The Circle By Dave Eggers



Mae Holland can not believe her luck!  When she is hired on to be employed by The Circle, the largest Internet company she jumps in with both feet.  After all, what is not to love?  Great pay, live entertainment in the evenings, dorm rooms to stay in if you need to work late, groceries, stores, free medical, a gym on site… and a chance to work with some of the most brilliant minds in the world!

Everything is connected from your email to your banking to your social media.  Transparency is key…  and really why would we not want to be transparent?

Yet when Mae finds herself in the office with Supervisors asking her why she always clocks out right at 5 and doesn’t stick around to take part in the after hours activities and why she is not more transparent on her social feeds as to what she does in her down time…  Mae has to decide to show her new employers just how transparent she can be…or choose to look for work elsewhere….

What happens when the lines between right and wrong get fuzzy?

I have been wanting to read this book for a while.  The synopsis of a futuristic company taking over (much like Google or Amazon…) peeked my interest.  I do love a good futuristic novel.  What I found interesting is that I could see where The Circle life style could become appealing…  If you did not have a family of your own… single, young, energetic a place where work provides you with on site entertainment, a group of like minded peers, a dorm room with clothes in your size, food, etc…. I could see where that could be appealing.

I for the most part liked Mae, (at least the early on Mae) until the job changed her to the point of losing right from wrong… I understood her ambition…

Over all I liked the book.  I am looking forward to the movie coming out later this month as I want to see how it compares and honestly…. you put Tom Hanks with Emma Watson…  how can I not watch?

8 thoughts on “The Circle By Dave Eggers

  1. Very interesting book. I gave it 9 out of 10. Here’s what I took away from it: “Under the guise of having every voice heard, you create mob rule, a filterless society where secrets are crimes” (p. 488).

  2. This sounds so interesting! I’ll bet privacy is a major theme in this book. Where do we draw the line in this Age of Social Posting?

  3. Oh, we are so close to this happening. I think people really are blurring the lines between social and work and our jobs are expecting us to be reachable at all times. Germany has passed a law that your supervisors cannot contact you outside of work hours, which is sounding pretty good to me!

  4. A novel that didn’t particularly appeal to me until your words … ‘What happens when the lines between right and wrong get fuzzy? … totally piqued my interest. A book (and film) I’ll be sure to keep a look out for. Thanks Sheila.

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