Wine and Words 2020 and YOU are Invited

Here We Go!

Hey everyone!  If you have followed me for any amount of time here you have probably heard me GUSH about Wine and Words.  This is a literary event that the Friends of the Brainerd Public Library in Minnesota host every year. This year in fact will be its 8th year.

A little history as really all my literacy connections started around this website…  let me give you the 6 Errr… 9 degrees of separation…

1.  In 2009 I start writing here at Book Journey

2.  In 2010 I hear rumblings of something called The Book Expo in New York….  WHAT IS THAT????  (And I go and continue to go for many years)
3.  I get into the expo because of what I do here at Book Journey.

4.  I meet authors, I make stronger connections with publishing houses, I meet a LOT of fellow book lovers in person that I started out by… you guessed it, chatting here.
5.  My love of books and literacy explodes and in 2011 I become the president of the Friends of the Brainerd Public Library and a part of the City Library Board.
6.  I take part in a Library Initiative program that talks about fundraising and I learn about Opus and Olives.  Once I hear that I know we can do this in Brainerd.

7.  I pitch the idea of an author event in our community tot the board, they are skeptical but agree to give me a chance to come up with authors, a venue etc..
8.  BECAUSE of Book Journey and BECAUSE of the Book Expo I have author connections and come back to the 2 weeks later with the following author Yes’s:  Lorna Landvik, Sara Pekkenen, Sandra Brannon, William Kent Krueger and Wendy Webb.  I also had a venue.
9.  Wine and Words is born.  Year one:  180 guests.  Last year (year seven) 670.

This year it takes place on July 30th and 31st as a virtual event.  Our board hired a company to produce it, all my original authors said yes to the change from venue to online and we are offering this for free to anyone who wishes to register.

Author line up;  J Ryan Stradal, Julie Schumacher, Kaira Rouda, Jenna Blum, and Kelly Harms.  Author Lorna Landvik and I will kick off each day from our original venue, Grand View Lodge.  YOU are invited.   Some of you have told me through the years you wished you could attend.  Now you can.
Links and details below.  I am so excited!

Wine and Words 2020 – a Virtual Experience

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