Morning Meanderings…. Seriously – Where You Been?


So sad to turn to this site today and see how long it has sat waiting for me.

Am I reading?  Yes

Am I doing?  Yes

So what’s my damage?  Why could I not get up like I used to… grab my COFFEE and write something funny(IMO) or amazing or ridiculous or hard or coming soon or….

Meh.  I don’t really know. 

I wont bore you with the details ( well.. any more than I already have)….  lets just rip the band-aid off and start again.


I’m Sheila.  I love to read and write and talk about both.  I love to do community and I love to create and dream and do.  I love to bike and run and I want to love kick boxing.  😉  I love to be outside the box because  A.  I don’t believe the box has ever been big enough.  B.  The box is so overdone I want to puke  C.  Life is too precious to contain yourself to such perimeters.  D.  All of the above

(yes… it is D)

That said… here is what I have been reading as of late…

The Girl With Seven Names is our Books Burgers and Brews selection for Monday November 20th.  This will be our first non fiction title we have read with this group and it should be interesting.  It is also the first selection we have had that I was unable to find any discussion questions on line (EEP) meaning I need to create the discussion…

The Bookies Book Club recently finished The Kind Worth Killing….  and ooh.  I will be reviewing this one at some point here soon….  Peter Swanson (IMO) knocked this one out of the park.  LOVED so much about this…

And finally … what am I doing on audio?

Yeah…. don’t be judgy….  every once in a while I like to listen to a true crime.  It’s been a while and this one is crazy.  Its one of those which I am seriously baffled why it took the police so long to catch him.  Trust I will have much MUCHNESS to say about this one…

Anyway – that’s my meanderings.  Stay tuned for a book review coming your way shortly.

Oh and yes….  I will again be hosting One Word here and I will again be hosting The First Book Of The Year here.  Stay tuned…..  it is coming 😉


WHAT are you reading?

24 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. Seriously – Where You Been?

  1. WELCOME BACK, SHEILA!! So nice to see you…I have seen all the fun you have been having on Facebook and Instagram. 🙂

    I finished CARNEGIE’S MAID by Marie Benedict, THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW by A. J. Finn, and THE WIFE BETWEEN US by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen. All were good.

    I am currently reading THE ENGLISH WIFE by Lauren Willig.

  2. Yesterday I came over here to see if I might have missed a post! Maybe you picked up on my psychic vibes. LOL.

    I am so glad you will still be doing One Word and First Book of the Year. I already bought mine, and it’s staring at me, wondering.

    I love the sound of the Books, Burgers, & Brews Book Club!

    1. Hey Laurel 🙂 Yes BBB is on its second season we are having so much fun with it and are averaging over 40 people per month. And I can not wait to get started on One Word and First book – both are very inspiring to me 😉

  3. It’s good to see you, Sheila! I read Nothing to Envy, nonfiction about North Korea, earlier this year and have been looking for more. The Girl with Seven Names looks really good. So glad you are doing First Book again 🙂

  4. I was thinking about you recently and see that you are reading widely and varied! I have started in on holiday mysteries and stories!

  5. Hi Sheila – see how keen all are to see you here again. And great news about First book and possibly one word! The Girl with Seven Names sounds fascinating, best wishes for crafting the discussion.

  6. So glad to see you back! I hope this means things are going well for you. I think we all need a blogging bread once in a while and we come back to it when we’re ready. The North Korea book looks really interesting and I can’t wait to find out about The Kind Worth Killing. Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. We have missed you, believe me. However, I am glad I found you on IG and have been happy to see you just living your life

    I may be late to this party. But I’m a little over half finished w/The Bear and the Nightingale, and it’s going on one of my best of’17 list…wonderful.

    I’m wondering if I could count the #KikkiLowenstein series by JoAnn Campbell Slain as my first book(s) of 2018. Been getting them one by one as she’s updated and re-released them (13 and counting)…that one’s your call.

    Trying to get to the new Nicole Evelin’s about Guinevere started

  8. First, how great to see you, Sheila! You’ve been missed!
    I read another book by a young woman who escaped North Korea – what a story. I’m reading The Flight Attendant by Chris Bohjalian. Going to start thinking about my First Book.

  9. Glad to see you back in my inbox! Can’t believe it’s time to start thinking about the New Year already. The Kind Worth Killing was one I got to narrate a piece of a couple years ago, so many twists in that plot.

  10. It is lovely to see a post from you Shelia, and here that you’re doing well. Great titles you’ve been reading; the audio sounds like an intense but interesting read – as true crime tends to be.

    It’s funny that you mention ‘First Book of the Year’ as I just thinking about it the other day and am happy to hear there is another year of it.

    Happy reading!

  11. I know you’ve been busy, as I’ve been keeping up with all your activity on FB. My book club (just started in August) decided on a short read for December with all that everyone has going on. We are going to read Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor by Lisa Kleypas. Of course, I will be reading a lot more. I’m going on a blogging haitus starting December 1st to catch up on books, get all the Christmas shopping, baking, wrapping, decorating, partying, etc. done. Looking forward to 1st Book – now, off to choose one. (I’ll check in for the info and get my pick to you). Happy Thanksgiving!

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