Thief Book Vs. Lightning Thief Movie by Rick Riordan

  1. I actually did not mind the changes in the movie – other than Ares because I loved how he was portrayed. The changes made sense to me – like you said there were parts of the book that were slow, and the movie wasn’t.

    I didn’t get how they completely took out Kronos as the head bad guy and the reason Luke did it. How will they do movies of the rest if they took it out? I get that it was a movie for kids and they really try to keep it to a shorter length, but I missed that storyline.

    I really enjoyed the movie for what it was though.

    1. Caitie – all good points! That’s right I forgot about Kronos and apparently he is going to be in future books but missed the movie? Thats weird.

      And even kids movies are allowed to be longer these days – look at the Harry Potter movies. Maybe it is set for kids younger than the Potter groupies. I am not sure but yes it will be interesting to see where they go from here.

      I would think at some point they have to weave Kronos into the mix.

      1. Actually kronos second movie though and in the first movies iI thought a few things that you missed was really diffrent like annabeths hair was brown percy was sixteen when he was really supposed to be twelve and wasn't he supposed to do a lot more fighti says:

        Actually kronos second movie though and in the first movies iI thought a few things that you missed was really diffrent like annabeths hair was brown percy was sixteen when he was really supposed to be twelve and wasn’t he supposed to do a lot more fighting I’m only ten but I’m already o the mark of athena and I read each book twice.

      2. actually i really think these points help because my project due tomorrow is on this exact topic thank u so much for putting this up here u r a life saver plus all ur tips were very good and detailed

      3. I think that the book and movie are the same but not too different, but I think that Ares should have been in the movie I mean come on! Also what was my pet peeve is that Annabeth had BROWN hair! I HATE that I mean not hating on the Actress she was great! But it just bother me soo much!

  2. I liked the movie for the most part. I thought the camp was a little hokey though. It didn’t seem like that in the book. I got over it.
    I really disliked that they left out Ares completely. But, so far he’s not mentioned much in the rest of the series (I just finished book 3). So, it might not be such a huge deal.
    Kronos though – I’m not sure how they are going to do that. He’s been in every book and considering the goal is to bring him back to life, seems like a big part of the story to leave out.
    I really liked the actress who played Annabeth, but she’s blonde in the book. Plus, in the book they are suppose to be in the 8th grade. They seemed older in the movie.
    I made my husband go with me and he didn’t like it at all (but then he doesn’t like to go to the theater). But, he knew next to nothing about greek mythology and had no interest in it to begin with.
    Shiela – If you like Harry Potter that much (which I totally agree with you in that department), I would try the Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull.

    1. The main reason Ares is important because he put a curse on Percy. And in the later books that curse takes effect and Percy actually remembers the curse. Ares is also a big part in the second book because we see his relationship with Clarisse.

    2. Uhhh… If you JUST watch the movie, it’s ok, I guess. But it’s NOTHING like the book. The second movie TOTALLY disregards the ENTIRE plot? Why is it that in the movies they hardly even involve the gods?

  3. Hi Page –

    They did seem older in the movie. I think they really should be for the adventure they are on.

    I have Fablehaven (the first one) in my TBR mountain. Now I want to pick it up and read it right now! Thanks for the advice Page!

  4. Fablehaven is terrific. We listened to book one on CD. One grandson is on book 3 now. Grandson number 2 is dyslexic . He loved the book, but reading the rest of the series is too intimidating. I am hoping the library will get the other books in on CD. I’d buy them, but they are $40+ each.

    I read THE LIGHTENING THIEF just before taking the boys and my DH to the movie. Liked the book even if it did start slowly. I was shocked when we saw the movie. I can understand why things may be changed a little, but to almost totally change the story is a bit much. Yes the movie was good, but it could have been done just as well if they had followed the story in the book.
    I’m not sure how much control the author relinquished when he sold the rights to the book, but you would think he would want to keep the story line intact. J K Rowling was wise in keeping control of her books.

    One other time I got really upset over a book-to-movie finished product. Julie Garwood’s Clayborne trilogy was produced as Rose Hill for a Hallmark special. I loved the books and they were butchered. Except for the character names and the opening scene, the movie bore NO resemblance to the books. They used every western cliche and killed off two of the main characters. I still get angry every time I think of it. The story arc in the books was good.

    Sorry, I digressed. If a book is good enough to turn into a movie, why completely change it.

    1. Pat I was just talking about that – how JK Rowling was on the set of the movies making sure the producers stayed true to the book.

      I have never seen such differences as I did in the Lightning Thief. I had not finished the book by the time I seen the move so I was really surprised when I turned back to t he book to find a lot of it missing from the movie.

      I havent heard of the trilogy you mention but I can imagine I would be angry too.

    2. I didn’t even read the first book (but I’ve read the others) and I think the butchered it. I’m glad at least they made Annabeth blonde in the 2nd movie.

        1. Agreed. The book is great! I bet you probably had no clue about what had happened, but you can catch on. Bust I suggest you read it!

  5. I also have a blog here I am percy123456. I think the movie was a little too different from the book. I mean they cut out all the explosions and everything. Plus where was Clariesse.

      1. my friend and I are mad at the movie people and she said why don’t we go up there and beet them. I said to beet them with a set of percy Jackson books, and that gave her the idea of tapeing percy Jackson books to numbchucks

  6. Okay, first of all, I love the books. I hated the movie and if they ever make any more I will not go to see them. Annabeth is blonde and 12 years old. Percy is in 6th grade. Grover’s ambition is to search for Pan, not be a protector. Kronos is behind Luke and Ares’ plan. The boundry is Thaia’s pine tree. Annabeth has a crush on Luke. Percy sends Medusa’s head to Olympus. There was no woman freaking out in Medusa’s lair. There was a pact between the Big Three not to have Demigod children because of a prophecy that is there throughout the entire series. It’s Ares who gives the bolt to Percy, along with Hades’ helmet of darkness. Mrs. Dodds is a math teacher. Chiron is the only civilized centaur. Grover plays reed pipes. Luke poisons Percy with a scorpion from Tartarus and then escapes to join Cronus. The titans play an important role in the book. Percy’s mission is a quest from the Oracle. Luke doesn’t reveal that he hates the gods until the end. Annabeth has curly blonde hair. Clairisse is the camp bully. Capture the flag is between Athena (blue) and Ares (red), with Percy, Luke, and Annabeth all on the same team. The flying shoes are cursed. The pearls were a gift from Poseidon. Most importantly (I can’t say this enough times), THIS WAS ALL A PLAN OF CRONOS’S!!! Nowhere in the movie was that mentioned! Come on, one camper acting alone isn’t nearly as frightening as the evil Titan Lord and the god of war trying to overthrow Olympus.

    1. YES! Way to go Alicia! Love your comment here. I have never seen a movie so different from the book and while I will still dabble into the second movie just to see how they are going to correct all that they have done wrong….. I totally agree with your passion and banning on them. Nicely played.

      1. Correct. There was no water park scene or the water bed scene, and no Arch scene. There wasn’t even the animal truck!

    2. Yeah, that movie was ridiculous. The books were my favorite books and they completely changed it. I read the books way before the movie was ever mentioned(like 5 years ago, and that was just two different to be called The Lightning Thief. You saved me alot of time from thinking of all those differences.

    3. Yes! I totally agree. And Chiron wasn’t supposed to know that Percy was Poseidon’s son! They left out the claiming part! And the prophecy says he is supposed to be 16 when the prophecy fullfills, in the movie, he’s already PAST 16!

    4. I completely agree!! And since when did they ever go to Nashville?? IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE ST. LOUIS!! HE WAS SUPPOSED TO JUMP OUT OF THE ARCH!! And they werent even aware of their destinations until they winded up there!! And Annabeth aggravates me!! She’s supposed to have curly blond hair and gray eyes! And why are her and Percy always making googly eyes at each other? She’s supposed to have a crush on Luke. It’s not even mentioned that they might have feelings for each other until the third book. And when he wakes up she’s there feeding him nectar and ambrosia. They’re on the same capture the flag team. What about the walk to Hades’s castle? And cerebus? And what about Clarisse? Ares? The part where he blasts Clarisse with toilet water? He’s in 6th grade, and twelve. And what about that annoying girl at the beginning of the book (forgot her name) the one who’s always throwing peanut butter jelly sandwiches at Grover’s head?? I mean it’s FIRST hinted at that point that Percy might be the son of Poseidon, because he says it looked like the water almost “swallowed her”. What about the water park? The tunnel of love? Ok I could go on forever (and I seriously mean it), but before I shut up, one of the most annoying parts of the movie along with the exclusion of the predisposition of Kronos’s evil plan is the part about how when Percy arrives at camp he’s immediately directed to the Poseidon cabin (which is lame btw) because they were supposed to find out when Poseidon claimed him in the stream when he got attacked by the hellhound during the capture the flag. The only part the movie actually made BETTER was the Part in Vegas with the lotus casino (not including the omission of the circus animal truck)

    5. Haa spot on how i feel..the kids like 16 in the movie..and hes suppose to be at a boardimg school which hes not. the whole fight between luke and percy never happened..everything about that movie was different, its insane to mee they would change it that much.

    6. Ah Alicia! Finally I can agree with someone! I love the books and was utterly terrified when I saw this movie. From beginning to end it was painful to watch. I have very very uneasy feelings towards the release of Sea of Monsters, especially because it has been a few years since the Lightning Thief was released, but I can only hope it gets better. Anyway I just wanted to let you know I agree with everything you said because that stuff bothered me so much.

    7. I agree completely, i dont like it that they have made the actors so old and they have changed the story so much that its not interesting anymore. I like the fact that Ares was in the book cause Percy got to actually fight him it was actually amusing.Also the fact that Percy was meant to visit the oracle in the first book and go on an actual quest but in the movie he snuck out of camp which i’m not particularly happy with his only goal is to save his mum when he was meant to try and help return the Helmet of Darkness to Hades and return the lightning bolt to Zeus. The elevator going up to Mount Olympus kinda pisses me off as well because there is no explanation to how Percy’s mum knows the way to Olympus when she is human and when Percy went down to the Underworld to negotiate with Hades he leaves his mum behind not Grover. it would of been better if they made Chiron a white Stallion not brown. The last thing that I want to mention is the fact that DEMIGODS CAN’T USE TECHNOLOGY OR THEY ARE BASICALLY SENDING UP A SIGNAL TO ANY MONSTERS IN A 50 MILE RADIUS.

  7. Hey, To me. I disliked the movie. It was good and all, but, it was WAY to different for my liking. My family feels the same, and I bet there are a lot more too.

    In the book, their TWELVE! in the movie they were like 16. Come on? Like really. Not good. And Annabeth is BLOND not a brunette. And I was looking forward to seeing the movie alike with the book. But, noooo, it has to be so different! I was almost in tears when i saw how unlike the movie was.

    Ares was one of coolest people in the books. Same with Clarisse! I liked the book WAY, WAY, WAY more. I am a fan of romance novels but this one is great without it, I mean, It does have kissin’ in it. Like it the 4-5 book. But, the romance in the movie was like, out of place!

    Make a movie LIKE THE BOOK!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Great comment here Aylene. I am still in awe of the differences. How are they going to correct that in the next movie – IF there is one. I would think a lot of us movie goers would say “no thanks” to taking a chance again.

  8. They are going to make a second movie coming out in 2012. They didn’t read the books, none of the actors did. They said so them self on this thing I watched. I agree with all of you that was quite a bad movie. They need to read the books and get that movie straight

    1. Wow – that is so sad precy123456! Why would they do that and spend all that money to make a movie and then let it turn out the way it did?

      A lot of people are turned off by the differences and will not give the second movie a chance.

  9. It was a tragedy… They skipped the whole waterpark scene and I wanted to see that. Also everything was supposed to be more funny and “with it”, like Procrustes was a salesman. (They took him out too!)

  10. I am a huge fan of the series, having read it multiple times. i would almost consider myself an expert on the series, haha 🙂
    for a long time i refused to see the movie because books turned movies generally disagree with me. when i finally watched it however, i tried to keep it completey separate from the books to be able to watch it without freaking out. In the end, i noticed multiple things that were quite different from the book. here are the major ones:

    1. In his fight with mrs. dodds, percy kills her, she doesnt escape.
    2. percy grover, and his mom go “on vacation” to the beach house, and are followed from there.
    3. camp half-blood is portrayed very poorly. the description and importance of it in the book is not shown at all in the movie.
    4. camp characters: Clarisse and Mr. D anyone?! percy’s huge fight with clarisse and the presence of Mr. D were not introduced, which made little sense.
    5. grovers whole personality throughout the book was quite opposite of the movie. he was small in stature, quiet, and had curly hair that hid his horns (which he already had)
    6. the “quest” they go on for the pearls is silly. they are supposed to be given a quest by the Oracle (who is absent as well) that drives the whole story line
    7. Annabeth is supposed the be blonde, and have an invisible yankees cap, neither of which occur.
    8. in the book Percy gives the flying shoes to grover, which almost drag him into the pits of tartarus
    9. the furies dont reappear as old ladies on the bus, which then doesnt explode
    10. there is never any mention of the Mist
    11. medusa is not originally known to be medusa, just some old middle eastern lady. there is also no other lady in the building
    12. medusas head is shipped to mt. olympus, not taken along
    13. Pan is never mentioned by grover, which is his whole satyr objective in life
    14. Percy’s dream encounters with Kronos don’t happen, who doesnt appear AT ALL! isnt his return the whole point of the series??
    15. The encounter on the Arch with the Chimera doesnt happen. instead hydra in tennessee? very strange
    16. no iris-messaging?
    17. Ares makes no appearance in the movie, which is extremely important
    18. they never visit Waterland
    19.Thalia is never metioned by Annabeth(ever, in fact) during their animal truck ride west (which also didnt happen)
    20. The whole Lotus casino part is different (way too much to go into detail about)
    21. Percy is given the pearls by a nereid in the ocean as a gift
    22. they never visit Crustys waterbed palace
    23. The entrance to the underworld is through DOA recording studios, and the scene takes place a little differently (too much to explain, again)
    24. The river Styx isnt actually a river in the movie, and their whole journey through the underworld is not shown in the movie
    25. Annabeth does not tame Cerberus in the movie 😦
    26. Hades doesnt have or want Zeus’ master bolt. he thinks Percy stole his Helm of darkness (also not mentioned)
    27. Percy leaves his mom in the underworld, and escapes to back to the sea with grover and annabeth
    28. Ares (who stole the bolt and helm) fights percy on the beach (who ends up winning)
    29.The entrance to mt. olympus starts in the lobby of the empire state building, and riding up to the 600th floor
    30. the throne room described in the book looks nothing like it in the movie
    31. Percys mother is returned home (courtesy of hades) and turns gabe into a statue (using medusas head)
    32. grover goes on a search to find Pan after they return
    33. luke reveals to percy back at camp that he is actually working for kronos (aka evil). he calls a pit scorpion which stings percy (he doesnt die like he is supposed to, however)
    34. Annabeth goes home to give it another try with her father and new family

    these are the main incongruities of the movie, most of which cause a serious kink in the storyline if they plan on making any further movies in the series. sorry for the long list 🙂

    by not associating the book with the movie, however, i did enjoy the movie as a separate entity.

    1. Natalie, thank you for this informative post.
      Well, thank you to everyone really.
      I’m watching the movie as I read the posts and comments here.
      I am going to teaching this book in January to 6th graders. I was hoping to use some scenes from the movie in class. Not to sure if that is possible.

    2. I love ur comment!!!! The book was awesome movie sucked!!!! But I really hope in the future they redo the movie

      1. It would be awesome if the remake the movies i’ve been thinking the same thing myself because i love to read books and the movie can give me an image because sometimes it is hard for me to use my imagination while reading because you dont know how they were meant to look like for the author i would actually like the movie to show how the Author sees it. this is just my opinion though

  11. Did anyone notice that since he is no longer 12 in the movie THERE IS NO PROPHECY!
    WHICH MEANS NO THALIA, NO NICCO, NO DABBLING WITH THE SWIM IN THE RIVER STYX, NO GODLY PROMISES, NO TYPHON, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY PERCY DOESN’T SAVE THE WORLD!!!!!!!! WHAT THE HECK! HONESTLY if this is to become a franchise, instead of making a second film they should…i dont know…REMAKE THIS ONE. in my opinion the screenplay should have been made by rick riordan or been atleast looked at by him. And I mean if the producers or the actors didnt even read the book then the movie should have never been made. worst waste of money and time in the film industry ever. I just…ugg. I loved the books. They got me hooked on Greek mythology which is what I am minoring in in college, and just see it torn to shreads is painful. BTW, how awsome is the new Heroes of Olympus series. If they ever make a movie of that or Kane Chronicles or actually any of the otherr Percy Jackson books I will personally go to Hollywood and show them not to mess with fans. Especially me.

  12. Percy Jackson: The Sea of Monsters will be released on March 27, 2013.
    Yeah, they’re making a sequel, let’s just hope the apocalypse takes us all out before its released.
    But in all honesty, I love the books and there are several scenes I was looking forward to that never came and while I did get mad, it was a good movie. A HORRIBLE adaptation, but a decent movie. The only changes I liked were the Lotus Casino and maybe Persephone.

    1. They are paranoid, as Chiron says, since I’m not allowed to call Zeus crazy. (Thunder) Anyway, I think someone should mail Chris Columbus and tell him to direct the next movie in a way that he directed Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone.

  13. I read the first, second and third book and thought it would be a smart idea to just see the movie.
    Well, I was disappointed!
    1) I was excited about the fight with Clarisse in the creak. Didn’t happen.
    2) I wanted to see Clarisse dripping wet with toilet water.
    3) The cabin was lousily made!
    4) They missed the claiming!
    5) Luke mentions at the end of the movie that the demigods are supposed to take over, not Kronos! Isn’t Kronos the whole point of this series?
    6) They are supposed to be TWELVE, not SEVENTEEN when the Great Prophecy is supposed to be fullfilled when Percy is SIXTEEN.
    7) There was no such thing as a Lotus flower in the book.
    8) Annabeth is supposed to be blonde (curly) with gray eyes and is supposed to have a Yankees cap.
    9) Riptide is supposed to have a cap.
    10) the Minotaur and the fury Alecto were supposed to be vaporized.
    11) Mrs. Dodds is a maths teacher.
    12) Poseidon is supposed to be wearing bermuda shorts, a t-shirt and a cap.
    13) No mention of the Oracle
    14) Chiron is supposed to be a WHITE stallion from is waist bellow.
    15) Hydra comes out in the second book.
    16) Percy was supposed to stay in the Hermes Cabin for a few days.
    17) Capture the flag was supposed to be Athena VS. Ares, with Percy and Annabeth being in the same team and Annabeth already knowing Percy.
    18) Percy is supposed to stay dry when he touches water.
    19) There were no Chimeras or Echidnas.
    20) The vacation to Montauk?! HELLO?! The exploded car?! HELLO?!
    21) Clarisse, Kronos, Pan and Thalia weren’t even mentioned in the movie.
    22) They never got a bag from Ares.
    23) Persephone was supposed to be with Demeter, since it was August.
    24) Poseidon sends Percy back Medusa’s head which was SENT to Mt. Olympus, not taken along with them.
    25) Annabeth was supposed to have a crush on Luke.
    26) Crunchy, the stretching dude, was supposed to be in a bed-and-breakfast store.
    27) They never went to Hollywoods in the book
    28) The whole idea was to get the lightning bolt, not get the pearls.
    29) The scorpion from Tartarus? Where’d it go?
    30) Hades never wanted the bolt! He just wanted the helm of darkness.
    31) They missed the bus explotion.
    32) The flying shoes drag Grover to Tartarus.
    33) The book ends with Percy deciding to come back to the camp later.
    34) Where did the Seaweed Brain and Wise Girl namecalling go?
    35) The Iris-messages were out of order.
    36) The trio never part to search for Medusa and Percy doesn’t carry a iPod with him and they thought Medusa was some kind of a old lady named Aunty Em.
    37) Grover goes in search for Pan after they return.
    38) There was no Council of Cloven Elders.
    39) Chiron is the only centaur in the camp.
    40) NO DIONYSUS?!

    Honestly?! They should make a new series of movies with different actors and a different plot. I can’t believe the director was the director of the first Harry Potter movie.
    I’ve seen many movies with different plots but I’ve seen none with missing major characters, such as Ares, Clarisse, Kronos and Mr. D. Unbelievable!

      1. I hate that the people that direct the movies don’t even read the books, the actors don’t either. I can’t believe that rick let them release it!!!!!

        1. i think u should take more notice of the no cap in the movie. their was two bulls in the sea of monsters. and how is Annabeth suposed to write in a napkin with riptide in tartarus for the book in The House Of Hades.

  14. Dude give the movie a secound chance it has a new director that is trying to fix things like when I saw release photos from the secound movie she is blonde this time and on the Percy Jackson imbd page there putting all the characters they didn’t put in the first film In the next film the fates will be there clariess will be there ares will play a part mercury etc etc 😀

    1. the second movie is out now and there are so many changes that you are probably gonna have to sit there with the book while watching the movie to count them and there are probably over a hundred differences since they changed and misses so many things. I dont think a lot of fans that love the book are going to forgive this movie

  15. Hello, First off, so many good comments. Second, I went to a website for the second movie that had all of the same characters except Chiron was changed. and guess what? The main monster in the Third book is going to be in this one. I was looking forward to seeing the three headed dog play fetch with Annabeth. but that didn’t happen… why not I mean its an awesome part of the movie. I haven’t read all of the books yet. I am on the Third one right now. But Why change the books? Its like making the harry potter movies nothing like the books. how would people feel then? enraged. I think that we should email who ever made this movie and tell them what we think, nicely, but still. oh! the Cabins were suppost to look like the buildings of olympus, at least a bit. They were supposed to be in stone, some kind of gray stone, if I am correct. OH! Percy doesn’t stand up to his moms boyfriend like he does in the movie. His mom works at a candy store and its not even there. the entrence to the camp didn’t look like what I thought it would look like at all. the dinners that they have didn’t happen. and what about the beads? the beads you get after you’re year of camp. wasn’t percy supposed to uncap Riptide? not press a button. The movie was nothing like the book at all, though I thought that percy was hot in the movie. but that was the only reason I watched it all. and! Percys father doesn’t show any emotion saying that he cares about Percy. but in the movie he tells him why he cant see his son and he said he is proud of percy..OH! and only Zeus and Posiden were in the throne room but everyone was there in the movie…ugh, I hope they make this movie over and correctly.

    Sorry this is so long

  16. When I said the three headed dog was in the movie I meant that it was in the book and not the movie, sorry I am posting this kind of late. Sorry for any other mistakes I made. .

  17. I’d say, that if you never read the books, the movie was pretty good! But if you’d read the book before hand, the movie totally stunk. TOO MANY changes! Again, not bad without the book, but reading it first like I did and the movie wasn’t terribly enjoyable. The book, I thought, was ten times better. Also, I’m having a hard time picturing how they could possibly make movies of the other books with all the changes they made. If they can stick more to the book, I am REALLY HOPING they do the rest of the series. And also, I really wanna see the second series, The Heroes of Olympus, made into a GOOD movie 😀 ❤ 😀 ❤ 😀 ❤

  18. Um hello? The really big changes in the movie from the book were THE CHARACTERS THEMSELVES! Percy is like, freakin 16 in the movie, when in the book he’s twelve. Annabeth has dark hair instead of blonde, and blue eyes instead of grey. The Hell?! And Grover has crutches instead of fake feet. Chiron has a WHOLE HEAD OF FREAKIN HAIR when he’s supposed to be like, balding. And Chiron’s horse body is white, not brown. Plus he was running with centaurs, when in the books he’s the only one..till later. Percy’s dad, Poseidon, wasn’t wearing his hawiian shirt and cacki (idk how you spell cacki) shorts. The Fuck?!?!?!??!?!?!??? Ughhh, that movie made me go buy AALLLLL the Percy Jackson and the Olympians books, plus the beginning two of The Heroes of Olympus. Just so I could go over all the wrong things in the movie. Course i’m not gonna do that, it would take forever.

    Anyways if they were gonna do the damn movie like that, they should of AT LEAST gotten the main characters right. 😡 That movie made me mad.

    Percy&Annabeth 4EvA

  19. I thought the movie was a huge let down and in my opinion left no room for a sequel, which would have been cool, they left out the leader of the Aries camp Clarissa which was a fun character, she also has large parts in the other books. In the movie the first camp game percy was on the wrong team. in the book it was luke, percy, and annabeth. I could go on and on. lol the books rule

  20. in the book percy meets hades in the underwolrd not at camp like the movie.
    in the book percy goes to the underworld to get the bolt from hades AND to save his mom not just to save his mom.
    in the movie there is NO oracle nor ANY PROPHICY wjich i loved in the book
    in the book ares gives percy the bolt not luke
    in the book there is KRONOS in the movie he is not mentioned

    the book is awesome the movie stinks compared to it

  21. in the movie Luke dies when Percy throws him to the sea with that spear that dident even come up in the movie

  22. the movie was good but compared to the book it was crap and what happen in the book was way different then the movie

  23. I’m going to read the whole series after I finish the Mark of Athena. Why did they even have the need to change the plot of the first book? Here are some of the changes that I noticed.
    1) Annabeth is supposed to be blonde.
    2) Percy is supposed to be 12, not old enough to drive.
    3) Ares was an important character in the book.
    4) The pearls were given to Percy when he jumped in the water.
    5) Hades didn’t show up in the fire.
    6) Chiron didn’t know Percy was the son of Poseidon.
    7) Percy choose Grover over his mother, Hades returned her after he learned that he was telling the truth about not stealing his helmet.
    8) The pearls took them to the coast, not the Empire States.
    9) Percy didn’t fight Luke at the Empire States, he fought with Ares at the coast.
    The list goes on and on…

    1. i love the Percy Jackson books. I’ve also already read the heroes of olympus twice and it was a good series but i really want them to remake the percy jackson movies so that they can make the heroes of olympus into a movie because the action in it is so cool but the fact that the movies are so bad im not sure how they are going to fix it

  24. the movie was nothing like the book,there was no hydra,he gets the pearls from a nereid,he fights with ares,grover has horns the entire time,he chooses grover,persephone has nothing to do with it,luke tries to kill percy,percy gets a prophecy and permission,hades is only in the underworld,dionysus is a big part in the book,miss dodds is telling percy she knows hes a half blood shes not looking for the bolt, hades’s helm of darkness is a big part of it,did anyone notice that there is no clarrise at all in the movie?,annabeth is blond,the mom uses the head of medusa on gabe,there is no gateway into camp half blood,it is a pine tree he uses the tree in battle so its important,he plays vidio games the wholetime and there is no lotus fower or car, to get to he rides in a van with animals being transported,there is a cab driver who drives them because they have infinity dollars on there casin card,tose are joust the big ones tere are a lot of smaller mistakes, i didn’t even write a fraction of them!!

  25. i loved the book and that was the reason i watched the film, i mean its a good film but for someone whos read the book and loved it its really annoying that the films so different. another big thing about ares fighting percy is that he curses him and the curse affects percy in the 3rd book whilst bes in the middle of a fight. also conflicts between characters happen because of events not shown in the film. percys not even supposed to know who his godly parent is, noone is, until they are claimed. at the end of the film luke was thrown into the water but in the book he leaves to help kronos rise again. even though the book was a bit long winded in parts it explained things that alot of people who hadnt read the books were asking about, like why olympus was on top of the empire state building and why monsters who were killed in the myths were alive.

  26. Annabeth and Percy are 12. Annabeth and Percy are 16.
    Annabeth has curly blonde hair, and gray eyes.
    Annabeth has iron-straight brown hair, and blue eyes.
    Annabeth’s family life is mentioned. Annabeth’s family life is not mentioned throughout the movie, although she did tell Percy that she grew up at Camp Half-Blood, similar to what she said in the book, and how she’d only been in the outside world a couple of times.
    Luke has a scar down his cheek from a dragon attack. Luke had no scar at the beginning of the film, but received a cut on the cheek when Percy slashed him with his sword.
    Clarisse is the camp bully at Camp Half-Blood. Clarisse doesn’t appear in the film.
    Percy fights Echidna and her Chimera atop the St. Louis Arch, the Minotaur on top of Half Blood hill, Procrustes at a water bed store, the three Furies multiple times, and encounters Cerberus at the gates to the Underworld. Percy fights the Minotaur at the entrance of Camp-Half Blood. He also fights the Hydra at the Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee. The Hydra expels fire instead of acid. Percy also encounters a Fury (Mrs. Dodds a.k.a. Alecto). Yet Alecto’s sisters, Megaera and Tisiphone, are never mentioned. Also, there was no Cerberus, Chimera, Echidna or Procrustes in the movie.
    Tyson gives Percy his shield wristwatch in the second book, The Sea of Monsters. Percy already has a compact shield that is given to him by Luke. The shield has a secret compartment which held Zeus’ Master Bolt.
    The Hydra only appears in The Sea of Monsters. The Hydra appears in the movie.
    Persephone is with her mother because it is summer. Persephone is shown being held hostage by Hades.
    Percy, Grover, and Annabeth take a taxi from the Lotus Hotel and Casino. Grover who is driving the car, bursts through the Lotus Hotel and Casino doors with a Maserati.
    By taking the green credit/play cards, Percy, Grover, and Annabeth were allured to staying in the Lotus Hotel and Casino. By eating lotus-shaped hors d’oeuvres, Percy, Grover, and Annabeth were allured to staying in the Lotus Hotel and Casino.
    Ares has a main role in the book. Ares only appears at the meeting in Olympus.
    Cabins have specific features catered to their patron god and in a U shape. Cabins consist of various tents and are scattered throughout the woods.
    Riptide is a celestial bronze sword and appears to mortals as a cap pen. Riptide appears as a click pen and is never named.
    Percy and Annabeth are trying to be friends and work together. Percy and Annabeth seem quite attracted to each other. In the deleted features it shows a scene near the end where Annabeth gives him a kiss when they get to the camp.
    Medusa is fought by looking at her through a glass ball. Medusa is seen through the reflection of an iPod Touch.
    Percy doesn’t own any type of electronic device, because they attract monsters. Percy has an iPod Touch.
    Percy’s Trident Sign is like a hologram and is shown after Percy defeats the Ares campers using extra stength gained by him being in the water. Percy isn’t claimed in the film. He is introduced as the Son of Poseidon from the offset.
    Luke mentions to have met his dad once. Luke mentions to have never seen his dad.
    Grover walks with a limp, but runs “like the wind” when using mortal outfits. Grover walks with crutches and is barely shown running in the movie, except when he was running away from Medusa and the Minotaur.
    Percy discovers Luke’s betrayal at Camp Half-Blood and nearly dies due to the scorpion bite from Luke’s scorpion. Percy learns of Luke’s betrayal on top of the Empire State Building and fights him.
    Annabeth is a good strategist and fights using a celestial bronze knife. Annabeth is a good warrior and strategist, and fights using swords, bows, crossbows, and uses her knife at the end.
    Annabeth first meets Percy when she was nursing him back to health after the encounter with the Minotaur. Annabeth first sees Percy when Grover was showing him around the camp. Percy and Annabeth encounter each other a second time when they fight each other in Capture The Flag. They formally meet at the banquet after the Capture the Flag game. A deleted scene, however, depicts the two meeting at the infirmary, and the nectar from the scene is also seen being drunk.
    Medusa is an old, Middle Eastern woman, with coffee-colored skin. Medusa appears to be a young, caucasian woman.
    The campers wear orange t-shirts with “Camp Half-Blood” written on them. Campers are shown to wear armor during training and Capture the Flag and modern clothing at other times
    The only gods that appear in the first book are Dionysus, Ares, Hades, Zeus, Poseidon and Hestia, though Percy thought she was just a young girl at the time while she was tending a fire. Hera, Demeter, Apollo, Athena, Aphrodite, Hermes, Hephaestus, and Persephone also appear in the film. Dionysus isn’t seen at camp at all.
    Annabeth is on the team with Percy during Capture the Flag. Annabeth is on the other team against Percy during Capture the Flag.
    Percy shows signs of being the son of Poseidon by causing the water in a water fountain to well up and “attack” Nancy Bobofit and when his fighting ability is increased after pouring water on his head.
    One of the signs that Percy is the Son of Poseidon is his ability to hold his breath for an unnatural period of time underwater.
    Percy has barely any control over his powers. Percy can manipulate his powers like the way he can in The Battle of the Labyrinth.
    The gods usually wear normal clothes. The Gods, except for Hades and Persephone, wear Greek armour and/or togas. But, if they’re with mortals, they wear normal outfits — like Poseidon and Zeus did in the beginning of the film.
    The key to the elevator that leads to Olympus is a card. There is no key, but a set of buttons Sally Jackson pushes to open the elevator to Olympus.
    Percy and Annabeth don’t get near a swimming pool. At the motel pool, Percy heals a bruise on Annabeth’s arm. Afterwards they discuss their relationship with their immortal parents.
    Percy never wears the flying shoes that Luke gives him because of Zeus’ warning of a Poseidon’s son in his sky. Instead, he gives them to Grover for him to wear. Percy uses the flying shoes to obtain the pearl in a crown atop a statue of Athena at the Parthenon. He also uses them throughout the fight over the Master Bolt with Luke.
    Medusa wears a black veil to cover her eyes. Medusa wears black sunglasses to cover her eyes.
    Luke never fights Percy with the Master Bolt. Luke and Percy fight over the possession of the Master Bolt, using it on each other during the process.
    Hades wears black, silky robes. Hades wears gothic rock star-like clothes. (Grover reffers to it as the Mick Jagger style).
    Medusa’s head is mailed to Olympus after Percy decapitates her. They keep the decapitated head, and Grover later uses Medusa’s head to turn the Hydra into stone and Percy leaves it in his refrigerator to be discovered by Gabe.
    Percy goes to Olympus alone. Percy and Annabeth go to the Gods’ throne room, while Sally is left in the elevator.
    Athena speaks with an American accent. Athena speaks with an English accent.
    Hades is cold, and unfriendly. Hades is made to appear somewhat humorous.
    Hades dislikes the Olympians, but doesn’t make an obvious attempt to overthrow them. Hades wants to use the bolt to become king of the gods.
    Kronos is heard speaking throughout the story as a prisoner in Tartarus (at the Underworld) and is mentioned as Luke’s boss. Kronos is never heard of but mearly mentioned by Chiron at the beginning of the film. The plan to overthrow the Olympians is apparently Luke’s in an attempt to make a new race of gods.

    Percy fights Ares on the beaches of Los Angeles.
    Percy fights Luke in New York. Ares doesn’t have a major role in the movie.
    Hellhounds are large demonic dogs. Hellhounds are medium sized rodent-dog hybrid creatures that only understand Greek.
    Sally is left behind in the Underworld and then released by Hades. Grover is left behind in the Underworld with Persephone and an unconscious Hades, but is later released by Zeus.
    Mr. D is in charge of Camp Half-Blood. Mr. D was not shown in the movie.
    Sally turns Gabe into stone using Medusa’s head. Sally kicks Gabe out of the apartment. When Gabe comes back to reclaim his belongings, he breaks open the refrigerator to get beer, but instead finds Medusa’s head, which turns him into stone.
    The gods are about 15 feet tall while in Olympus. The gods are giants over 60 feet tall while on Mount Olympus; however, it is shown that they can shrink to a normal size.
    Each of the gods has their own customized throne. The gods’ thrones are all the same.
    The Oracle gives out prophecies and quests. The Oracle is never incorporated into the movie. Also, Percy is never given the quest but disobeys Chiron’s orders to stay in the camp.
    Argus is the many-eyed security guard. Argus never appears in the film.
    Luke injures Percy and leaves for Kronos’ army. Percy beats Luke and hurls him into the sea.
    Thalia’s Tree and her story is told. Thalia is mentioned by Grover in a deleted scene. The tree is still not referred to, but her history remains the same, hinting to a role in possible sequels as in the books. There also appears to be a pine tree just outside the gate to camp.
    The Big House is an important place. The Big House is shown once when Percy first arrives in Camp Half-Blood.
    Grover is shy and very clumsy. Grover is outgoing, funny, and shows an extreme interest in women.
    Yancy Academy is a private school. Yancy Academy is a public school.
    Mrs. Dodds is a pre-algebra teacher. Mrs. Dodds is a substitute teacher in English.
    Percy is at Camp Half-Blood for two weeks before his quest. The same day Percy arrives at camp he sneaks out for his quest.
    The pact of the Big Three is a main focus. The Big Three pact is not mentioned, but Chiron says Big Three children are rare.
    There is no law regarding whether or not gods can see their children. Zeus placed a law on all the the gods saying they can not have contact with their children.
    Luke is given his flying shoes for his quest from his father. Luke steals the shoes from his father’s house.
    There is to be no technology whatsoever at Camp Half-Blood because they attracted monsters. The same rule applies, but Luke’s tent is decked out with HD TV’s, a couple of game systems, and an Apple computer, all of which (that can be assumed) he snuck into Camp.
    Poseidon left before Percy was born. Poseidon left when Percy was seven months old because Poseidon was becoming too “human”.
    The Minotaur has Fruit of the Loom underwear. The Minotaur has no clothing.
    Sally has light brown hair. Sally has dark red hair with brown highlights.
    Sally kept her maiden name, Jackson. Sally is referred to as “Sally Ugliano.”
    No one knows who Percy’s father is until Capture the Flag. Everyone is well aware of who Percy’s father is except him (until he arrives at Camp Half-Blood).
    Persephone is portrayed as kind and innocent. Persephone is quite defiant and quite suggestive towards Grover.
    Percy, Annabeth, and Grover use the Iris Messaging rainbow to contact Camp. Annabeth iChats (through the use of an Apple computer) Luke with a question regarding the flying converse shoes.
    There is quite a bit of detail regarding Annabeth and Luke’s past. There is no mention of their past whatsoever, so Luke’s betrayal seems irrelevant, except for the fact that he was angry at the gods.
    Percy, Grover, and Annabeth check into the Lotus Hotel and Casino. Percy, Grover, and Annabeth never check in at the hotel.
    Camp Half-Blood is fairly spread out, over strawberry fields. Camp Half-Blood is crammed and in the middle of a forest.
    Percy, Grover, and Annabeth meet Ares and go to Denver. They never encounter Ares and do not go to Denver. Instead, they go to a replica of the Parthenon in Nashville, Tenessee in search of one of the three pearls following Luke’s map.
    Sally made blue food as a sign of defiance. There is no blue food.
    The Three Fates appear before Percy and cut a blue string. The Three Fates are never seen or mentioned.
    Cabin Three was most likely built by campers. Percy’s father, Poseidon, built the cabin for him.
    The Underworld’s entrance is in a production studio. The Underworld’s entrance is at the Hollywood sign and opens when one reads the phrase: “Woe to all Depraved Souls”.
    Percy is given the pearls by one of Poseidon’s Nereids. Persephone has three pearls hidden in America for her visitors to escape the Underworld.
    Percy, Grover, and Annabeth encounter Procrustes in a water bed shop. They never encounter Procrustes or go into a water bed shop.
    Annabeth has met Athena and her mother has helped guide her. Annabeth says that she has never met her mother until she went to Olympus with Percy. She did mention that her mother talked to her telepathically to guide her.
    Percy and Sally were on a summer trip to Montauk Beach using Gabe’s car. Percy and Sally never go on their trip. They go straight to Camp Half-Blood with Grover after a Fury attacks Percy.
    Percy attacks Mrs. Dodds using Riptide. Chiron threatens to hurt Mrs. Dodds. She flees, crashing through the museum window.
    Mrs. Dodds asks Percy to speak with her privately because he attacked Nancy Bobofit. Mrs. Dodds asks Percy to speak with her privately after he correctly reads a stone statue that says “Perseus Defeating Cetus,” in Greek, not becuase of the incident with Nancy Bobofit. Also, Nancy Bobofit does not even appear in the movie.
    Percy promises to come back to Camp Half-Blood next summer at the end of the book. At the end of the movie, Percy is seen staying at camp, possibly year round.
    Medusa’s body dissolves leaving the head. Medusa’s body doesn’t dissolve as the heroes take the pearl and head.
    Percy breaks off the Minotaur’s horn and uses it to kill the Minotaur. The Minotaur breaks its own horn off after running into a tree. Percy pulls it out and stabs the Minotaur with it.
    The Minotaur dissolves after Percy kills it. The Minotaur does not dissolve after Percy kills it.
    Percy, Annabeth, and Grover use the ransom of a pink poodle named Gladiola to get money for a train ride across the country. They never encounter Gladiola and instead drive across the country but there is a poster of her hung up.
    Percy, Annabeth, and Grover ride in the back of a zoo truck found/provided by Ares to Las Vegas, in the end releasing the mistreated animals. The zoo truck never appears or is mentioned; instead the three drive across country following Luke’s map.
    Hades’ Helm of Darkness was also missing. Hades’ Helm of Darkness was never stolen or mentioned.
    Percy encounters a Hellhound in the forest at camp. Percy never encounters a hellhound in the forest. Instead, a demonic form of Hades appears from the camp fire and tries to persuade Percy to give him the Master Bolt.
    Percy is called “Seaweed Brain” throughout the story on various occasions by Annabeth. The nickname “Seaweed Brain,” is never used by Annabeth or anyone else.
    Annabeth owns a Yankees cap of invisibility (a gift from her mother Athena) that she uses constantly and in Capture the Flag. Annabeth is never seen with such cap and instead ambushes Percy at the red flag’s location (by hiding in bushes/trees and jumping down to meet him).
    Clarisse attacks Percy during the game of capture the flag. Annabeth attacks Percy while he is trying to get the flag.
    The shoes ‘activate’ when you say the word ‘Maia’. According to Luke, the shoes activate when you have a running start like a plane on a runway.
    Grover explains to Percy why Sally married Gabe. Chiron explains to Percy why Sally married Gabe.
    Percy hears Kronos speak to him in his dreams and asks him to join him in his war against the gods. Percy does not have dreams and only hears his father’s voice guiding him.
    Percy believes that Hades stole the bolt. Hades is never accused of stealing the bolt. Percy’s purpose in confronting Hades is to get his mother back from the Underworld.
    Percy never gets wet unless he wants to. Percy gets wet when in water. But, in the Capture the Flag scene, after he heals himself, he is dry.
    Percy can breathe underwater. Percy can hold his breath for an unnatural period of time underwater (roughly 7 minutes), but since Percy hasn’t really tested his powers, it is still unknown if he is able to breath underwater in the movie.
    Camp Half-Blood’s borders include strawberry fields and Thalia’s tree. Half-bloods have the power to let others enter the borders, like Annabeth did for Tyson in the Sea of Monsters. Camp Half-Blood’s borders include a forest and a magic gate with a huge sign saying: “Camp Half-Blood.” Grover would have known how to allow someone in and didn’t allow Sally in.
    Cabin Three is made up of seashells and is decorated with corals, and seemed to be filled with ocean’s air that smells “salty and cool.” Cabin Three is isolated from the others. It sits on the lake (or ocean, not exactly specified in the movie) and is an open-walled “cabin” with a cloth roof. It seems to be made out of wooden pillars. It is furnished to look like a sea captain’s study.
    Percy is directed by Annabeth to be the border patrol on the left flank next to the river in the woods. Percy teams up with Luke to attack and capture the flag. He is directed to keep going when they encounter resistance from the red team.
    The lower half of Chiron’s body is described as being a white stallion. The lower half of Chiron’s body is shown as having brown fur.
    Chiron is seen in a wheelchair. Chiron is in a scooter/wheelchair.
    Chiron reveals himself to be a centaur when he and Percy are at the Big House. Chiron is revealed to be a centaur when Percy sees him galloping on the beach with other centaurs.
    Chiron uses a bow and arrow when he fights. When Hades appears at the camp fire, he used two swords.
    Chiron is the only centaur at Camp Half-Blood. Other centaurs were seen (together in a herd) roaming along the beaches of the Camp with Chiron.
    Annabeth, Percy, and Luke are all on the blue team during Capture the Flag. Clarisse is on the red team. Percy and Luke are on the blue team whereas Annabeth is on the red team. Clarisse does not make an appearance in the movie whatsoever.
    Luke is shown using the sword “Backbiter” at the end of the book. Luke never wields Backbiter during the movie.
    Annabeth has a necklace consisting of 5 clay beads that mark each of the years she has spent at Camp Half-Blood. She also has a college ring (her Dad’s) attached. Camp necklaces are never seen or mentioned.
    Percy and Poseidon have black hair and green eyes. Percy and Poseidon both have blue eyes, and Percy’s hair is dark brown and Poseidon’s is light brown/blonde.
    Luke betrays Percy and teleports away from camp at the end of the novel. Luke is thrown by the force of a trident into New York Harbor, and is possibly killed (but this is unlikely because he is a central character to the plot throughout the series).
    The Mist is a central part of the mythology’s secretive world. It plays a major role throughout the books in either hiding or disguising what an object really is or what is really happening. It is essential in keeping the mortal world in order. In the movie, however, there is no mention or active presence of the Mist. When Grover holds up Medusa’s head in the motel, a passing maid sees the severed head and is surprised and runs. Also, the monsters simply transform from a human form into their monster form (for example, the Hydra is represented by multiple security guards until they transform into the hydra).
    The Master Bolt is a cylinder of celestial bronze. The Master Bolt is a crystal-like lightning shaft.
    Only Poseidon and Zeus are shown on Olympus after Percy completed his quest.
    All the Olympians are shown on Olympus.
    In the Underworld, there are shown the different areas of afterlife, such as Elysium, Asphodel, Tartarus, and the Fields of Punishment.
    None of these are shown, and instead the Underworld is a fire-drenched, burning version of Los Angeles (i.e The Hollywood sign now reads “Hell”). Charon even makes clear note that all lives end in suffering and tragedy.
    Percy and Annabeth go on the Thrill Ride O’ Love in Waterland to retrieve Ares’s shield. Percy and Annabeth didn’t do the Thrill Ride O’ Love in Waterland, and Waterland wasn’t even mentioned in the movie.

    1. U also have to know ubcnt put everything in a movie or it wold be way to long but yes they made the movie with lots of mistakes I agree ith u on that

  27. Not to mention the exclusion of important characters such as clarisse, the fact that Persephone is with hades-that’s a winter thing not summer, I’m not trying to be racist but Grover was not African American in the books, they gave away the plot at the beginning, Poseidon did not claim Percy at capture the flag, Annabeths hair, and soo many other things- like the tunnel of love, plus they messed up the prophecy they’re supposed to be twelve not sixteen! The prophecy of the big three is that when one of the children of the big three turns sixteen the world ends :p. plus there was no hill for half-blood hill and no Thalia’s pine. Going back to Clarisse she’s a crucial character in the sea of monsters. I read the books first and they were much much much better. (I may or may not be obsessed with Rick Riordans books, ok I am 🙂 )

  28. In the movie Annabeths hair in dark brunett but in the book its blonde . In Sea of Monsters they try to dye it to blonde.
    Isn’t it a little late for that???

    1. Good point and really clarisse just gets introduced in sea of monsters and Percy cut his hair!!!!!!

  29. I know also they were in high school in the movie but in the book they were in middle school…um if you were to continue the series they would be like in their 20’s still doing quest. I’m kinda mad cuz if they did it pretty much the same for harry potter why not do it for percy’s

  30. HOLY COW! Recently read the first book, and right now I am watching the movie… Needless to say, I hate how the movie portrays the book! Basically, they (the movie producers) kept the story line, and SOME of the characters! AND, that part with
    Persephone made it not as appropriate for a “family friendly” type movie. Grr! So upsetting that the movie was so different than the book!
    Oh yeah, Annabeth’s hair- blonde! Grover’s personality- a worrywart, not a humorous satyr. 😛

  31. Actually, in the book, they didn’t go in the animal truck in Vegas. The animal truck part was after they did the mini quest for Ares, and they left Vegas in a taxi.

  32. Okay, I totally love reading all of y’all s comments. But, this is what makes me even more mad….

    I was watching behind the scenes of the movie, and RICK RIORDIAN WAS STANDING BEHIND THE SET THE WHOLE FLIPPING TIME THEY WERE FILMING! They left soooo much out of the book, I want to say, “Whats the point? If you are going to make a movie, make it exactly like the book. If you don’t, well, the movie isn’t going to get any good comments anyway!” Hello!?!?! You’re really going to make it different when the author of the BEST series in the world is watching you guys ruin it?!

    The Sea of Monsters is coming out August 7th, 2013. I was watching the trailer, (which actually looked pretty good,) and I noticed some major changes in the actors.

    1. Percy got a buzz cut (I know that sounds hysterical, but me and my friends are mad)

    2. ANNABETH FREAKING BLEACHED HER HAIR AND WEARS COLORED CONTACTS! Hello Christopher Columbus….. just get a new actress

    3. Grover never goes on the quest!!!!!!

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    in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up!

    Other then that, awesome blog!

  34. Okay first of all at the end of the movie Luke is all “they (the gods) have had their chance. It’s time to make a new generation” meanwhile in the book Luke’s purpose wasn’t about creating some new generation it was about restoring he old one, the Titans!!!!! I mean they left out so many things but another thing that erred me was that there was no prophecy and Percy was like what 17! In the book he is 12! And the whole prophecy happens when he is 16!!!!!! Hello?! And plus we don’t get to watch our beloved Percy and Annabeth grow up and Annabeth… OH MY GODS!! I mean I can live with her not having blonde hair and gray eyes…I mean it bothered me, but I can live with that, but let’s admit it in the movie she’s just some chick Percy likes and I’m just like NO NO NO NO NO!!!! You can not do this to my Annabeth! What happened to the smart intelligent brave Wise Girl we all love I mean how could you ruin her! I swear the director must have a death wish. And the worst part is that they aren’t only ruining annabeth they’re ruining Percabeth and unless you want to be killed by numerous fans YOU DO NOT MESS WITH PERCABETH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also now they’re making another movie and its like how are you going to come back and fix all your annoying mistakes. I mean of course I’ll go so it because Percy Jackson’s my life but then my friends and I’ll just go insult it. And also in the next movie they’re starting off with Grover being at camp and I’m like NOOOO! Grover is supposed to be looking for Pam in which he follows a scent and gets stuck with a cyclops in wich he tricks him into thinking he’s a female cyclops and then creates the empathy line for Percy and the Story continues on after that. So I’m trying to put my feelings aside from the first movie to enjoy the second but they aren’t helping me out here. Also there are so many more things I know I’m missing, but these were just like some of the ones I couldn’t rant on forever about (or at least until my homeostatic functioning ceases and I go to the Underworld and hopefully live in Esyluim) Sorry I’m a nerd! I also apologize for my spelling and grammar. I just finished writing a 9 page report on Charles Darwin’s Origin of Species but I always Have time for Percy, Annabeth, Percabeth and the rest of the crew.

    1. I completely agree. They messed way to much up. I will of course see the second movie but I will only hate on it. I really really hope they don’t make a third. The third and up all have to many details and they will only mess them up. It would be like trying to remake the last harry Potter but in one movie. Talking about harry Potter, why didn’t rick do what J. K. Rowling did and say he would only sell the rights to his books if they let him help with the movie. Harry potter movies were only released after j. K. Rowling said they were ok. I really think Percy Jackson would have come out a lot better if rick had done this. I dread the next movie and the others to follow.

  35. I thought the movie was awesome….. Considering I didnt read the books first……. But I’m reading the first book and WOW!! So different from the movie!!!! Btw second movie sea of monsters coming out Percy has cut his hair he loooks waaaaaaay different!!!!! And annebeth suddenly has blond hair…….

  36. I just finished reading the lighting their now that I think of it the movie isn’t that good I think they should remake it the movie is sooo wrong!!!

    1. I do too! I dread the second movie because they will mess up so much! And I pray they don’t try to make the third on.

      1. Hey Kevin…… Thanks… But yes a lot of mees ps a lot like u a fan of the hunger games? Well u should be cause that movie was awesome just like the book

  37. I think that if you never read the books then the movie was fine. Though since rick Riordan is my favorite author and I’ve read all his books, the movie was terrible to me. I watched it twice and figured out that basically every single detail is wrong!!! Seriously all of them! From small things like that camp half blood is on a hill, to the pathway to mount Olympus is through an elevator at the bottom not top, and and the path is stone blocks that they jump from one to the other. Not a bridge. To major things such as his fight was supposed to be with Ares not Luke at the end. And how he actually received a quest, not took of. And how they put in the the hermes cabin to start of. And how they weren’t even cabins! Also how he learned he was posiedons son to soon. And how his pen was given to him wrong, and how his pen was a clicker not a cap top! Which is major in all his books. I could go on about how the underworld was portrayed entirely wrong. But I think the thing that makes me the most mad, is that Annabeth wasn’t even blonde!!! That’s a major point in the book! What the hell. I really think the movie writers didn’t even read the book! And I don’t look forward to the next movies. If they try and do this for the third or god forbid the fourth one. They are going to basically be rewriting the entire book. Because there are WAY too many details to go past the second movie. And the second movie will already suck if not as bad then worse than the first.

  38. Does anyone notice that no one at camp is wearing the orange Camp Half-Blood Shirts cause that really bothered me.

  39. Dude i agree i hate how they cut off tarttarus that plays a huge part in the serious like seriouslu it mentions kronos the whole plot and they cut that out!

  40. Okay I just finished the second book!!!!! Wow it’s amazing I really hope the movie isn’t messed but it already is. If u remember in the first movie Grover doesn’t go and find pan so that’s how he gets captured in the seconded book so that’s the how book Percy has dreams about him and stuff then in the trailer of the sea of monsters Grover is with them soooo I have a huge feeling that this movie is gunna be bad…… Just saying the people that r acting in this film haven’t even read the books don’t u need to read the book…….. Omg someone plese remake the 1st film possibly the 2nd

    1. i saw the sea of monsters MAN there were ALOT OF MISTAKES. doesnt the director read Rick’s books? but after all the movie was great

  41. Like I was so looking or ward to seeing Percy get accepted as Poseidons son with the green trident over his head and the cabins

  42. The sanof monsters trailer looks good but I’m still afraid omg if you guys hate the lightning thief movie get it out there create something that will show the fans what the movie was so post to be like

  43. Wow I looked up on utube if there was any deleted scenes the movie the lightning theif and there were really good ones that they deleted one was Grover telling Percy about Thalia!!! Check it out guys!!!!!

  44. @#$%^!%#$@%^&^%^@##$#@%^. i really did not like the movie because it seemed like a completely different movie, 1. in the book they didnt go to the partheneon, 2. there wasnt a hydra, 3. there were way too many people in the lotus casino, 4. the lotus flower wasnt a part of the lotus casino, 5. anabeth is sopposed to have blond hair and gray eyes, 6. riptide wasnt mentioned, 7. the st luise arch wasnt part of the movie, 8. there was no thalia’s pine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in the movie, 9. the minotaur was way too big, 10. percy didnt have seagreen eyes in the movie, 11. the pearls were givin to percy by a water spirit in the book, 12. there was no oracle, 13.the cabins were not cabins, 14. they didnt go to montauk, 15. etc.

    1. Tell me about!!!! Gezzzzzzz!!! Grrrr the 2nd movie better good!!!!! There this one scene on YouTube they cut out in the movie Grover was telling Percy about Thalia its n utube and they cut that part out!!!

      1. OMG I hate the directors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Also how about the fact that none of them are the right age, Annabeth is brunette, and Grover is black. Percy looks fine just too old. Also no nectar or ambrosia and no one is wearing camp half-blood shirts. Also Clarisse not mentioned. Any Poseidon should look like an old fisherman dude. And hades doesn’t look like mick jagger. In the entire movie I counted over 40 differences. I just saw Sea of Monsters tonight. It was even worse. I stopped counting differences when I got to 30 but there were probably about 50 or more. WHO IS THIS SCREEN WRITER AND WHY WAS HE/SHE HIRED?!

  46. I’m on the 4th book I love it it’s amazing it’s just why do guys think the 2nd movie was that bad? I thought the 1st movie was just terrible and the 2nd movie was pretty good like I enjoyed it they did leave lots out but it was still pretty good


  48. Okay guys tell me what you think answer these questions for me please…..
    1) do you think Logan lerman is series about this movie? Cause if u watch his interviews….
    2) do you think they should make a 3rd movie (I DO)
    3) do you think annabeth ALXDRA what ever her last name looks series for this film?
    4) do you know if Logan lerman even read the series?
    5) do you think Logan lerman and ALXDRA wanted to this movie?
    Leave replies below thanks a bunch guys!!!!

  49. book – annabeth is blonde
    movie – brunette

    then sudden change of hair color.. should’ve just let it stay as blonde.. puts this awkward feeling.. and brunette annabeth is hotter 😀

    there’s also this part with the chimera conflict in the book.. not shown in the movie.. i wanna see his “forgotten height feet fall” :3

  50. did anyone notice how they left out clarise what!?!?!?!!?!?!? She is a main character how could they do that i absolutely hated the movie plus Annabeth has blond hair BLONDE HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. I know it’s three years after the first comments on this…. but I’m a little behind. I just read the first three books and I had never seen the movies so I thought it would be cool to see. After all I just read all seven Harry Potter Books this summer and followed them up with the movies. I have always been a Harry Potter fan… but when it all came out I was in high school with a too cool to read attitude… so I never read the books then in college I was too busy… now I’m a teacher and I found a new passion – READING! I have to admit I’m addicted. I am very (science/math) logical and I have serious issues with my creativity. So I have really taken to these junior series because they really improve my creative side. So I paid $4 and downloaded the Lightning Thief thinking, yes this will be great… because the Harry Potter movies were pretty great other than the fact the books were long and had such complex plots that it was impossible to include everything in the movies…. but other than that they really stayed pretty true to the books story line. So I thought since this book is smaller than HP the movie would actually follow the story line closer and they would be able to fit it all in…. WRONG! I was disappointed from moment one when Percy was in high school and looked about 16 and Grover was a “confident protector” that didn’t play the reed pipe once or talk about Pan. 12 year old boys aren’t supposed to have muscles with a six pack, and Grover was anything but confident in the book and was always cowering and thinking about Pan. Then they made this love connection between Annabeth and Percy right away. Ridiculous! Annabeth is supposed to be a couple years older than Percy, with a crush on Luke. I feel like they betrayed the book. I feel like they did what they thought was going to get more HYPE! They just sexed it up, even though the movie was supposed to be for kids I thought they went too far and made it more mature than it should have been. I agree with everyone on here. When you have books this good like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson and now I hope they will do a Peter and the Starcatchers series…. Move Makers need to stick to the authors story line. After all books are always (or at least 99.99% of the time) better than the movies, so why in the world would you want to change the story line? Unless you want a whole bunch of angry people blogging about you and your producing skills. ADVISE FOR AUTHORS OUT THERE- NEVER RELINQUISH YOUR RIGHTS TO A FILM PRODUCER IF YOU SELL YOUR BOOK! DO THE RIGHT THING AND STAND BY YOUR BOOK LIKE J.K. ROWLING DID AND MAKE SURE THOSE PRODUCERS ARE STAYING TRUE TO YOUR WRITING!

  52. Good point….. I just finished reading the series and there relly good books but have u seen the sea of monsters it followed the storyline way better but still there were still noticable mistakes…

  53. The part with the animal hauling, they actially set the animals free from the abusers. The way you’vw written itakes it sound as though they were abusing the animals.

  54. Okay I’m gonna rant a little… I’m a huge fan of the books, but the movie absolutely butchered the plot. The action was good, and the characters were quirky, but there was no believable seriousness. I don’t think these movies should be so kid based, having read all the books so far, and i was disappointed with BOTH the 1st and 2nd movie. Specifically I was most disappointed with Ares and Kronos, because it made it practically impossible to pick up the original plot again.

  55. Annabeth is supposed to have BLONDE hair and gray eyes in the book it clearly states this. In the movie she is BRUNETTE!!!!!!!!! SO NOT COOL!!!

  56. yeah i really hated the movie…… i saw it before i read the book and i was like “Im never reading the book”. but then my cousin convinced me to read it and it says in the book: DEMIGODS AREN’T ALLOWED TO HAVE ELECTRONIC DEVICES. and in the movie, percy defeats medusa with an iPod. wow. AND in the sea of monsters, they said POSEIDON killed kronos! i was also steamed about who plays annabeth. and percy looks like he’s 16 already so they changed the prophecy.

  57. I only have one pet peeve……Annabeth!- In the book it said she had blonde hair and gray eyes not in the movie not at all! :/

  58. annabeth is blonde in the book, but not in the movie. grover never had crutches in the book nor was he african american.

  59. I was very disappointed with the movies. They don’t follow the books at all. My opinion is merely based on my OCD. Haha. I just think that books and movies with the same title should have the same plots, characters, endings, important details…etc…. I understand how people who haven’t read the books can like the films, I am just annoyed that I paid money to see a book come to big screen and then realize I am watching something utterly different and of lesser quality. Again just my opinion but if the movies were done properly I believe the sales and popularity would have been greater than they received, I mean look at Potter or The Hobbit or LOTR. Merely examples that if the movie is done correctly and with care the movie brings fans to read the books. I just dont understand how Rick Riordan can let them put hos name on terrible movies and write such great books. As a writer you should have an obligation to fans that the movie is nothing like the book. Agree? Tolkien would have. Haha

  60. I am doing a compare/contrast paper for school and this website helped me more than any other did. It not only shows the differences in the book and movie, but it displlays them so that you don’t have to spend a lot of time finding them and digging through the articles that other people have made about this same topic.

  61. they even jacked up ANAKLUSMOS! In the book Riptide has a cap. itts not a clicky pen. and i know the meaning of jacked up. i am Jack. they cant even make thelast 2 books now because of all the changes, much less the Heros Of Olympus. I will kill the
    director if i get the chance. i will convince Rick Riordan to go up to the director and the screenwriter and cuss them out and force them to make the t hird movie better. oh and The Mist is not something you buy or spray on its just there so the mortals cant see gods and monstes and stuff like that. the Mist was created by Hecate,the godess of magic!

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  63. honestly i was ssssssoooooo annoyed i started reading the books after the movie and was so upset on how different it was. and the book is seiously so amazing like could they want to change that many things it is so ridiculous. the books are amazing, and have more adventure than the movies ever had.

  64. What about the fact that annabeth only uses a knife, and has blonde hair? That affects me the most: and the daughter of ares? What happened to her

  65. Y’know, someone actually made a chart about how much people hat the movies, it goes like this:
    At the top: me, a big pjo fan
    A little lower: everyone who realised there were books and read them
    Right at the bottom: idiots who didn’t read the books.

    To be honest with you, I have to agree. The films were utter rubbish compared with the books. So far I’ve counted 43 flaws in both films.

  66. 43 things you wouldn’t know from watching the movies:

    1)Percy and Annabeth are 12 not 17
    2) Master bolt was hidden in backpack given to the by Ares (3: who was NOT mentioned at all even though this will completly ruin the fight with Atlas so they will probably remove it) not hidden in a shield which Luke didn’t even give Percy in the book
    4) Poseidon’s cabin was not a fishing hut sitting on a lake, but a low-roofed, sea green building, big enough for fifty people not just one
    5) Percy’s eyes are sea green, not brown
    6) Annabeth’s eyes are grey not blue
    7) Annabeth is a blond, not a brunette
    8) Annabeth uses a dagger, not a sword
    9) no mention of Anaklusmos
    10) Persphone wasn’t in the underworld, as it was summer not Autumn or Winter
    11) the quest was to get into the underworld, not find three pearls (which were given to Percy by Poseidon later in the book)
    12) you actually just stroll out of the underworld, but Hades was angry
    13) the Hydra is nowhere near as big as that. When PJ and AC battle it in TSOM, it’s described as about as tall as a human
    14) Ares and PJ had a showdown on a beach. PJ won the used Ares’ chariot to get to Olympus
    15) no-one had to stay in the underworld. Hades returned Sally as a reward for giving back his helm of darkness (16: this isn’t even mentioned in the film)
    17) Poseidon wears shorts and a Bermuda t-shirt
    18) Zeus wears a work suit
    19) Artemis wears hunting gear
    20) neither Artemis nor the rest of the gods should have been there, save Poseidon and Zeus
    21) Medusa’s heard was sent to Olympus
    22) monsters explode into golden dust when killed
    23) Mist isn’t something thing that comes from a bottle, it is there all the time to stop mortals seeing monsters and demigods (this detail is very important in both TTC and HoO: TMoA)
    24) the climbing wall isn’t made from nets and wood, it is a rock wall which spews out lava
    25) Tyson didn’t just walk into camp, he accompanies PJ and AC after going to PJ’s school and is stopped by the barrier until AC lets him in
    26) there were three Colchis bulls, and Percy isn’t the only one fighting
    27) Chiron is temporarily replaced by Tantalus in TSOM
    28) the ‘Princess Andromeda’ was a cruise ship with mortals onboard, with a drakon (29: not dragon) in the hold
    30) Kronos never came close to being resurrected until TTC
    31) they catch the grey sisters taxi at the beginning
    32) they don’t spend every day at camp. They’re only there for the summer (except for year-rounders like Annabeth)
    33) Mr. D (Dionysus) isn’t mentioned
    34) Luke is tricked by Percy to confess to CHB through an Iris Message(35: this is the godly way of communicating (36: demigods can’t use phone because it attracts monsters) on the ‘Princess Andromeda’ (37) before being attacked by the ‘Party Ponies’ (Chiron’s relatives)
    38) Grover is kidnapped by Polyphemus who thinks Grover is a lady cyclops
    39) Grover is kidnapped in the first ten pages of the book
    40) percy doesn’t see lines on the ocean, he just knows where he is in the world
    41) Luke never goes to the sea of monsters
    42) they meet Hermes at the beginning of the book, not the middle
    43) the gifts from Hemes are different

    There are most probably more but this is what I could think up on the spot.

  67. I totally agree I mean c’mon you’d think that they should be close to the book or else just don’t make it into a movie THERE 12 FOR CRYING OUT LOUD

    It shouldn’t be too hard to make them younger and go with the actual plot!

    The Harry potter books did great turning into movies almost everything was in the movies so y do they murder Percy Jackson but not murder Harry Potter I mean can u say rude

    And to ad to the stupidity I watched a video on Pinterest for the sea of monsters and the cast was answering so e questions on their lives in general AND ONE AWESOME PERSON ASKED “Do you like blue food?” And they said HERES A WEIRD QUESTION DO ANY OF YOU LIKE BLUE FOOD AND THEY WERE LIKE THATS A RANDOM QUESTION WHATS BLUE FOOD!!!!!!!

    And I was just like it couldn’t get any worse if u committed suicide. Because u make a movie, offend the best fandom EVER, dishonor the book, AND you don’t EVEN KNOW what blue food is!!!!!!!!


    Dis honor on you
    Dishonor on your whole faimly
    Dishonor on your cow

    (Mulan quote)

    1. The director and cast actually have never read any of the books. They just made the movie based off of what they heard about it!

    1. What about grover does he have freckles and does he look like what was said in the book.but sometimes the characters do not have to look the same.what happens when the are in the bus and the fries come is it like in the book.

      1. What about grover does he have freckles and does he look like what was said in the book.but sometimes the characters do not have to look the same like what the book say expat annabeth happens when the are in the bus and the fruries come is it like in the book.

  68. I was extremely disappointed with the movie. I read the book, and it was great, but the movie changed so many things that I thought it was horrible. The second one was even worse. Think about Harry Potter for a second. Great book series, and the movie was EXACTLY like the book, with the exception of some parts that were left out, but the most important parts were still there. And the movie was great. If they had written their script based on the book instead of trying to write a whole new book, they would have done much better and I would have enjoyed the movie MUCH more.

  69. Hiiii u guys totally forgot that they were supposed to be 12 and Grover is supposed to be a ginger and in the book they didn’t use the shoes to get a stupid crystal I HAVE MANYYYYY OTHE THINGS BUT I DONT THINK I HAVE ENOUGH TIME BCZ THE LIST IS INFINITE!!!!!!

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  71. Things they missed:
    Percy went to a boarding school
    Mrs Dodds is an algebra teacher, not substitute ELA
    Percy is supposed to stab Mrs Dodds, she doesn’t escape
    Percy’s supposed to think he didn’t see anything
    Nancy Bobofit disappeared
    They left out the entire scene at the beach
    Percy was supposed to cut off the Minotaur horn
    THEY LEFT OUT “You drool when you sleep”
    Annabeth is supposed to hate Percy
    The pen is supposed to have a cap
    Grover doesn’t have a rasta cap
    Medusa is supposed to be dressed like a black widow, not a spy
    Her eyes turn people to stone not the snakes
    She’s supposed to seem like a sweet old woman with middle eastern skin and accent
    Why is that woman there? Where’s the girl with an Easter basket?
    Why does Grover drive a truck?
    They were supposed to arrive at night and have cheeseburgers
    The pearl, why is she wearing it?
    They aren’t supposed to be in a truck
    Percy’s mom was supposed to dissolve into golden dust, but she just disappeared
    When Hades comes to camp, he’s supposed to hold a golden dust holograph of her when she was choking
    No maiming Clarisse, and where’s your spear?
    Percy and Annabeth were supposed to be on the same team
    If go on but it’s be way too much to fit in here

  72. Things they missed in the movie:
    Percy went to a boarding school
    Mrs Dodds is an algebra teacher, not substitute ELA
    Percy is supposed to stab Mrs Dodds, she doesn’t escape
    Percy’s supposed to think he didn’t see anything
    Nancy Bobofit disappeared
    They left out the entire scene at the beach
    Percy was supposed to cut off the Minotaur horn
    THEY LEFT OUT “You drool when you sleep”
    Annabeth is supposed to hate Percy
    The pen is supposed to have a cap
    Grover doesn’t have a rasta cap
    Medusa is supposed to be dressed like a black widow, not a spy
    Her eyes turn people to stone not the snakes
    She’s supposed to seem like a sweet old woman with middle eastern skin and accent
    Why is that woman there? Where’s the girl with an Easter basket?
    Why does Grover drive a truck?
    They were supposed to arrive at night and have cheeseburgers
    The pearl, why is she wearing it?
    They aren’t supposed to be in a truck
    Percy’s mom was supposed to dissolve into golden dust, but she just disappeared
    When Hades comes to camp, he’s supposed to hold a golden dust holograph of her when she was choking
    No maiming Clarisse, and where’s your spear?
    Percy and Annabeth were supposed to be on the same team
    If go on but it’s be way too much to fit in here

  73. Disappointing to so many people. Sure, give JK a good movie, but forget wizards! What about the demigods? Can someone tell the movie makers to redo it? This time with Rick? Please? The actors were wrong, the story was wrong, the setting was wrong! Redo! Redo!

  74. I have just started reading the book but watched the movie set I got to like chapter 2 so already right away I noticed they changed chirons appearance and annabeths appearance those two details are driving me crazy cause it’s how main characters look. I mean white beautiful Stallion on book to Brown horse in movie? Annabeth had blonde hair in the book but is dark brown in movie. These things didn’t need to be changed to make the movie “better” or to have it flow better time wise lol. Then there’s the way mrs dodds died but then doesn’t die. And even down to smaller details like who told him to get out of the car or how he got the minotaurs horn lol. Idk so many crazy differences it is completely baffling me. About to watch the 2nd movie just because and came across this bc on the cover the main character actors look different so I wasn’t sure if they changed too. Kinda want them to just finish the movies but kinda not sure it even matters!

  75. dionysus isn’t in the movie at all!!!! churn’s horse half isn’t supposed to be brown!
    the gods meet every summer and winter solstice i mean come on did the people who made the movie even read the book!!

  76. Overall I hated the movie and still do, with a fiery passion. I hate how Luke didn’t have a scar, Annabeylrh had brown hair, Grover was black, Chiron had a brown horse body instead of white, and Mrs. Dodds was a substitute Mathew teacher not an English teacher. One thing that really made me mad is that instead of uncapping the pen, they had him click it! What!?!?!?!?! If was Rick Riordan I would be outraged angle make them redo the whole thing, and do it RIGHT!

      1. Yeah, also Chiron threw the pen to Percy while Percy was attacked by the fury. In the movie, Chiron just handed it to him! And the fury was supposed to die! Why didn’t that happen?

  77. I’ve read the books 3 times (2 for the Last Olympian), and I understand that there usually have to be changes when adapting a book into a movie, because of what works and doesn’t work between the 2 mediums, but a lot of the changes in the movie (and turning somethings good into something bad), didn’t make sense at all:

    1. why is Grover black, and on top of it all, is a one dimensional stereotypical bff instead of the nervous wuss that slowly changed?

    2. Why didn’t Ares play a bigger role?

    3. No real explanation for why Percy’s mom married Gabe (in the book it explained that his stench covered demigods’ smells from monsters).

    4. From my understanding, constantly conveying the character’s thoughts in words to the audience doesn’t work in a movie, so Percy’s sarcastic thoughts being blatantly told to the audience would’ve been stupid and lazy. So then why not change it to something that would work in a movie, like have him express his sarcasm through words/actions/expressions instead of coming off as a near bland character, and on top of it, take out nearly all his character development?

    I could go on, but I think the person reading this gets what I’m trying to say.

    1. I totally agree with you. If they’re going to spend so much money on a movie, at least stick with the plot a little! They didn’t even do that!

  78. Where was the freaking prophecy!! just not there. in every book when a group goes on a quest they get a prophecy. not to mention when they are in the underworld the river boat guy says all life ends in misery. not true there is heaven and a super nice heaven and a punishment place and a place to go if you weren’t good or bad. they have names I just forgot them. plus hades didn’t want the bolt he wanted his helmet back. and hades didn’t want to take over what the h.

  79. I think it’s great that Annabeth has blonde hair in the 2nd movie(I watched that first) but when I watched the lightning thief I was SOOOOO mad! Unfair!

  80. They left the prophecy , The furies,Helm of darkness,much more….
    The second movie was awful
    Kronos reformed !!!!! I mean seriously , Percy gets to know the great phrophecy !!oh my gods!!! Percy destroys kronos!!!what next#**
    Chariot race its not there…Chiron accused of poisoning thalia’s tree left out !! Much morw. The worst movie i’ve ever seen!!!Ugghhhh

  81. Percy Jackson is 12 in the book and in the movie 24. That is just plain horrible. Annabeth is also 12 years old in the book, and blonde. In the movie she is a brunette 24 year old. Why is society so cruel?!?!?!?!

  82. Hello!

    What irked me was the fact that when Percy woke up from the infirmary, Annabeth wasn’t there..

    No “You drool when you sleep”.


    There was no Hermes cabin, and they skipped the whole claiming process.

    The mistakes are endless 😦


    1. I totally agree with you. I tried writing down all the mistakes and my hand actually started hurting ! I was on number 38 and I just gave up.

  83. I understand what you saying but I gave it a lot of thought maybe the direct wants characters to develop their own sense of identity from the book

  84. The movie is flat out DIFFERENT! I can actually count on my fingers the similarities between the movie and book. Like, where is Clarisse? She is one of the main reasons for the second book’s quest, and in the first movie, she doesn’t exist! Also, Percy never went to that museum where the hydra was in the book! That was just completely new. And Percy made up with his dad in the end. He didn’t storm off! I don’t hate this movie; it is interesting. But if you’re going to change the plot, at least give it a different name! This movie doesn’t deserve to be called The Lightning Thief!

  85. Don’t forget! Annabeth had brown hair! Like since when did she have brown hair and they missed the arch which was a trap.!

  86. That in the book Percy and Annabeth were 12 years old but, in the movie they were 16 years old.

    In the book most of the gods were mentioned then, in the movie only a few of them were even in the movie or mentioned.

  87. They are 12 in the book and like 16 in the movie.And Annabeth has bond hair and gray eyes. OH and of cores when Percy defeats Kronos IN THE 2 MOVIE !!!!!!!BOOOOOO BOOOOOO BOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree with all of you!!! 😉

  88. I agree with you! The movie was horrible and I feel they didn’t try. Alexandra Anna Daddario, aka Annabeth looked nothing like the book describes her! She has brown hair with blue eyes while Annabeth from the book has blonde hair and gray eyes.

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