Morning Meanderings…. Oh, The Weather Outside is FRIGHTFUL


I woke up this morning to this:


A few of days ago it was this…


but now… THIS


It is cold and windy too.


I knew it was coming… I just really liked my fiction Minnesota world where perhaps there would be no snow this year.  I could have a green winter – in fact, I wouldn’t even call it Winter…. I think I would call it Swinter.  A summery end of the year would have been nice.  Green grass…  grilling… sitting at the fire pit.


since apparently this is going to happen I need to keep ahead of this.  Today I plan to clean up the “beensittingtoolongand inneedoflove” book room.  The books I purchased at the Fall Library sale are still not put away.


The book room today and reviews.  I knew I was behind on reviews…. I didn’t realize how far behind.  I went to link a review I wrote yesterday and realized I never wrote the review.  In fact, I am afraid to say that there are some books that probably will not get reviewed because honestly I have forgotten that I read them. 😯 I started a list this morning of the ones I can recall and thankfully Audible keeps a record of everything I have listened too.  I am hoping to take some time this afternoon and write out the reviews and prep them for posting.  If that actually happens… we will have a stream of reviews happening here over the next couple of weeks.

I would like that.

SO today is catch up and clean up.  Tomorrow and through the weekend my agenda picks up so this is the day to get er done.

Happy Thursday all.  How is your weather holding?


19 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. Oh, The Weather Outside is FRIGHTFUL

  1. We are FINALLY getting fall weather in southern California. It has been mid to upper 40s at night, which I love and then 60 ish during the day.
    Also, I completely understand about reviews. I have an excel sheet that is about to get updated like crazy with a list of the books I have read/have to review… Geez.

    Stay warm, and read-y. 🙂

  2. I love your book room, and your coined word “swinter” makes me smile. I write down each book I read on a big fat list I keep. We live in California but I am from Wisconsin so I know about winter and snow and miss it a bit.

  3. My husband is just now leaving Minnesota and he says it’s warm! He could not sleep last night because his hotel room was so warm..he is on his way home now! Stay cozy! This might be a great soup kind of day…there is a recipe for hamburger soup that I want to try…but I need one of your jars of tomatoes to do it!

  4. I just wrote 7 reviews of books I read in January when my husband was in the hospital. After he passed away I just didn’t care to write reviews of them. I scheduled them to post every other day.

    It’s 84° where I live today. I’ve been wanting cooler weather. It’s ridiculous to be this far into November and it still be hot and humid. I’m leaving for NYC Saturday morning and I’m hoping for a bit of cold and even some snow.

  5. I have had number reviews onmy site. I am posting them mostly on Tuesday. I am also doing If we were having coffee/tea every week. I will post what I will be reading next. I was surprised to find new authors that I really on my ARC. MY REVIEWS will be on next Tuesday.

  6. Weird weather here….wind like you wouldn’t believe. Sun
    Clouds, trashcans…you name it…its blowing

  7. Totally love your book room. My sky outside looks like that today too, however minus the snow, although very windy and rain threatening.
    Smiled at your going to post a review and wasn’t written.

  8. It is definitely cooler here this week….we haven’t had any rain for a while, and we never have snow (well, once back in the 70s, I think); this morning, it was 40 degrees when I had to go to Kaiser to get instructions on a new medication that was complicated to set up (a new inhaler). And right now, at 4:00 p.m., it is 63.

    The best part….my PG&E bills will go way down. Winter is much better than summer with the bills.

    Even “messy,” I like the look of the book room…books in piles here and there look really cozy.

  9. Sheila, we are having lovely weather here now. It was a bit cooler than usual for a while, but now it is more “normal” again.

    Your book room looks WONDERFUL to me, just the way it is in the photo. It seems warm
    and inviting.

    I’ve been away but am back now, trying to catch up on things such as blogging! Enjoy the rest of your week, Sheila! 🙂

  10. Hate to say it but 80 degrees and sunny. We are in spring going into summer.Tasmania is temperate so not a lot of horrible heat or snow though we do have out moments. I grew up in Michigan so know about winter but enjoy temperate climate here now.

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