Afternoon Meanderings…. A Thousand Words


I am…

still here.

As April made its way into the year I knew I would slow down to get through the one year anniversary, I didn’t realize just how inactive I would become.   Every day I plan to write something here, (I write brilliantly in my mind 🙂 ) and then I don’t know where the day goes.  I do small projects around the house… I do work on line…a few meetings…. a few meet ups… but for the most part I have remained home and quiet and thinking a lot about what my next step is.

A few nights ago I watched the movie A Thousand Words with Eddy Murphy in it.  You know the one, it is where he is an excessive talker, never really connecting with his family, etc. just talking his was through everything until one day he discovers he only has a thousand words left…. well here.. this will explain it better:

This move was one of the free ones I could pick up off of our TV and while I felt the movie looked simple, I figured I could watch it while I finished a few projects on my laptop.

Yes the movie was predictable, however I did walk away with something.  The message that spoke to me loud and clear is that we do not know when we will hit our last one thousand words.  You never know when a conversation you have will be the last one.  I found this movie to not only bring me to tears, but to just remind me how important it is that we choose our words kindly…. not just wisely.  Our attitudes, voices, responses, can change lives… words, as readers, we know are powerful.

Ok…. maybe I took the whole movie a little more seriously than the common viewer.  But that is my take away and with that, I suggest you watch the movie too.

It is sunny in Minnesota today.  I am cleaning the kitchen, making chicken chili, listening to audio, and hopefully catching up on reviews.

Say something or do something kind for someone today.  Try to show them you care without words…


that just means listening.

Happy Sunday.

10 thoughts on “Afternoon Meanderings…. A Thousand Words

  1. Sounds like the right movie at the right time for it to speak to you. Very true that we need to think about our conversations and interactions more carefully. Because we certainly don’t want to the last things we say to someone to be unkind or thoughtless.

  2. Thank you for this wonderful post. We all need to think about what comes out of our mouths.

    The priest had a wonderful sermon today. He said to tape whatever you say for one day, and when you play it back the next day see if you should be proud or ashamed.

    HUGS and THANKS.


  3. It’s amazing where we find take-aways. We have a local author who writes romances. She’s written 2 books (of many) that have led to take-aways for me. In one, a billionaire treats every service person with respect. And in the other, a husband treats his wife with unusual care and concern. Both of those resonated with me and, if nothing else, made me aware of how I should act. That can’t be a bad thing.

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