Morning Meanderings… A Little Downton Abbey Moment


I am here.

I don’t know why I don’t post as much as I used to and I really wish I did.  I think about posts… and I dialogue them in my head… what I will say, what I will share…. a review, a funny moment, a hard one….

and then for whatever reason the days pass and I will think, “huh, I never did post about that.”

Really though… my whole life is like that now.  I struggle to get the simplest things done.  I would rather be at home than run an errand.  I still avoid crowds as much as possible, and I am working hard to avoid the retail stores this season as I just do not want to see all the decorations or the hustle of people happily gathering things for their soon to be celebrations.

But this…

is not about that.

I have been a Downton Abbey fan for the past couple of years since I first discovered this addicting PBS show.  Seriously if you have not watched this… you must.  All previous seasons are on Netflix.  In the past few months I have watched them all again…


That’s just good stuff.

A friend of mine told me that our local College Theatre was having a pre showing of the next season premiere that will not air in the United States until January 3rd.  It was a free event and people were encouraged to dress the era.  I was not up to dressing he part, but I was all in for going to the premiere.

The premiere was last night and it was fun to see those who did dress up.  Got to love our “Stars Hollow” style community.



The premiere was wonderful.  The gentleman in the above pic to the right had trivia for us.  Some of the questions were:

What is the first machine you see in the first episode, first season?

What is Mrs.Hughes first name?

What is the name of the man who came to an untimely death in season one?

What has just happened in the opening scene of Downtown abbey season one episode one?


We also received some swag..


That was my evening… and it was a nice one.

In other news, First Book Of The Year is coming along nicely and I am thrilled about that.  We currently have 65 signed up to participate!  I think this meme, and the book I choose to read will be my way of getting through the end of this year and entering the next.


13 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… A Little Downton Abbey Moment

  1. I agree with you about Downton Abbey. We binge-watched the 1st 4 seasons in about 1.5 months. We also got to see the premier of season 5 one night before it aired. Very cool. It is indeed a great show.

    Okay, because I am a troglodyte, I can’t figure out how to get you my picture holding my 1st book of the year. Can you help an old, doddering book blogger?

  2. What a fun event. I’m a big fan. I don’t even want to think about this being the final season. Good thing we have Poldark and Home Front to look forward to 🙂

  3. Welcome back, Sheila! I and many others miss your compassionate ,authentic voice- I have been sick with a horrible cold and was thinking where is Sheila ???? I opened my iPad and you were! A good series is streaming on Amazon now- based on the iconic book by Phillip dick -the man in the high castle-it’s an alternative history-what if hitler won the war and took over the us-it’s about ordinary Americans living under oppression with no freedom and The resistance group that’s fighting for freedom – it is so authentic,it’s scary…..

  4. This sounds like so much fun! I only started watching the show after the fourth season ended, binge-watching from the library. Now this year, I’ve been trying to get Jason caught up. We’re three episodes into the fifth season and have two weeks to finish the rest so that he can watch the sixth season together.

  5. Sounds like a great event and I’m glad you were able to go. I was hoping to do something like that at my library but I think we are too far away from the nearest PBS station.

    I am glad you are doing the First Book of the Year meme again. I really enjoy participating. Now I just need to pick my book…

  6. I haven’t watched any episodes of Downton Abbey, as by the time I discovered where it was on my channel lineup, we were several seasons in. I think this would be a good one for Netflix.

    Looking forward to the First Book of 2016, too!

  7. What a fun event! I haven’t watched any of Downton Abbey.
    Christmas is still a difficult time of year. But even that first year, less than two months after Greg’s passing, I had to get out and shop for his little son and for my other young grandsons. If you’d like, you can read about that shopping trip under A in Sheila, you continue to be in my thoughts, heart, and prayers. Big hugs, my friend.

  8. I got Downtown Abbey tea for Christmas as well as Downtown Abbey wine! I’m still working out First Book & will get signed up soon.

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