The Book Expo…. Yes I Went. And I Survived To Tell You About It.


Greetings fellow book lovers.  I just returned yesterday late afternoon from the Book Expo in New York.  My 6th time attending….  and I feel….
Goal Oriented. 
And just as in love with books, audio, publishers, authors, narrators, bloggers as I have always been.   

The heart wants…. what the heart wants….

I am certain I will be chatting about Books, The Expo, The meet Ups etc…for days here.


I flew into New York on Wednesday… my flight was amazing.  I met a lady on the plane that was nervous to fly (her 2nd time)…. so I was talking her through it by distracting her with details of the Book Expo which she had never heard of.  She was going to New York to visit her son and go to a baby shower.  She was very interested in the books, a reader herself, and we quite literally talked about our kids, life, books writing, seriously…. we talked the entire three-hour plane ride.  The plane was half empty and I had a middle seat but I had no desire to move.  We laughed and we both cried… I can’t make this stuff up. The plane landed, we exchanged info so we could be in contact and hugged good-bye.


Then…. fast forward to the hotel and my amazing roommates Candace, Beth Fish Reads and Kim, Sophisticated Dorkiness.  Book Expo staples.  Hanging with those two for a few days is a great way to spend time in New York.  We were missing our partner in “all things Expo” Florinda The 3 R’s Blog who had escaped to Italy.  Sigh.  We can’t fault her for that.  😉

Yeah… these two 🙂

The Expo is also exciting, stimulates all the book senses…. the visual covers, the smells of books, and food (yeah I was usually hungry..), to touch that coveted read after you waited in a long line, to hear the excited chatter of the attendees as well as tune into the voice of an author you know….   Bliss really.

I have more to come.  Just wanted to touch base today and start a conversation….


25 thoughts on “The Book Expo…. Yes I Went. And I Survived To Tell You About It.

  1. So glad you went! My sister flew in from Iowa and we went to Book Con on Saturday. The event seemed more heavily oriented to YA than it was two years ago. We heard two good panel presentations and snagged a few giveaways, but mostly children’s books. Will look forward to hearing more about your experience.

  2. Hi! I was wondering if you ever tried that “speed publisher” event at Book Expo? You have to sign up for it in advance and you sit with different publishers and they have so many minutes to interest you in their books- if you like it – you take it. Have you done this? How soon do you book for next year?

  3. I am so glad I got the chance to see you & catch up a bit! I love BookExpo – it was my 3rd time going…and it’s always so much fun – besides all the books, getting a chance to see all the bloggers in person that you’ve become friends with is one of my favorite parts! See you next year hopefully!!! XO

  4. I’m the shade of Kermit the frog I’m so green with envy of you and all of the other book bloggers and authors out at BEA! Endless fantastic photos posted and one of these years I’m going there to join y’all!

  5. I have never met Kim before today but you guys look amazing… hopefully I will see you next year at BEA… I can’t wait to hear all about BEA 🙂

  6. Cant wait for all your behind the scenes tidbits. Nice pic of the three of you! All of you look fabulous.

  7. I love all the bookish posts from the event. I’ve never attended and I must say, I am envious of all the books showcased but I love that you all find the time to share your experiences with those of us who could not attend.

  8. I am thrilled to see your positivity! I long to attend BEA some day, and of course to hug people like you and Candace and Kim, and Kathy(again) and so many others. I’m drooling over Florida’s IG….what a wonderful trip she is on.
    Looking forward to hearing about all your events in NYC

  9. Any “all things books” is a great time. Glad you were able to go once again. Looking forward to reading more about your trip to the Expo.

  10. Sheila, that’s so great you all went! I live right across the river and didn’t go! *sigh* I always want to, but I can’t afford it and don’t think I could necessarily handle it physically. I can’t help but wonder if you were there for Hillary’s presentation. Looking forward to hearing more! 😀

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