CELEBRATE Banned Book Week Day 7 (and a couple of annoying pictures…)

Good morning!  It is Saturday and I feel like I am recovering from some extreme event.  In truth, although I was gone all day yesterday it was nothing that extensive.   I got up at 5 am yesterday to drive my friend Connie to the cities for her doctors appointments.  We did not get back into town until 8 pm last night and all the way home traffic (on a Friday after 5) AND construction knocking it down to one lane… made our 2 hour and 15 minute drive almost 4 hours.  After arriving home, I was wiped out and was in bed by 9:30 pm.

Before I get into the awesomeness of banned book week – I want to take a brief moment and add a couple pictures for Alyce’s Saturday Snapshot which I love to participate in when I have some pictures I want to share and this morning…I do. 😀

Here is what I woke up to this morning:

Front deck this morning
Back deck this morning


Yes.  SNOW.  😯  Now you can fall into one of two camps here:


Camp 1.  Yeah Sheila, its just a little snow , it will be gone by noon!  Suck it up – its pretty.

Camp 2.  Oh no, that’s horrible don’t you have a bike ride tomorrow?  Snow SUCKS!!!!


Ok, Camp one… you may exit the blog now… nothing here for you to see, obviously you do not know how I feel about snow.  😀

Camp two, you are my people.  Thanks you for feeling my pain and yes, I do have a bike ride tomorrow with friends in Mankato on my ROAD BIKE.  The snow… must go away. 


Alright – that is it for the pitty party because it is the final day of Banned Books week and I am a little bummed about that.  This week I had the opportunity to read some great books that are on that list:  PREP, Perks Of Being A Wallflower, The Giver, The Chocolate War, The LORAX and watched the last Harry Potter movie.  All of what I just mentioned has been banned or challenged somewhere in the world.  AND there have been a whole ENORMOUS team of awesome bloggers who have helped out this week by also reading and reviewing banned books and posting about them and offering giveaways and seriously – a good good time.  😀

Here is today’s posts by these bloggers.  I hope you can check out what they have to say, many of them are having giveaways to go with their posts:


Laurel from Rainy Days And Mondays fantastic post on The Catcher In The Rye was linked wrong yesterday so I am bringing it back today.. She is also having a book giveaway.  Please check it out!

Will from Henderson’s House Of Cards shares a brilliant post called “If I Were A Banned Book”



Erin from Quixotic Magpie wrote a review of The Awakening and is offering a book giveaway!



Julie from My Book Retreat shares about the banned/challenges books of the Junie B Jones series.  Julie is also having a book giveaway!



Liza from Reading With ABC is talking about Forever by Judy Blume and offering up a book giveaway!



Marie from The Boston Bibliophile is discussing The Handmaids Tale (one I need to read!) and giving a book giveaway!



Rachel from Resistance Is Futile has posted some interesting titles this week and today she talks about Roll Of Thunder, Hear Me Cry by Mildred D Taylor



Kristin from My Little Heart Melodies wrote about The Things They Carried, a book that has graced my shelf a long time and I still need to get to.



Marj from In Library Paradise shares about The Perks Of Being A Wallflower and has a book giveaway!



Priya from The Faceless Author shares her thoughts on child sacrifices in the Hunger Games – she is giving away one of her custom made comic strips!



Sue from Great Books for Kids and Teens shares a YA review of The Chocolate War



Sue also posts at Book By Book and shared about Brave New World Today.  A book I am still hoping to read this year!



That is today’s line!  I hope you can visit them – if your Saturday is cold and damp like mine why not grab a second (or third cup of coffee or cocoa) and check out some of these posts.  You may be surprised what you learned about why these books were challenged.  AND for that matter, dont forget the posts from earlier this week as well – many of them have giveaways that will end after today so get in on those deals – some of the giveaways are truly “drool-worthy” and I have been checking them out and tweeting about them all week.  😀


Here are easy quick links to get to those posts:

The Chocolate Wars and chocolate giveaway

The Giver and a copy to give away!

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

PREP and a giveaway!

Day 6

Day 5

Day 4

Day 3

Day 2

Day 1

I am refilling my coffee now and going to check out these links and posts.  Later today I will pack up the jeep for my trek to Mankato where I will stay with friends tonight, tomorrow ride my bike in the Mankato Ramble and then I am hanging out with College Son all day Sunday and staying at his place and coming home Monday morning.  I will be posting throughout the weekend as Laptop will be making the journey with me. 

Thank you to everyone who posted about banned books this week.  Thank you to everyone who read these posts and learned something new about banned books and thank you for a great week.  I have had a blast and really wish it was two weeks long… I have two more banned books checked out from the library I have not even started yet!  😀

Any plans this weekend for you?

46 thoughts on “CELEBRATE Banned Book Week Day 7 (and a couple of annoying pictures…)

  1. Too bad about the snow! It does look beautiful on your deck, though.

    I guess you decided not to add my BBW post to today’s list…I notice that it’s not corrected on yesterday’s list….(:

    Sorry about the misunderstanding, but I seriously have been blogging about it being on Rainy Days and Mondays…in all of my recent posts.


    1. I will go look at yesterday post Laurel – I went through and changed the link yesterday to your other blog… it should have went through. I am sorry about the mix up too – when you put in on the form you put your Journey blog and I just went with it 😀

      1. Glad to see it linked now…and, like I said in my comment at Rainy Days today, I must have been in a trance when I filled out the form; all that stuck in my mind was the Rainy Days and Mondays blog…lol

  2. Nooo to snow! I’m a gal who loves fall and I wish it could last forever 🙂

    I’ve had a great time this BBW reading all of the great posts and entering giveaways, thanks Sheila!

  3. Junie B. Jones?! That’s another one I didn’t know about.

    Hey, at least Mankato didn’t get any snow!!

  4. So I’m not the only one lamenting the end of summer. We’ve got frozen flowers with temp. of 15C or 23F in the morning a couple of days ago.

  5. Well, umm, yes, I’m in Group One but only because I have to travel very far to see snow and it’s always this delightful surprise when I’m there and it’s falling.

    On another note, I can’t believe some of these books people object to – The Giver? The Color Purple? The Kite Runner? Really?

    1. Oh. Ok.. you can be in group #1 because i guess not having the option to complain about it would be sad. 😀

      And yes – The Giver has death and suicide, the Color Purple has rape and incest…. I posted on the Giver earlier this week and the reasons it is banned and I posted on The Color Purple last year during banned book week.

  6. I guess I’m in camp 1… I love the snow and winter! But yeah that’s a bummer if you have a bike ride planned. It’s a bit early anyway, right? Even for Minnesota (I grew up in Wisconsin, I remember snows in June!!)

    Banned Books Week was a lot of fun! Have a great weekend. I have a gift card from work (5-yr anniversary) so I’m going shopping…. for more books! LOL

    1. It is early and colder too. Mankato is south so from what I hear they did not get the snow and tomorrow is supposed to be mid 50 which does not thrill me – but I know it could be worse 😀

  7. Camp 2 here! Currently in Denver for a few months from warm and sunny Florida. Yesterday we woke up to a little snow. SNOW!!!! That doesn’t exist in Florida and I want to be warm again and it’s only been 24 hours of cold!!! BRRRR and Yick!

      1. It will be so nice and warm then! Even if it’s cold, it probably won’t be bad at all! Florida can get cold in December/January maybe Feb time, but it depends on where you’re going as well. Enjoy your trip!

  8. I am firmly in Camp 2, I am never ready for snow, there is nothing good about it, and it’s not pretty. Phew, got that out of the way! We are heading for a frost tonight so today I have to dig up any fragile plants I want to keep over the winter.

    Have a good bike ride and a nice visit with your College son. And great job with the Banned Books Week event. I’m still visiting participating blogs and probably will be all week.

    1. Thank you Leslie – you and I should power up a bunch of posts as Team 2 this Winter…. LOL 😀

      I am glad you enjoyed Banned book Week – it was a huge team effort and we pulled it off nicely. 😀

  9. Snow!! Yikers! We’re still having really warm (Ok .. 75 degrees) weather and fighting off bugs so I’m shocked to see snow. Don’t worry … it will be gone by morning. And you rocked this Banned Books Week event! Well done.

  10. It’s hard for me to fathom that you have snow there already! If we do get snow here it’s more of a January or February event. I know it’s Minnesota, but it still seems early. I hope your bike ride is snow free and relatively warm!

  11. I love snow, but I certainly wouldn’t want to cycle in it, that would be just madness! Is the snow early? We don’t tend to get it until late November at the earliest.

    My plans for the weekend? Sleep! My CFS is playing up and I’ve got zero energy.

  12. My word, but you do keep busy! I’m not surprised you are are tired after all that driving, and how you can even think about a cycle ride tomorrow I don’t know! The snow looks pretty, but is not good if you have to get out and about, so I’m in the ‘Snow, snow, go away…’ camp. My Snapshot is at http://goo.gl/ksE6O

    1. Christine, I am exhausted – this week has been a blast and I will continue to do it but linking all the posts, getting all the words and giveaways right is a lot of work 😀 I loved banned book week and the participation this time was fantastic! I would do it this way again for next year too.
      I look forward to the ride because tonight I will hang out with good friends and tomorrow I get to hang out with my son 😀

  13. EEK! Snow this early in October! Is that early for you? Here in So Cal we wait and wait and wait for snow. This is my first visit to your blog – I like how you shared fellow blogger’s posts. What a great idea!

  14. I was shocked to drive into town early Saturday morning and see snow on the ground and snow covering a car that passed me. We didn’t get any that stayed on the ground out by me. WAY to early for snow. Fall is my favorite season and I hate to see a little snow mess things up. 🙂

  15. Wow. Your snowy pictures are too much! It’s lovely spring weather in Australia right now…. I’m celebrating banned books week too for the first time.

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