Saturday Snapshot – The Empty Bowls Fundraiser


I am still here.  Sporadic at best… and I guess that is my life now… but here.

Today is a dreary cool fall day in Central Minnesota.  The sky is overcast.  The air is damp. A slight chilling breeze makes this ideal sweater wear or a light jacket.

It is definitely soup weather.

I guess that makes today a perfect day for the Annual Empty Bowls fundraiser here in Stars Hollow, Brainerd.  One of the many MANY things I love about our community is how we help one another.  Today’s fundraiser is a combination of two non profits (I LOVE this!), our local Soup Kitchen teaming up with our Crossing Arts Alliance.

How does that work?


Artists have donated beautiful hand made bowls to the event.  Local restaurants have donated the soups and bread.  For $20 you get to choose a lovely bowl for yourself, mingle with the locals, and enjoy delicious soup.  The $20 goes to the Soup Kitchen…. keeping food in everyone’s tummy is important.

So for today’s Saturday snapshot I wanted to show you pictures of some of the gorgeous bowls that have been donated by our local artists:







PicMonkey Collage

Gorgeous right?  I can’t wait.  I am off to get ready now.  I am going with my cousin and a few friends to taste the soup and get out of the house for a bit.

Tonight I will be making soup I just have not decided what kind to make yet.  Perhaps I will be inspired today…. of course, you can always give me ideas in the comments below as well… or perhaps Weekend Cooking has something delicious in mind….

Have a lovely Saturday!

25 Comments on “Saturday Snapshot – The Empty Bowls Fundraiser

  1. I love the bowls in the top picture. Soup is my favorite. If I could only have one food for ever and ever it would be soup.

  2. Empty Bowls is a fantastic program! I’ve been part if it twice!

  3. What a wonderful event! The bowls are gorgeous. There are many delicious soup recipes… hmm….

  4. I loved the little Stars Hollow mention…even though you crossed it out…LOL.

    I miss those crazy Gilmore Girls. Time to watch it again?

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful bowls, and enjoy your soup.

  5. It’s a great event, isn’t it? The one in my city was a couple of weeks ago. Hope it’s a huge success.

  6. Gorgeous bowls! What a wonderful way to support the soup kitchen and the artists who make the bowls.

  7. Great idea! How would you pick a favorite bowl? They are all so pretty.

  8. So nice to see you yesterday. Thanks for spreading the word about the event, it was more successful than we were prepared for, but what a nice problem to have. 🙂

  9. It does sound very much like Stars Hollow!! What a great event and those bowls are absolutely gorgeous. Enjoy. 🙂 There’s something so comforting about soup on a chilly day.

  10. The bowls are gorgeous and I bet the soup is delicious too. What a wonderful fundraiser!

  11. Loving this idea. Not only do you get a beautiful bowl (I especially love those wood ones), some what I’m sure is delicious soup but also to help a good cause into the bargain.

  12. Our Art teacher does this at our school! The third grade class makes the bowls and “hosts” the event. It’s a great opportunity for them to learn about serving others, and it’s a lot of fun to attend, too!

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