Morning Meanderings… DO Try This In Your Home Town


Good morning.  Two days of posting?  WOW!  Must be the coffee.  😉

In reality… I think it is me trying to reach beyond the grief.  I made a decision in mid August that I needed a season of investing in me…. good positive healthy habits.  I have been biking – A LOT.  I have been getting out more, eating right and all in all… feeling a weight of darkness lift off of me.  I know the grief will always be there, that underlying sadness I feel like a constant lump in my throat…. however by DOING and BEING I am trying to live the life I am supposed to live – almost for both of us….

How is that going?

Well… I have biked over 400 miles in the past 6 weeks.  I have stretched myself to go back to the gym to Group Power.  I have thrown myself into good community projects and working with good community people that keeps my mind active and while it is still hard to be out “there” I am doing it.


I feel….


Last night, I went to the first of a new 2nd Mondays thing at one of my favorite venues in the area, Prairie Bay.  I love how they do community and Friends of the Library will be partnering with them as well next week (more on that awesome stuff) later.  Last night was the Game night.

Here is how it works.

From 6 – 9 pm you show up on 2nd Mondays to play a board game.  The game will be announced on their website and you do not have to know how to play before going.  Last nights game was Catan.  I did not know how to play.


This was so much fun!  Not only did I learn a new game, I hung out with friends and met new people too.  If you live int he area, I recommend you check out all the good that Prairie Bay is doing in our community.  They have excellent ideas of bringing people together.


Laughter… although painful at times…. is also an investment in me.

Ok… challenge is out there?  How will you invest in YOU today?


10 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… DO Try This In Your Home Town

  1. Been limping along with disabled tech and that’s gonna continue unless I win one of these myriad contests( lol). I wasn’t going to reload Kindle, but some of the instafreebies don’t come down off the PC, so, ” kindle #10″ is born. :p

    We celebrated my 60th this weekend…….

  2. Your library is so cool! Loved this post. I’ve been a sloth this week but I’m trying to get my cardio on 4-5 times a week. That’s investing in me. I’ve been inconsistent lately because I threw two parties, one late September and one for my tween who recently turned 12.

  3. Good for you! I’m so glad your getting back to your love of life! I’m investing in me by getting more exercise and eating healthier. And I love going for rides on my bike.

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