Morning Meanderings…. Now THAT is Classic. ;) A Bookies Event


Three days in a row…. could it be?  😉

It feels as though I have just finished a marathon of back to back events… all good stuff.  The Friends Books Sale was a big chunk of time the last few weeks with the volunteer line ups, setting the sale, and working it.  Then on Monday the First Game Night at Prairie Bay was SO AWESOME, I was so tired going.. but so glad I went!  That brings us to last night, book club at my house….



Whose idea was THAT?  😉

Yes yes… I apparently agreed a month ago that book club would be at my house.  I really don’t know what I was thinking as my house has been a tad bit neglected in recent days due to all the activity in my life.  It all worked out for the best though – put on a little audio and put the house back in order yesterday so we could review our Classic for the year:  The Beautiful and The Dammed by F Scott Fitzgerald.  Now I am not going to review the book part yet as I have not finished it myself (See my crazy life above)… however I will share with you the Bookies meet up.

First.. I think you all know I like to dress the occasion.  Classics can be a lot of fun for this and a chance to dress the 20’s era….

well then….


We had a great time with the food as well… I do love setting the food to go with the era or the book setting.  In this case, I Googled the 20’s to see what I could learn about food and who knew?  Chicken Pot Pie was a 20’s hot item… as well as deviled eggs could be found at most social gatherings.



and the Bookies added to the tasty goodies as well…


And this was not all… I missed a picture of the delicious chicken that was served as well.

As always.. good food, good conversation… a lot of fun.  I do really enjoy days that go from tennis shoes… to party sandals.




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  1. Love the costumes! And the food, too. Deviled eggs and pot pie are favorites. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Y’all are so much fun! I’ve gotten so I don’t worry about the house – my friends are coming to see me, not inspect the house.

  3. Your book club is just amazing and so much fun.

    Food looks delicious, and love the costumes.

  4. I just read two books set in the 1920s. Rules of Civility was a re-read for a book club and I liked it better the second time. The first time was in audio and I think the writing doesn’t really shine in that format. The other book was A Certain Age and I was repelled by Theresa Marshall, one of the main characters.

    I always panic when it’s my turn to host the book club!

  5. Looks like a lot of fun!

  6. You know we all think The Bookies are the total best! :–)

  7. You are amazing – must be time for a snooze!

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