Morning Meanderings… Minnesota

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Good morning.  Most of you, who have viewed my ramblings here for years know I am from Minnesota.  And I am certain that most of you, no matter where you live have heard what is happening in Minnesota currently, with the riots in Minneapolis that started after the very sad death of George Floyd on May 25th.  (If you do not know, you can Google the name).  What happened created a ricocheting effect as people not only in Minnesota – but in other states as well fueled by what I believe is a combination of the state of our world at this time, the lack of uncertainty of what is to come, fear, and of course the anger of what happened on May 25th in the midst of all of this was the equivalent of throwing massive amounts of fuel on already lit embers.

Riots followed with the burning and as of this morning, it was reported that over 220 businesses have been damaged, looted, and/or completely destroyed by vandalism and fire in the Minneapolis area.  And this is no dystopian novel – this is happening about 2 1/2 hours from my home.  While peaceful protests are happening in my own home town and an hour away in St Cloud, as of this writing there are no riots closer to me.

Latest News from this morning

I fully believe in our rights to an opinion and our right to protest in peaceful ways. In fact here in my home town, peaceful protests have been happening.  My heart is broken for the Floyd family, friends who live in the MNPLS area, and for all that is happening that started with the death and has now escalated into so much more that I don’t even know what….  but it is is scary stuff.

As a friend posted yesterday,

“We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”

~Eli Wiesel

SO – all that said… I am having a rare quiet moment on my deck with the birds chirping and the sun shining when I actually have a moment to soak it up.  I’m emotionally exhausted.  I have wanted to say so out loud for a while now – however feel bad saying it out loud as I know there are so many that have it worse than I do at these times.  I currently have my job, I am in what I feel is a fairly safe rural area, I have a paycheck coming in and know where my next meal is coming from.  I know not everyone can say that.

I am, as I am certain so many many of us are just tired of trying to figure out where we go from here, what the next month looks like, the next season as all the things that make Minnesota awesome (State Fair, parades, concerts, Brainerd International Raceway Nationals, large gatherings for families, cookouts, big weddings, gathering by the lake, etc) are all kind of on hold – and by no means,  is this my state alone.  As people worry, stress, wait and wait and wait – the fear of the unknown, the instinct to survive, emotions running high… it all kicks in and can create what we are seeing happening here.

Do what you can today to find your happiness.  For me, I am slowing down to recharge, a little bit of sun, a little bit of self-care, later BLA Quarantingo for our community and possibly if I can get there, a peaceful Candle Lighting Vigil for George Floyd that will take place tonight in my community at 9 pm.

Stay safe all. Be KIND.

5 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Minnesota

  1. Our times are definitely crazy, and while I have done my share of protesting over the years, nothing that comes close to what is happening there in Minneapolis.

    I am grateful that my own situation is so much less challenging than some, since I am retired and don’t have to worry about work. My pensions come in regularly. I do live in a senior residential center, which feels safe against the virus…but we do have our own issues. Like food that isn’t up to par. I pay a rather large amount for the apartment, laundry services, and cleaning services. Food services are also included, but in this manner, they fall short. I could go on and on about it, but feel ungrateful when I do.

    I am glad you have a nice and peaceful place to get through the difficulties we all are facing.

  2. We have been hearing about it here in NZ. It is all so sad and crazy. Very turbulent. Funny we didn’t hear about the peaceful protests!! That’s really good they are happening. They are saying here that there are white supremacists fuelling things. Hope it calms down. Take care.

    1. Last night locally, we had a candle vigil and it was beautiful. I understand the anger and what is happening in MNPLS and now we have to figure out how to do this better. Thanks, Kathyrn.

  3. I live in Ohio in a rural community. All of our local small towns have had peaceful marches. However before each one there are multiple Facebook posts stating that buses of rioters and looters are driving here from Detroit with guns and baseball bats. Because rioters charter buses and come to rural communities, I guess. . . . . It is sad. So very sad. It is draining. I am an old hippy protester and it seems like we should be over this stuff. I recently fell and severely broke my arm and between fear of falling, fear of bumping, fear of virus and total exhaustion, I am watching from home.

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