First Book – 2017…. Day One To SHINE


Happy New Year People Of The Book.

There is a lot I like about a new year.  It is indeed a fresh start… it’s a new deck to play with.  I retired my word of 2016 (COURAGE) at midnight last night.  The word has served me well and will always be a part of me now that I have spent a year learning to live that way.  Excitedly, today I have opened the door to my new world for 2017…. SHINE.  I hope to SHINE this year and be an example for myself as well as others that circumstances do not have to destroy you, that you can live with amazing grief.

And of course…. a new year is new book adventures.  Long before I had a blog, I was doing First Book by myself.  Every year I made a big deal out of choosing that first book of the year.  It is exciting to see by the outpouring from all of you from all over the world coming forth to share the excitement of that first book with me.

As I have done the past 4 years, I am very excited to present to you, the books that we are reading as we go into 2017:







Thank you all for once again joining me for one of my favorite events of the year.   I am off this morning to run my first 5K of the year, the Polar Dash In ST Paul with my friend Belinda.  I am excited to kick off my word right from the start.

Happy New year to all of you.

Shine Always,




57 thoughts on “First Book – 2017…. Day One To SHINE

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  2. I recognize a lot of those lovely faces, but don’t see yours. What are you reading? I started Between the World and Me last night for my book club.

    Shine is the perfect word for you because you are a star!

    Happy New Year!

  3. Literary Feline

    So many beautiful readers! What a great way to start the New Year. Thank you for sharing your idea with us Sheila and putting this all together so we can be a part of it.

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  6. Happy New Year, Sheila! Thank you for hosting this. I have just posted my First Book of the Year (complete with late night selfie)! I hope the 5k is terrific! 🙂

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  8. This is always SO much fun to see! It’s this perfect aggregation of diverse books come together to celebrate reading and books, and I don’t think I saw any duplicates! Love your hat, Sheila 😀

    And more importantly, Sheila, it’s such a pleasure seeing you “shine.” 🙂 Good luck on your run today!

  9. Shine on Sheila!

    Thank you for hosting this lovely lovely mean once again (& one word) they both meant a lot to me this year…as I head off into a year of living life gracefully.

  10. Happy New Year Sheila! Hope your 5k went well – that’s a fantastic way to start the new year! I missed out on the first book of the year post for 2017 – first time in a couple of years – because I couldn’t find a book I really really wanted to kick 2017 off with :-/ Aargh!

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  15. You had a nice group of participants again this year – a great way to start off the new year! I’m not so sure about the Polar Dash though. Happy New Year, Sheila.

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