Morning Meanderings…. Surreal Moments at the Bench


Good morning.

I have a story from yesterday…. it involves the Library, and Justin’s bench – and well..

Hopefully you know the history of Justin’s bench.  Let me tell you in case you do not – that the bench came from amazing people like YOU.  It was the bloggers in my life and the Publishing houses that all collected money and put the bench at our library in memory of my son.

That bench…

my heart…

Oh.  I thank you.  I really don’t have words to say how much that means….

So yesterday…

I am leaving the library and I see a friend walking in.  Her name is Mary and Mary and I had met when our kids were friends back in grade school.  I asked her if she had seen Justin’s bench and she said she had but let’s go sit on it.



We sit on the bench and we talk about our kids, and how my son Brad and my husband Al are doing, and Chicago, my love of the library, and we talk about how awesome the bench is, and I tell her about the days I spent with my son before the accident.

We sit.  We cry.  It is the first time I have sat on the bench and shared the story of my final hours with my son.  It is the first time I put into full perspective what this bench means to me.

I told Mary, “Justin and I bonded over Harry Potter books.  It was a thing with us and even in his twenties we still talked about Harry Potter and JK Rowling and went to Harry Potter world because it was ridiculously wonderful and crazy to do and that is how we rolled.”

The power of a book.  I believe books have power.  I will always cherish the fact that it was a book that brought many MANY hours and years of joy to both Justin and I.  The memory of these times I will always cherish.  ALWAYS.

Every one has a story.  This is the one I hold within the pages in my heart.

Justin dechantal, brainerd public library

On another note – Audio Book Month starts today.  I have posts coming up and giveaways so stay tuned 🙂

16 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. Surreal Moments at the Bench

  1. Sheila, I am totally tweeting J. K. about this. I believe this is the type stuff she needs and wants to know. I know I would if I were a published author and had this kind of impact on someone’s life. oxox

  2. This really touched my heart, Sheila. I’m so glad that bench is there as a wonderful remembrance of your dear son.

    You’re so right..what you said here:
    “The power of a book. I believe books have power. I will always cherish the fact that it was a book that brought many MANY hours and years of joy to both Justin and I. The memory of these times I will always cherish. ALWAYS.”

    I make it a point every summer for the boys and I to read a book together. It’s not only about the reading, it’s about the bonding and spending precious moments together…and sharing my love of books with them. Reece actually likes to read, and often reads on his own, but Gabe is the hard one. Even so, with both of them, there is often griping about our read-along sessions. So…I’m going to share this post with them, especially your quote there above. They need to know how important these times together are and that they can be gone in a moment.

    Thank you. ❤

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