Morning Meanderings… Its Getting Weird…. but Good Weird

Happy December! How the heck did that happen? We have been experiencing mild weather here in Minnesota which I LOVE LOVE and little of the “S” word…. (also makes me happy).

With the mild weather, my 5k a Day plan from Thanksgiving to Christmas has been going for the most part smoothly. Last weekend when I kicked it off on Thanksgiving that was easy as I didn’t work Thursday or the weekend. The work week turned out to be a bit trickier to maneuver and a few later nights scraping it in but every day I have completed it. I’m starting to find a rhythm and planning where I will fit it into my day. Today will be day 10. WOOT!

In bookish news, I have a couple of Diane Chamberlain books to review with you that I am excited to share! You know how some authors are very consistent with their content, theme, style…. her, not so much and in good ways. I do not think I have ever read a book I have not liked of hers. Other than that, my book club will be discussing The Haunting Of Brynn Wilder this coming Tuesday via ZOOM and I am listening to Ready Player Two, one more time before I put that one aside. (I know… I know…) – but its Wil Wheaton, and 90’s nostalgia and….

Ok. Moving on. I have a busy morning to mid afternoon so need to get moving. Let me know what you are reading or what you would recommend I dive into next.
Happy weekend!


6 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Its Getting Weird…. but Good Weird

    1. Nah – no failing at all 🙂 It’s whatever you make of it! I am having a blast with it even when it annoys me haha. I’m starting to look forward to it each day and it is definitely clearing the cobwebs out of my mind 😀 I can not recall did I add you to the Facebook group? Would you like to be?

  1. DO NOT bother with Elizabeth Green’s “Confessions of a Curious Bookseller: A Novel”. I picked it up on a whim with Kindle First Reads, and RETURNED it 12% later. >shudder<….

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