Blogiversary YEAR 5!!! Biggest Giveaway Of The Year!


Holy smokes???  5 Years!  I never thought that when I started this “on-line book journal” (that’s what I thought I was doing in the beginning), that it would take me on this AMAZING adventure ride!  This year I would like to list a few things that have changed in my life in the past 5 years mainly due to this little project website I call Book Journey:


  • I was asked to write for a local magazine after an editor seen my reviews here

  • I learned about the Book Expo in New York by reading other blogs and have just returned from my 5th year attending, representing this blog site.

  • I have met the most incredible people through blogs and then in many cases, in person which blows my mind, and they have become great book friends – you all know who you are 😉

  • 3 years ago I did not have a library card :shock:, but reading other blogs helped me realize that this is an important part of our community and I have since carded up, became President of our local Friends Group and was put on our City Library Board.

  • I have participated in World Book Night the past three years

  • I have been asked to speak on panels around Minnesota and beyond (most recently at the book expo!) on blogging, writing, and reaching readers

  • My advocacy for books has risen times a zillion…. I will talk books any day… any time 😀

  • I have learned A LOT about social networking, blog “curb appeal”, and advanced my knowledge of the internet.

  • I have written a book and have connected it to publishing houses.  *fingers crossed*

  • I have made wonderful relationships with the Publishing world and have learned much.

  • Don’t even get me started on the wonderful authors I have had the privilege to meet and talk with.

  • Myself and a team created the Wine and Words event in Brainerd Minnesota, a literacy fundraiser and I invited authors I knew from the expo to come and talk books…. and they did.  (My heart overflows with gratitude!)  The event was such a success last year, that we are doing it again this fall and 5 authors are coming again.  ♥♥♥

  • Just yesterday I was called by MALF (Minnesota Association Of Library Friends) and asked to be nominated to be on their board.

Non of this would have happened without Book Journey.  Sure, pre-Book Journey I was a reader, but nowhere near to this extent or involvement.  I think those of you who have book blogged for a while can relate to what I mean. 🙂  For this… all of the above… I am so grateful.


Enough about me.  This blogiversary is really my celebration of YOU!  The readers!  Because seriously… as much as I enjoy talking books… I LOVE LOVE LOVE talking about them with you.  I love your comments, your questions, your occasional emails, and honestly… I love it when I see Book Journey on your sidebars (if you blog) – to this day it gives me a little “SQQQUUEEEE” inside that you enjoy reading my crazy ramblings here enough to add me so others may come visit too.  You are what makes Book Journey a well…. Book Journey.  You are why I get up in the morning with COFFEE CUP and turn on my laptop and share with you the inner workings of my day, life, work, wins and fails, and the books I am reading.

Thank you.

For today only, as in past years… I offer up a set of giveaways.  A few of these books are duplicates from the expo, many are from my personal stash.  I will add what is in each group shortly here – right now I just want to get this post up (I meant to write this last night but instead went with a friend to the movie Fault In Our Stars, then out for appetizers and to chat and got home after midnight.  *oops*  😉  Winners will be announced tomorrow morning – Sunday June 8th.


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As per tradition,

For those of you who have come to my party the last few years, the basics are pretty much the same… to be entered for the great giveaways (pictured above), simply leave me a comment here telling me how you traveled to the party, and what virtual gift or food item you brought with you:  For example, you may have come by freight train to the party and brought with you Twinkies … (really be as crazy as you want… I love the fun imaginative comments!) For a little bonus if you would like to share how long we have known each other (blog or otherwise) and if you are brand new to the house of Book Journey – feel free to share that too!  I love new friends!  :D


Guilty Pleasure Reading …. What’s Yours? You know you have one! (W/giveaway)


You know the books… the ones you are drawn to but even you are not always exactly sure why.  It may be a long-term addiction… or it could be fairly new… but either a genre, a topic, or certain type of book draws you to it time and again.


We may not even care to admit that we like to read them.  In fact… we may overreact if caught reading them or if someone speaks against them…


Relax.  Sheila says relax.  😉  I have them too.  Mine fall under the category of books that may be defined as dorky…. but I really have found that I like reading about companies…. corporations…  and the people behind them.  I mean I loved the move Social Network (about Facebook).  And I loved reading about Steve Jobs, The Makers of the game Doom, Straight Flush (about the college kids who brought the online poker industry to an all time high, and most recently Creativity Inc about the success of Pixar.  

I think I am drawn to the creative thinking process.  I am so amazed at the brilliant people who come up with things like the IPOD, creating video games, developing winning strategies.  I guess what they all have in common is success.  And if I am honest… I am drawn to it.



On the darker side… I also like to read the occasional true crime.

What does that say about me?  I am not sure I want to know….

What is your guilty pleasure read?  Craft books, how to books, vampires, dystopian, harlequin romances, books about animals…..  Oh my!  Share 🙂



For fun…. (I like fun!) leave a comment with your answer and I will enter you into a giveaway for a $15 Amazon gift card to purchase one of your guilty pleasure books of your choice.  I will email the winner the gift card on Friday of this week.

I can not wait to hear what your guilty pleasure reads are 🙂



Morning Meanderings… A LONG Fun Day


Good morning!  Happy Sunday!  Hazah!  (I don’t know why I said that).  I made it to hour 17 yesterday of the Dewey Read-A-Thon (HAZAH!).  Not bad for someone who decided to participate at the last-minute.  😀

I listened to two audio books and started a third.  I finished one book.  The reason so much audio is because I could participate in the mini challenges while listening, and cook and do other things while listening.  It actually worked out wonderfully.  You will see those reviews up this week.

As for what came in this week, I am in audio heaven.  I finally have a few great audio contacts that keep me moving forward in my listening.  Thank you audio peeps!!!  I can not even tell you how excited that makes me.


The Art Of Secrets by James Klise – audio

The Summer Of Letting Go by Gae Polisner – audio

One Safe Place by Tania Unsworth – audio

Chestnut Street by Maeve Binchy – audio

City Of Stairs by Robert Jackson Bennett

Save The Date by Mark May Andrews


Along with the Read-A-Thon yesterday I mentioned I was reading for charity and listed MS as that is what I am raising money for now for the bike ride I will be completing in June.  I was contributing by page count and minute count and I invited you all to feel free to sponsor my reading as well.

I wound up between my reading and those of you who sponsored me (Thank you!) with a total of $107.80 for MS!  HAZAH!  (There’s that word again!)

The winner from the people who sponsored me is:  Christina who will get to choose from one of the books I offered yesterday. 


And now I must get ready.  I am helping with a benefit dinner today for Camp Benedict that starts at noon.  I am heading now to help with the set up and will be back late afternoon.

Have a super Sunday!  Readathoners rest up today, or as I see today is overcast and rainy here… maybe I will come home to read my book.  🙂




Spring Book Sale and A Chance To Win One Of These Books!


Good morning.  Sorry about the funky size of the top pic here… I woke up this morning and apparently WordPress has made a few changes and my ability to resize pics the way I want from within WordPress is no more.  Hmmmmm….

Anyhoo –

This past weekend was the spring book sale at our library and we had a BLAST not only working the sale but shopping the sale.  Here is what I came home with:


I am pretty excited with my haul – there are some fun reads in here. So as always, my book sale gets to be your book sale too.  In the comments put the title on one of these books that you would love to have.  I will choose at the end of this week one random winner (using Then I will read that winners choice in April and then send it to them to keep.

I hope you can see the titles ok – this was a great sale and I am still drooling over these pretties 🙂

Have a super day!


We Interupt This Winter for A Summer Beach Break Event With Prizes!


Everywhere I look in Minnesota there is SNOW SNOW SNOW.  We are having wind chill warnings weekly, snow storms, and more school closings this year then I remember in my entire life.  😯  Then I go on-line and read other book reviewers in the same boat – unusual cold temperatures, winds, snow in states that normally do not get snow…

And then here are two things that pushed me over the proverbial edge that came to my attention in the last 24 hours:

1.  Our Local Water and Light Company has advised that to prevent pipes from freezing we run a pencil width stream of water in our home faucets from now until (wait for it……) April 15th.  APRIL 15th???

2.  Minnesota lakes are reporting having 30 – 36 inches of thick ice on them.  At this rate we will be ice fishing in June.


Due to all of that…  I am calling an emergency Summer-Cation.  We need to talk sunshine people!!!!  This event will take place next weekend, March 7-9th.  I am looking for people to write posts of a great summer experience (sun is not optional… I repeat sun is not optional!  😀 )  While not mandatory, I hope that most of the participants will offer a summery type giveaway…something beach or vacation worthy, preferably bookish as well but doesn’t have to be.

A few ideas to get you thinking of your giveaway would be:

A great summer read

A Beach bag to bring your books along with you

sunglasses, tanning lotion, beach towel….

You get the idea. 😀

If you want to participate please fill out the form below.

Morning Meanderings…. A Couple Of Winners :)


Good morning… late morning but morning all the same.  Honestly… I just want to read today but have a pretty full afternoon and possibly a dinner and movie thing with the hubby tonight.

Which reminds me…

Happy Valentines Day!

I have a winner to draw for the Literary Blog Hop that I participated in this past weekend. Using the winner is:

Helen from My Novel Opinion

Woo hoo!  Give it up for Helen!!!!  YAY!  She already mentioned in her comment she would love a copy or Orphan Train so that is what will be sent to her 🙂

I also had a bonus give away for my birthday, a $10 Amazon gift card.  This one was for the awesome people who searched out my Easter Egg on the blogs and found it at Always With A Book (thank you Kristin for keeping the egg for me 😀 )


Earl Dizon!!!!

Way to go Earl – I will email that card out to you hopefully some time today.

There it is… I have a review coming up later… hope you will stop by and see what I have to say.



Literary Blog Hop and Birthday Weekend Giveaway!

Note:  This is a sticky post – all new posts are below this one 🙂


I am super excited to be a part of this blog hop!  When Judith announced the dates I was thrilled as for once I did not have anything going on that would take me away from putting up my post PLUS it is my birthday this coming Sunday and I do like to celebrate (well… I like to celebrate just about anything really) with giveaways!

As this is a literary giveaway… I wanted to pick some delicious looking Literary reads… plus, a personal favorite of mine, The Book Club Cook Book – which is filled with delicious recipes and menus that go well with the literary books we love.


The winner at Book Journey will have their choice of one of the above books mailed directly to them from Amazon.

How to enter?

In the comment area below tell me the title of the book you are reading currently, and what sort of food would go well with your book.  (IE.  if you are reading about Italy maybe you would be serving up steaming bowls of pasta and a nice wine, If you are reading Labor Day you most definitely must be having the peach pie 😉 )

One bonus entry if you follow Book Journey by email (see link to do that in the upper right side bar) – and of course let me know in a comment.


And there is a Birthday bonus.  Being a HUGE fan of Ready Player One and the hidden Easter egg within that books story…. I have hidden an Easter Egg in one of the other participating blogs posts.  Yes, just like that pretty gold one you see above.  If you find the blog that has the egg, simply email me at with the correct blogs name and I will enter you into a bonus drawing for a $10 Amazon gift card.  Oh and Shhhhhh!  Don’t mention where you found it, and dont bring attention to it on the blog in which it sits.  Just email me.  Quietly… tiptoe away, of course after you enter that blogs amazing giveaway 😉

I will email both winners on February 13th. I do like to celebrate 😀

You can find the other blogs participating in this fun blog hop at our host site Leeswamme’s Blog or you can see them right here:

Happy Hopping to you!

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