2021 – Books to Movies – What Are You Excited About

My friend Angie shared this link with our book club recently. Books To Films coming in 2021. I love stuff like this! I like to go through and make lists as to what I want to definitely see!

Here is my list and thoughts:

I am so beyond excited about this! I have loved this book and series since I first read it and felt out of all the Patrick Ness books I have read this is the one I wanted to see become a movie. Can’t wait to see how they do the NOISE!
My review: The Knife Of Never Letting Go

The Nightingale!!! This will be fantastic and what a cast!
I read this with Books Burgers and Brews and see I did not write a review. (what????)

I am excited about this book AND the movie. I have not read this yet but plan to.

We read this for Books Burgers and Brews and was surprised how much I enjoyed this read. Excited about the movie as well.
My book review.

I loved The Martian by this author and I really enjoyed Artemis as well. So glad to see this become a movie!
My review of Artemis

Loved this book so much and enjoyed the play! I absolutely want to see the movie version.
I looked for a review, instead I found this strange interview with myself from 2010. So… that was interesting.
Interview with a Witch

This is my favorite book by Francine Rivers – I think I read this even before I was reviewing. This may be worth a re read in anticipation of the movie.

This was an interesting listen on audio. I enjoy Liane Morarty’s books and curious what this one will be like as a movie. I’m in!
My review: Nice Perfect Strangers

That’s what I have for starters. There a re a few more on the list I would like to read. What books are you excited to see as movies?

13 thoughts on “2021 – Books to Movies – What Are You Excited About

  1. Most of these will come out in streaming services some simply can’t afford.The only one that peaks my interest is Wicked, a book I couldn’t really tolerate the writing was so “not nice”? “ugly”? that I no longer even acknowledge when Macquire releases new work…. enjoy your movies

    1. I remember almost not reading that book because of the cover… long flowing dress made me think a woman of a woman in need of help (I had the same ridiculous issue with Gone With The Wind. In both cases I was wrong – wonderful books!

  2. I did not know that any of those were being made into movies, that’s awesome! I will definitely see Nightingale and Killers of the Flower Moon. I might see the Woman in the Window, which I liked, but didn’t love.

  3. Oh I love books to movies — & many of these look great! We need good escape now! I liked The Nightingale and The Woman in the Window (which was nice & crazy). I probably need to read Artemis … thx for the heads up.

  4. Can’t wait for The Nightingale! If I remember correctly the two lead actresses are actually sisters so I think that will help the story!

  5. Wonderful to know that ‘The Nightingale’ is to be made into a movie. That’s definitely something I’d want to watch.

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