Morning Meanderings… Pondering.


Sunday morning with COFFEE cup.  I feel….  ready to start something.

This morning I was reading Bryan’s post at Still Unfinished  about his one word for 2016 and he links others as well.  It is a beautiful post and I enjoyed visiting the others one word as well.  Check it out, I love the pictures with all of the words.  It caused me to go back and read my own choice for this year.  I believe it is the right word for me.

In other random news I need to update this blog look.  Seriously…. brown?  What was a I thinking?  The background color has to change.  And my side bar is so outdated.

And now that I am writing… I feel scattered this morning like I thought I had a good post in my head and now I am looking at this thinking “what are you trying to say?”

So that said…. I am just going to tiptoe out of here.  Have a great Sunday.  Read something wonderful.

15 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Pondering.

  1. Yay! I am looking forward to your new look here…not sayin’ it’s bad, or anything…LOL. But you’ve had better.

    Bloggiesta is coming Jan. 17-19….a mini-bloggiesta. Fun? You used to love that.

    I’m still trying to figure out a “one word.”

  2. So I am too late for the polka dots! Hope you enjoy redoing some blog things, always fun once you get going! Thanks for the link to Bryan’s post – off to have a look.

  3. I like the idea of a word for the year and I love the word you chose for 2016. Maybe I’ll have to participate this year.

    I have had the same look on my blog for years and years now. I used to have this pretty pink theme when I started out and then it was deleted so I kind of went with something really bland and simple 🙂

  4. I definitely think you should play with the look of the blog since you seem to be in that mood. It’s creative, too, and will feel new and fresh which, I think, will be good. A kind of roll moving forward, just in general. And there’s nothing wrong with this tan look ’cause it’s words! It’s reading! It just doesn’t look good with gray. Anyway, play and when you hit the color and look you want now—you’ll know it 😀

  5. I tried the one word thing, last year, and failed miserably but I love your idea to actually wear it. As to this post . . . love it. I often think I know what I’m going to say and then sit down, stare at the screen, and walk away. Good luck with the blog change! I just updated mine, not long ago. I’ve gotten it to where there’s almost nothing that has to be regularly updated. I used to put the covers of what I was reading in the sidebar but I decided lazy is better with the blog. Too many other things to do.

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