The Haunting of Brynn Wilder by Wendy Webb

Perfectly woven by Webb. ~Sheila

After a painful loss, Brynn Wilder decides to take a little time for herself in a quaint little town on Lake Superior. She finds a room at a Boardinghouse and finds herself among some long term guests who quickly ease into her life. Among these guests would be Alice, the sweet elderly woman with Alzheimer’s, who is being cared for by her ex-husband and his partner, and Dominic, a young handsome mysterious man who catches Brynn’s eye.

Brynn soon learns that one of the rooms is locked and unavailable to guests because an unknown woman had broke into the boardinghouse when it was closed over the winter and apparently stayed unbeknown to anyone, and died there as well. The details remained under investigation.

Haunted with this knowledge, and enwrapped in a new world with new friends, Brynn begins having bizarre dreams. In her dreams, she goes into the locked room, often speaking with Alice within these dreams and slowly learning of things, she could not possibly know.

“People get so caught up in themselves and their dramas, or they get ensnared in their own sorrows and tragedies, they forget to appreciate the beauty around them.” 

Full disclosure, I love Wendy Webb. Her books usually contain a bit of gothic/supernatural aspects to them that I enjoy. The Haunting of Brynn Wilder is no different. There is so much entwined within this book that I do not wish to give too much away as that is part of the beauty – discovering these things for yourself.
What I can say, is I could easily envision this quaint town among the lake, towns people all up and curious about any newcomer, and the delight in discovering someone who reaches into your soul – even if they scare you a bit at the same time. I have to say the ending left me in tears… good ones.
If you enjoyed Wendy’s previous book, Daughter’s of The Lake, you will see this book is set in the same fictional town and has character or two you will recognize, like revisiting an old friend.

Final thoughts: A three tissue read (maybe four)
A perfect read for anyone who lives to dive into the “what if’s”

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