Moving… But Not Leaving…



Still here.  It is funny to think that when I started Book Journey I was writing almost every day if not every day.  Those of you who have been with me during those years can probably remember those times.  Then I went to almost twice a day when I started the Morning Meanderings… and then usually a bookish conversation same day.  I used to visit a minimum of 20 blogs a day and comment.

I remember Justin once had a college project where he was asked to visit 20 blogs and comment and he thought it was so painful and asked me how I could do it day after day….  I found it at that time to be easy… it was fun to check in on topics you enjoy and connecting with fellow blogger with the same interests.

I am so thankful for those days.

Through the years.. things have changed.  Some book reviewer/bloggers that I really enjoyed reading, hung it up.  Many, including myself, slowed down.

And that brings me to my post today.

Looking at my last post here in March – it is safe to say I did not just slow down… I all but stopped.  My life over the past few years has changed as many of you know, and more recently – taking on a full time Marketing job, being active in the community and in adventures has slowed my reading time and even more so slowed my discussing of books and blogging.

But I miss it.

Over this past weekend I worked diligently on an idea that has been buzzing around my brain for awhile now.  I created a new website.  I want to write.  I miss writing… I am just a little more diverse now than Book Journey was created for.  I am reading, however I am also biking, planning and attending events, trying to get my life right in many ways, and still grieving in ways I sometimes want to talk about and share.

I created the website I Guess I Am Doing This and I am sooooooo hopeful that you will join me there – reading and following and commenting when you can.  I would like that very much.  I think it has a little something for everyone… and yes, I am still talking books 🙂

Book Journey will remain here as I have no intention of giving up on this site.  It has so much history within its pages… so much of me and how I have grown as a writer and a review since those early days… and maybe someday this will be the fit again.

Anyhoo.  Come and fly with me.  I would love it.


13 thoughts on “Moving… But Not Leaving…

  1. Hi Sheila,

    So glad to hear from you. I didn’t think you would just jump ship and not let us know what was happening. Glad to hear you are keeping busy and still reading and blogging. I will still follow this blog but also sign into your new site. Best of luck!

  2. Hi Shelia….this is funny, but when I was sitting on my porch this morning, I thought of you and said I need to check your blog. 🙂

    HUGS, and I will head on over to your new site.

    Good Luck, and congrats on the move and the new full-time marketing job.

  3. I tried to add your new blog to my sidebar where I’ve had THIS blog for many years, but Blogger does not detect a feed. It would sit at the bottom of my 80+ blogs and never show me when there’s a new post, so I didn’t add it. Howevere, you can see that “Book Journey” is still there.

  4. congrats for your new site. I was going to follow it through bloglovin, but i can’t find it through bloglovin. also, I don’t feel like having to log in to another platform to be able to leave a comment on your posts. May I know why you didn’t use wordpress for your new site?

  5. Sheila, it’s good to see you again! Congratulations on your Marketing job! I took a look at your new website and interesting how you tie together your favorite passions. I hope you will find the blogging part rewarding.

  6. I get what you are saying … or at least most of it anyway. Thank you for the happy times I’ve spent following your book journey, I’m off to visit you at your other home.

  7. Wow, Sheila…it’s been SO long for me, too, with regularly visiting blogs I love (and SO many other things in life). I finally got here to see how you were doing—and now I know! Life changes and we have to often adapt and rethink. You’ve always been good at it and I’;m off to check out your new space! 😀 oxox

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