Morning Meanderings…and then there were four


A week ago I posted about a book club sort of thing that my aunt and I have connected over.   Basically it started as visiting and coffee but our conversation led to books and I have been feeding her books I think she will enjoy and I so enjoy talking with her about the books once she has read them.

I am so excited about this common connection over books.  It made me realize that there are a lot of dormant readers out there that just need the right book and the right person to connect them to the book to awaken that love of reading.  A few months ago I did not know my aunt used to be a reader.  Now, she is one again.

Last Friday my Aunt invited me over for lunch.  I knew she was also inviting a couple of the neighborhood ladies, one who was a very good friend of my mom’s (Helen),and an older lady (Jan) I had not met yet even though she is my neighbor and has lived in that house for almost two years.


While preparing for the lunch I grabbed a few books to share with my Aunt.  We had recently talked on the phone and I had told her my love for the book Delancey.  I also talked to her about the book ROOM and how it was about to become a movie.  I had two copies of ROOM so I grabbed them both in case Helen would like to read it as well.

After lunch I pulled out the books that I brought and much to my surprise, both Helen and Jan were chatting books as well.  Helen took the additional copy of ROOM as well as Gone Girl which my Aunt had just finished.  Jan showed an interest in the book Winter Street and I talked to her about what she liked to read.

I told them all about the post I had written about the book club of two and how exciting it was to have people in our neighborhood to talk books with.  We joked about how the book club had now become four.

I believe the biggest kick I am getting out of this is that how easy it was to connect to others through books.  I guess I should not be surprised- isn’t that what we all do here?

I mentioned before as I process through this I have something in the planning that I am still thinking through bit for now, I extend a small challenge to you.  As you go about the holiday weekend, where ever you go – or whoever you see… I challenge you to bring along a book that you love and share with someone that book.  Even if (especially if) they are not big readers.  I would love to hear what happens.

7 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…and then there were four

  1. I am glad that you are connecting with your Aunt through books! It’s a wonderful way to connect with others. I’ve discovered that many people enjoy talking about the books they’ve read, and the conversations are often quite lively (and may lead to new book discoveries).

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving, Sheila. 🙂

  2. A book curator! How fun. I look forward to the day when I have more free time to perhaps start a new book club. Right now, it’s all I can do to read for 5-10 minutes before dropping off to sleep!

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