Morning Meanderings… Banned Aid

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Good morning!  Day 3 of BANNED BOOK WEEK!  I sit here this morning drinking tea as I bought this delicious coffee I can not wait to taste from Caribou Coffee and forgot that I had given away my coffee grinder because I never used it and now…


the coffee will have to wait.

I have more great links for you this morning as friends around the bookish world share their thoughts on banned books today.  I just love these posts and find them so interesting!  I learn something every year!  So here are today’s posts:

Erin at Quixotic Magpie writes about one of my favorite and ironic banned books, Fahrenheit 451 (got to love a banned book about book burning!)  Brilliant really.

Julie at My Book Retreat is talking about a book I still want to/need to read:  Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi  (I am going to look for this one at our library today!)

Sheree at The Electric Reader is chatting about Childhood Favorites of the Banned Variety.  Fun post!

*please note if you were scheduled for a post but do not see yours linked here it is because when I looked this morning the post was not up.  I will check again later and add you to tomorrows if they pop up.  🙂


AND do not forget to check out the posts from yesterday and Sunday.

A little later today my friend Andrea will have a guest post here about banned books.


I do hope you will check out their posts as someone this week will have a picture within their post and if you find that post (AND comment on the post) and email me ( to tell me who’s post you found it on you will go into a special drawing for…


This mug will be shipped directly to one of our commenters on the Banned Book Post you find THIS picture on:


Yesterday I put the Banned Book Window up in the library.  I think it turned out fairly well since I just grabbed a bunch of books off my own book shelves and made a few signs about why they were banned.  *As a banned book lover I tend to have A LOT of banned books on my shelves.



And now I need to get ready to go back to the library and assist with set up for the sale that starts on Thursday.  SO MANY BOOKS.  Seriously…. It is a bit crazy how many books we will have at this sale.


12 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Banned Aid

  1. Nice display Sheila, it’s disappointing bookstores and libraries here don’t seem to do much for Banned Books Week.

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