The Monday Morning Coffee Around The World Post



Good morning all! We are trying something a little different here this morning if you read my post about inviting you all to coffee.  If you read the post I just linked, it explains where the idea came from.  I think that it sounds like a fun way to start the week.  A few things that have come out of this discussion already I would like to clarify:

The Purpose:  To have us all wherever we are, sharing our morning coffee together.

  1.  Yes, it should be a current picture of you drinking coffee (or tea, or water, or with a bagel.. whatever you do in the morning)

2.   Yes, use a fresh picture every time you join us on Mondays as the point is to ACTUALLY be sharing your morning coffee what us as in we are all drinking our coffee at the same time.

3.  Let us know where you are at such as mine would be “Sheila in Minnesota”

4.  If you are reading or listening to something awesome currently share that “I just finished listening to Ready Player One for the 4th time over the weekend.  Or share something amazing that is going on in your area like “The tulips are in full bloom” or gardened all weekend can not wait for fresh tomatoes!”  or “Tonight I start swing dance lessons”

I will post this each Monday at 9 am central time to give people a chance to get up, take a picture, and send the picture to me at

You get the idea 🙂  This is new – lets see where it goes 🙂  I look forward to sharing coffee with you.

Ok… it’s almost go time… I need to do my picture as well…

Monday 1

Thank you all who joined in this morning!  Let me introduce you to this weeks coffee group 🙂

Top Left:  Amanda from The Zen Leaf (I adore this chick and met her years ago at BEA)

Top Center:  It’s Florinda from the 3 R’s!  My BEA pal and always fun to chat with.

Top Right:  Me!  Coffee this morning on the deck and rocking the Navy hat in honor of my son Brad.

Center Left:  Kate from Midnight Book Girl (another BEA connection and I already have a meet up planned with her in New York in 2017!)

Center Center:  Elizabeth from Silver’s Reviews.  Elizabeth and I also have met in New York which really is the icing on the book blogger cake.

Center Right:  I had extra spaces this morning and Sammy wanted in on this photo shoot so including him, Sammy my reading buddy.

Bottom Left:  Jill from Rhapsody In Books who is claiming her pic was not working but we want to see HER next time!  😉  AWESOME lady!

Bottom Center:  Judy from Busy Hands are Happy Hands stopped in with coffee!  YES!!!!

Bottom Right:  Blooper reel.  Sammy was not having none of my trying to get my pic for this mornings post. 

Thanks all!  That was fun!  Let’s do it again next week, and yes you need current pics – this one doesnt count 😉  Look at it this way, it is an excuse to get ready early and have coffee. WIN.  WIN.

Today I am working in the yard a bit, and I hope to sit on the deck and read.  I just finished listening to READY PLAYER ONE (yes again) and will be chatting that up soon as well as the BEA Books  – LOTS TO DO!  🙂  Right now, I am going to visit all of these bloggers 🙂

Have a wonderful memorial day everyone!

11 thoughts on “The Monday Morning Coffee Around The World Post

  1. Love the collage and your comments!!


    I think I will do the same and visit these blogs.

    I enjoyed meeting a few years ago….that is the BEST part about blogging.

    THANKS again.

    It is sunny today. I am outside again on the back porch eating watermelon. It is a warm, beautiful day.


  2. I’m so glad you’re making this work! But if I have to get a photo to you by 6 AM Pacific time on a Monday when I’m going to work, I cannot promise I’ll always look so cheery :-).

  3. Ooh thanks for the clarifications – I wasn’t sure what to put in my message! Now I know. I also like that I’m pretty much the only one still in my jammies, ha!

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