Morning Meanderings…. Want To See My Book Shelves?


Holy smokes… where does the time go?  This writing posts in my head is fascinating stuff bu t getting them here seems to be an odd challenge.  Life has been just day-to-day busy with writing projects, non-profit commitments, gardening, lawn care, home care, and get togethers, and …and…  that just surprise me how I blink and the day is gone and I have not posted here….


I do – for the record – plan to break that nasty habit.

I missed Coffee Monday.

Sort of.

Meaning I actually went outside and took the picture with me and my snazzy new coffee cup (LOVE FUN coffee cups) Thank you Brenda :).

3-jill b

See my super cool new cup that says “There Is No Place Like Home?”  Ahhhhh…. that is so true.

Next week I hope to be a better hostess to the Coffee Monday so if anyone would care to join me for coffee please email me at with your coffee pic and I will add you 🙂

I did promise book room pics didn’t I?  I finally have cleaned up the Chicago BEA books and found a home for them.  Now the room is the creative work space of potential Wine and Words baskets so there is still a little craziness going on in the table area… but for the most part, it is back in peace giving mode. 🙂


3a - Copy




There you go.  Not exactly to where I want it – but for this time of year that is about as good as it is going to get 🙂

Have a super day everyone 🙂

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  1. I love your book room.

    THANKS…looks so inviting.


  2. Your book room has certainly grown since I first posted photos of it on my Potpourri blog, all those years ago…lol. I love how the shelves go up to the ceiling.

  3. That is one awesome book room/library. I love the glass doors, I mean… why hide books behind a door, right?

  4. saundra johnson


  5. Saundra Johnson

    Looking at your books, I am reminded again of the of a room full of books. I lost my substantial book collection, beautiful teak bookcases and bookish odds and ends in 2012. I miss them still. Your space looks like a delight lace to get lost in a book.

  6. Ok I no longer feel as bad about my book problem! I wish I could have them all in one space like this!

  7. I cannot wait to have a house and a room like this!

  8. Andrea ( aka rokinrev)

    I happen to like your book room….looks a LOT like my virtual 2300+ NookBook,1300+ kindlebook,73Overdrive bookroom looks like (in my mind anyway)

  9. Andrea ( aka rokinrev)

    Oooo, and you have our coffe pix right?

  10. Wonderful! Even if it is a work in progress.

  11. Oh, Sheila, this is a piece of paradise, for sure. As close to a Room of Requirement as you can get, in my opinion 😀 Enjoy!

  12. I love your book room. Thanks for sharing!

  13. I’ve missed Monday Coffee for the last month! Too many vacations and construction projects and stress going on. Hello, though! Your shelves are lovely. 🙂

  14. Oh my goodness, if only I had the room!

  15. Now that’s what you call a personal library! Not only the vast volumes of books, but the personality splayed throughout too!

  16. Awesome collection. Your library looks too good!

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