The Best Of Summer (Another Invite)

Untitled - 2020-07-24T092719.591Hey all, one more invite. before I finish getting ready for work this morning.  Just needed a few minutes with COFFEE CUP and writing.  Once I dip a toe outside my front door I fear the flag will be waved.  It is, after all, Wine and Words week and while it is virtual this year, it is still work to put it all together.  My list of “to-dos” this week for work and life and Wine and Words is LONG.

Today I work and then I am doing the Summer Reads with Laurel from the Library.  As we do not read a book from July to August in anticipation of our big vote next month for the next year’s book selections, we thought it would be fun to do a bonus meet up and discuss great Summer read selections.

We will host this at 6 pm Central Time tonight, July 27th on the Books, Burgers, and Brews Facebook page.  Feel free to tune in as Laurel and I will spent 20 to 30 minutes chatting books from a local location.

As some people have asked how to find videos when someone is live on a page here is an easy way to find us:

Feel free to tune in and share your favorite Summer Reads as well.

Have a super day.


5 thoughts on “The Best Of Summer (Another Invite)

  1. Hi Sheila!

    This is kind of random, but I’ll be vacationing in Brainerd next week! I’m wondering if I could share my Duluth based book series with you in hopes that you could share it with your reading circles/friends/audience/blog. I’d be happy to meet up in town, or drop them off somewhere for you. They have a combined 100+ 5 star reviews on Amazon and you can learn more about them here:

    Thank you for considering and happy writing! Amanda Zieba

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