Morning Meandering: What’s in YOUR Memorial Day?


I took the day off.

It’s not a given in the Hospitality world that you get the holidays off.  In fact, in a normal world the Holidays are often the busiest time for restaurants.  However this is not the normal world.

And by golly I need the mind break. 

My day is rather an exciting one.  I am going uptown shortly here to pick up items for a “Quarantwined” thing that is happening in Minnesota.  It is a Facebook page where if you join you put your address and list a few things you like to drink and snack on.  Then someone is supposed to create a basket of goodies for you based on your preferences and sort of ding dong ditch you, leaving a basket on your doorstep.  I love this idea.  I love how we are finding ways to reach out to our friends, neighbors, and even strangers – creating what I believe will be a tighter more caring world.   Once you receive a basket you are supposed to remove your post with your info on it so 1) you don’t double up on baskets and 2) make sure others get one as well.  This morning I went through the list (you choose from the top – the ones that have been on the list the longest) and I plan to make 4 baskets.  *Dorky excited*

Then I am going to have COFFEE with my cousin, followed by my first curbside order pick up at Walmart.  Then home, assemble and deliver my baskets and hopefully still have the afternoon to finish morning the lawn and read a bit outside in the sun.

I may go to the cemetery for my mom and dad and sister.   Honestly, I should have gone yesterday and avoided the people.  Justin’s memorial is here in the back yard.  Or maybe I do it tomorrow after work.

Anyhoo – that’s the plan.  Probably grill tonight, but for the most part low key and that is really the way I am coming to like it.  Another good thing that comes out of this Quarantine (and yes, I use “good” lightly) – people, myself included are learning to slow down… and honestly I like that.

Happy Memorial Day all.  Are you reading?  What are you reading?

13 thoughts on “Morning Meandering: What’s in YOUR Memorial Day?

  1. I delivered 4 on Saturday, got caught once. It’s so much fun! I received one as well, full of awesome things. We delivered memorial flowers yesterday to my son, Jeff’s parents, our nephew and my grandparents and uncle. We are forgoing our traditional Memorial Day fishing tournament and fish fry this year as we’re still trying to maintain distance, especially from my parents and immunocompromised granddaughter. I’ll probably end up mowing the lawn as well. It’s not really long yet but the dandelions are making it look shabby. Enjoy your day off!

  2. We live in upstate NY and much of the world here is on lockdown still. We’re going to have an indoor BBQ with lamb and baked potatoes with deviled eggs later. Maybe watch some streaming of virtual National Park footage and listen to our streaming independant radio station from where we used to live.

    Most of the residents in this building are covidiots.We are two of the oldest residents and we are the only mask wearers. Sigh….

    So much for another “pleasant valley [monday] here in status symbol land”

    1. Minnesota, at least in my neck of the woods is also partially on lockdown (no restaurants open…bars, bowling alleys… )but you hit downtown and the traffic is thick so feels like business as usual.

  3. I love the sound of those baskets! And yes, even terrible times have their silver linings, and learning to connect with others in new ways is one gift of the Quarantine.

    Enjoy your day and your reading, and stay safe.

    1. It was fun – I just finished delivering. There are good things coming out of this. Haven’t made it to a book yet and don’t know if I will other that audio as I just got home and still need to finish the lawn.

  4. Slowly enlarging our social circle (with social distancing) as our area is relaxing things a bit. Involved in a pool improvement project that will keep us at home today enjoying working together on it and hanging out. I’ve been reading a chunkster, Where the Light Enters by Sara Donati. Which I just realized is the second book in a series, but so far hasn’t been an issue. Have a great day Shelia!!

  5. What a fun idea with the baskets!
    I did a window visit with my mom this morning (she’s in Memory Care). One of our kids and her family are coming over for lunch on the patio. That’s the extent of our plans. I think rain is supposed to blow in later this afternoon. I might try to read a few chapters of the new Katherine Center book.

    1. Yes, the best-layed plans. I tend to overfill my day and then wonder why I always feel run down. 😀 Sweet that you visited your mom, even window style. It sounds like a nice day Mary! Enjoy!

  6. what a lovely idea! the baskets. that’s sweet, altho sounds like it might be rather expensive for retired folk. also, wanted to know how your “first curbside order pick up at Walmart” went. we had a low-key Memorial Day and since i switched hubby to vegetarian, no BBQ either. i gotta find things i can BBQ now, i guess!

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