Morning Meanderings… What To Do With A GORGEOUS Sunday….


It is beautiful out today.

I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am that we have this extended Fall.  The back door to our deck is open to let in the breeze… I am typing away still wearing Capri’s and flip flops.

Oh, if this weather could just hang on!

Today I have spent a little time cleaning the kitchen while listening to audio.  Soon I will be leaving for town to participate in a charity benefit walk for a good friend of mine’s niece who has a rare cancer.  Lainee, is 4 years old.  I will be walking with my cousin and a few friends and I like that community feel.  (Another Stars Hollow moment!)

Here is a link to Lainee’s page so you can see more about her story:

Lainee Brainerd Minnesota, book journey
Click photo to see sight


This afternoon I will be going to the movie The Martian with my hubby and I am SO EXCITED!  I loved the book and I have heard good things about the movie.

As far as what is happening in the literary world… A few books have come my way this past week:


Along The Infinite Sea by Beatriz Williams (excited about this one!)

These Shallow Graves by Jennifer Donnelly

The Trouble With Destiny by Lauren Morrill

Strength To Stand by Sheyna Galyan

I Love My Hair by Andrea Pippins (a coloring book of braids, coils, and Doodle Dos)  FUN!


I have our Friends Of The Brainerd Public Library meeting tomorrow morning ans we have some EXCITING things to go over…including a new event on the 2016 agenda that I will share more about soon!  Tuesday is our Bookies Blook Club meeting and we will be discussing Delicious by Ruth Reichl, a book I read and enjoyed a couple of years ago and our second time the book club has reviewed a Reichl book, the first was Garlic and Sapphires (where we dressed up as Ruth did for her job…. great review!)


That’s my day.  That’s my start to the week.  What are you reading today?  What are you doing with your Sunday?

14 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… What To Do With A GORGEOUS Sunday….

  1. Sounds like a great day, and we are having cooler weather, but warm enough to enjoy.

    I had lunch with my daughter yesterday, but today is about reading and bingeing on Netflix. I am read Three Story House, which I have been working on for a couple of days. I keep setting it aside…but not because it’s uninteresting. Hope to finish it.

    Enjoy your day and your week.

  2. Very happy to hear you’re enjoying your weekend, Sheila 🙂 I’m clueless about the movie, as I am about pretty much most movies! lol

    Also, I must ask you something, you being the audio queen 😀 I was at a KidLit event yesterday and at dinner I got into a discussion with an editor and a fellow writer about Jane Austen. I REALLY would love to read her, but the vocabulary is beyond what my brain can pull up anymore. They thought I’d do well with audio. They were thinking of all the books, I should go for Pride & Prejudice. Do you have a suggestion as to which version—which narrator—would be the best for me to try? I hope you do, otherwise I may shoot for it and not succeed!

    (And I donated a “tiny” amount to this precious child, SO wishing I could help more. I did share on Facebook though. It’s heart-wrenching.)

  3. Capris and flipflops in November? I wish it were that warm here, but I’m not going to complain. It feels like fall and I’m thankful it’s not snowing! 🙂

    I just got the audiobook of The Martian and I’m eager to start listening, although I need to copy the cds over to my computer since my library doesn’t have it available for downloading through OverDrive. 😦 Kind of a pain, but I’m super anxious to listen to this book. Enjoy the movie! I’ve heard it’s excellent.

    I plan to do a little more work on some photos from my recent trip to Germany and maybe compose a book review or two. I’m finally back to blogging and it feels great!

    Have a good week, Sheila!

  4. We had the air conditioning on yesterday! Today it’s cooler but we just opened doors and windows. I seriously want colder weather and some snow?

    I loved the Beatriz Williams book…but I love all of her work!

    Have you started coloring yet? I love coloring. You can color while you listen to a book! It’s so relaxing…I have books called Calm and Meditation. I can not stop buying colored pencils!

    Enjoy The Martian…we did!

  5. We have had a very wet fall and we are all pretty much over it. Today was supposed to be sunny but it’s rained all day. Carl and I went to see The Martian last week or the week before but I didn’t check the times closely and it was for IMAX and we weren’t willing to spend the extra money. Hopefully we’ll see it this week.

  6. We picked ripe tomatoes yesterday – the latest by far we have ever picked them. The snow and cold are creeping closer and closer but for now I’m reveling in the warm temps!

  7. Nice to be enjoying a lovely day. The walk is a wonderful cause. Oh do hope you love the movie of The Martian, I’d go again, I thought it stood up well to the book and loved the scenery. I also enjoyed reading The Infinite Sea.

  8. I’m glad you are having such lovely, warm weather. I hope you enjoyed The Martian, Sheila. Here’s to a great week ahead! I’m excited because I actually have a review to post soon. 🙂

  9. Here in Ohio, I have put all my capris away a couple of weeks ago. Since then we’ve had a few warm days, but not until mid-afternoon. I’m glad you’ve been able to enjoy the outdoors for a bit longer.
    You certainly had a busy week, and knowing you, this week will stack up the same. Hope your week is sunny.

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