Morning Meanderings… Author! Author!


Tuesday.  Afternoon really…. no longer morning.

My morning had consisted of a COFFEE run, mailing, a phone call, coffee date scheduling, lunch planning, and yes… I am writing in the agenda book again which still carries mixed emotions for me (I struggle a lot with the idea of “life going on”, but I do what I can as I can.  I am trying to wrap my head around positive plans for this year and putting me back on some sort of track, even if it does seem to be in the slow lane at this time.

I created a post card this morning for the Gatsby event in March and I am confirming authors for Wine and Words in 2016.  I enjoy looking up authors and watching what books are receiving hype and I love to extend the invite.  I have to say the Publishing Houses as well as the authors I connect to are all so nice and polite.  I would say from the invites I send out, 98% respond, even if it is to say thank you but the event does not fit in their schedule this year.  I appreciate the response.

In other news…. last evening I finished my first book of the year.  I have thoughts….



2 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Author! Author!

  1. I’m definitely curious to hear what you have to say about Sorcerer’s Stone upon this recent reading. As for me, It took a couple of weeks for me to be able to find big enough chunks of time, that weren’t at bedtime, for me to enjoy my 1st book (Bellman and Black) and man, am I engrossed when reading. Diane Setterfield is an amazing writer!

  2. You are definitely keeping busy. Don’t worry about whether you are operating in the slow lane or the fast lane. Just do what you can on your own schedule.
    I’ve read 4 books so far, plus about seven children’s books. Gosh, I can’t believe January is nearly over. When you keep busy that is what happens – time just flies by.
    Hugs, my friend.

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