A Rip In Heaven by Jeanine Cummins

The things I don’t know about this world often astound and shock me… what the human mind can handle when it comes to tragedy and what we sometimes cannot unsee does as well.  ~ Sheila

A Rip In Heaven is the true story of Tom Cummins and his two cousins Julie and Robin Kerry and what happened to them one evening while hanging out late in April 1991 on the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge in St Louis Missouri.  It is a story of true terror, unthinkable murder and what a mess media can make of things.


It’s hard to talk about this book without giving too much away.  I find in this case it is better for the events to unfold to each reader as they turn the pages, much as I did… having hope, having shock, having sorrow…  it is indeed a personal journey.

What I can say is that I found this book at the recent Friends of the Library Book Sale.  True crime, has always piqued my interest – I hate saying that, but it is true.  I am astounded not only by the actions of those who commit such crimes, but also the incredible spirit of those who become – survivors of such acts of the unthinkable… the families of victims, the friends – and even when the victim themselves survive.  A Rip In Heaven is about all of that.  Not only about what happened, but what happened in the following years to a broken family, and to those involved.

I read this book mostly in one sitting – unable to put it down and wanting to know what happened.

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