Morning Meanderings…. A Two Person Book Club


It’s raining here in central Minnesota.  I have the back door to the deck open so I can listen to it.  It is almost soothing and makes me think that this is good reading weather.

My Mom’s sister, my Aunt and I have become closer over these hard months of impossible change.  She lives just a few homes down from us and she has been very kind by visiting often, calling to check in, and just being there in general.  In the early months she would always come to me, and now that I venture out a little more… I stop by to see her.  We have coffee, occasionally I will bring her something I have made like white chicken chili, soup, or apple pie… (to this day I still cook too much food for Al and I).  We will chat about life happenings, memories, and surprisingly….


I did not know my Aunt was a reader.  In all honestly – I am not sure she knew she was one either.  This summer she had knee surgery so I put together a care basket for her knowing she would not be able to do much for 6-8 weeks.  I put together magazines, coffee, chocolates, Kind bars, hand lotion, movies, and of course books to pass the time.   I had no idea what she would like to read if she did read so I guessed…

my original delivery consisted of:


When she finished those and gushed over Mary Kay Andrews I sent her home with these…


Success again….  and we were talking books at our weekly get togethers either on the phone or at one another’s home. So then I went with more discussion worthy reading…


She loved the Help and is currently reading Gone Girl which I have told her to call me when it goes crazy and assured her… she would know when that was. 😉

I find many things very satisfying about our time together.  One…. obviously it is nice to connect and I value the time I have with her.  Two…. I love the idea that it really only takes two to make a book club (my Bookies Book Club started with 3). I also very much am aware that in a time when statistics say that reading books is on the decline due to the increase in the use of technology through our phones and having movies/video games and pretty much anything at our fingertips 24/7…. I find it both enlightening and positive to think that many of us, like my Aunt… had forgotten their enjoyment of digging into a good book.  It just took another book lover to show them the way.

Anything is possible.

I know… there is another post in there somewhere…


29 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. A Two Person Book Club

  1. Now that was a really sweet story! My mom and I used to do that, too! She would get really mad at certain characters and then put her book down…threatening not to go back to it…but she always did!

  2. Oh my, I love this little snippit. I love how you have bonded firstly, but totally love the care basket idea and love the books you chose. Thanks for sharing, it inspired me.

    1. Oh good! I always put books in care baskets and usually…. some on my favorites 🙂 I love how she went form not reading at all to now letting me know when it is time for new books. I love looking at my shelves and thinking…. ooh she would like this one!

  3. My sister and I have always shared books and discussed them once we have both finished. We each read other books along the way and recommend new choices for the other.

  4. Your story of your aunt living just a few homes over reminded me of my childhood, and how several aunts and uncles all lived within five miles of each other, creating a little community of family members. My favorite aunt always had lovely fairytale books with gorgeous illustrations. I miss that! Here in the city, I don’t even know my neighbors!

    When I was older, my mom and I went to the library together, and we sometimes read the same books.

    Even in later years, she always had a book nearby.

    1. I love that too… it has an old home feel to it. I never thought to ask her how that came to be. The properties across the road I know all belong to her husbands family – it is to this day quite literally brother, brother, brother sister, all next door to each other. To my understanding their father owned this large stretch of property ad gave each of his kids a piece of it. I have no idea how my mom and dad came to own this property across the road….hmmmm I bet she knows!

  5. I loved sharing books with my dad — we had such similar tastes. My mom also reads, but we don’t seem have as much overlap. Fortunately, Mr. BFR and I often read the same books, which makes for a nice club of 2.

  6. That is lovely! ❤

    Right before I moved from Oklahoma to Virginia, my best friend and I started a book club of two, and it lasted a long time. Eventually I started a book blog and a book club here in VA, and I've met the most amazing, bookish friends through it. Maybe it's time to restart my book club of 2 with Courtney now.

    Please, let me know how your aunt handles Gone Girl!

  7. I get my love of books from my mum. We talk about books when we see one another. How lovely you and your aunty got closer via books. I wish I could come and hang out w/you.

  8. Love this!! yes you already had the relationship but yet another example of books bringing people together. I really miss sharing that with my mum.

  9. Two makes a good book club. With three you can have someone be absent and still have a club. But just trading book ideas with a friend is a blessing.

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