Morning Meanderings… In The Lull


Mmmmmm COFFEE.

And… the sun is out.

Good start to the day.

It seems odd to be sitting here enjoying a cup of coffee, seeing the sun, and typing away on my laptop here.  The past few weeks there was little to none of that.  I feel as though I have hurtled through the Spring Book Sale, jumped through a flaming hoop to run the marathon to Gatsby, and sprinted to  a board meeting in St Cloud on Saturday.


its quiet.

I like it.

Sure there are things still happening.  I am sending out a letter to attendees of Gatsby about our Friends group.  Hey, we are fun, they need to know it. 🙂  This afternoon I am helping clean up empty boxes from the book sale and bringing them back to the library to fill again for the next sale.  This is all minimal though and I am truly thankful.  This weekend will be Easter.  My first “second” without Justin.  It sort of snuck up on me.  It is, as Easter tends to be, ahead of the one year anniversary.  Last year, Easter was the day after the accident…. this year it is before and will be a sort of emotional kick off I think, to the actual date.  That week, was full of Justin activity, because I was with him and those memories are flying at me in full color and I do not want to ever let them go.  I think I need to write down what those days were like with him, those amazing days that turned out to be our final days….but they were so good and I am SO THANKFUL for them.

PicMonkey Collage

I am taking a little more time to READ these days, while I am listening to audio throughout my day, at night I have been opening up a book, finding solace in the pages of someone elses story.  I recently flew through We All Looked Up (review later today), and The Total Package ( book tour later this month).  Currently I am reading Lucky Me by Aba Kapur for another book release.  I am also LISTENING….. I just finished Shopaholic To The Rescue, and am currently listening to NURSE by Lee Gutkind and narrated by Tavia Gilbert on my phone, and listening to A Touch Of Stardust by Kate Alcott and narrated by Cassandra Campbell.

6 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… In The Lull

  1. I am still thinking of you daily. I love how passionate you are about life and books and well, just everything. Happy Easter to you!

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