Morning Meanderings…. Want To See My Book Shelves?


Holy smokes… where does the time go?  This writing posts in my head is fascinating stuff bu t getting them here seems to be an odd challenge.  Life has been just day-to-day busy with writing projects, non-profit commitments, gardening, lawn care, home care, and get togethers, and …and…  that just surprise me how I blink and the day is gone and I have not posted here….


I do – for the record – plan to break that nasty habit.

I missed Coffee Monday.

Sort of.

Meaning I actually went outside and took the picture with me and my snazzy new coffee cup (LOVE FUN coffee cups) Thank you Brenda :).

3-jill b

See my super cool new cup that says “There Is No Place Like Home?”  Ahhhhh…. that is so true.

Next week I hope to be a better hostess to the Coffee Monday so if anyone would care to join me for coffee please email me at with your coffee pic and I will add you 🙂

I did promise book room pics didn’t I?  I finally have cleaned up the Chicago BEA books and found a home for them.  Now the room is the creative work space of potential Wine and Words baskets so there is still a little craziness going on in the table area… but for the most part, it is back in peace giving mode. 🙂


3a - Copy




There you go.  Not exactly to where I want it – but for this time of year that is about as good as it is going to get 🙂

Have a super day everyone 🙂

17 Comments on “Morning Meanderings…. Want To See My Book Shelves?

  1. Your book room has certainly grown since I first posted photos of it on my Potpourri blog, all those years ago…lol. I love how the shelves go up to the ceiling.

  2. That is one awesome book room/library. I love the glass doors, I mean… why hide books behind a door, right?

  3. Looking at your books, I am reminded again of the of a room full of books. I lost my substantial book collection, beautiful teak bookcases and bookish odds and ends in 2012. I miss them still. Your space looks like a delight lace to get lost in a book.

  4. I happen to like your book room….looks a LOT like my virtual 2300+ NookBook,1300+ kindlebook,73Overdrive bookroom looks like (in my mind anyway)

  5. Oooo, and you have our coffe pix right?

  6. Oh, Sheila, this is a piece of paradise, for sure. As close to a Room of Requirement as you can get, in my opinion 😀 Enjoy!

  7. I’ve missed Monday Coffee for the last month! Too many vacations and construction projects and stress going on. Hello, though! Your shelves are lovely. 🙂

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