Morning Meanderings… Another Day


Sunday morning and not a lot happening here.  I have a little case of the “funk” … days keep coming one after another… I try to do life as I once did and it pains me all at the same time.  I think part of the battle is to have a desire to want to move on and I can honestly say at this time I really don’t.

This morning has been COFFEE and emails and cottage cheese with raspberry rhubarb yogurt.  I need to go grab the rest of the apples that are on the ground to finish up the first phase of apple butter today. A friend is sending me her Hungarian Mushroom soup recipe that is DELICIOUS and my hubby loves.  His birthday is tomorrow so I would like to make it for him.  We have no big plans for his birthday, we really don’t want any so what I can do from here will be nice.

Books were light this week. I have not made many requests lately.  Here is what came in the house:



The Last Midwife by Sandra Dallas (I have not read Dallas in years but I used to enjoy her books.  I have loved the midwife trending books.)

Whistling Women by Kelly Romo (love the title!)

Steve Jobs Insanely Great by Jamie Hartland (I have a fascination with Jobs… a brilliant and awkward man)


This afternoon I hope to read a bit of Gone With The Wind.  Finish the apples, maybe make soup.

17 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Another Day

  1. I think that sometimes having a low key day…is a good thing…I am in the mood for soup today, too…I am making a Sausage Kale And White Bean Soup. It’s chilly here today…thinking of you!

  2. Homemade apple butter sounds heavenly. So does the soup! Fall weather is definitely here this weekend. I’m keeping warm with apple cider.

    The Last Midwife looks interesting. I read one of Sandra Dallas’s books for my book club a couple of years ago.

  3. Quiet is good. Not wanting a fuss is good. Grieving is good. Happy Birthday Al!

    Whistling Woman is a new ARC in my queue. Will love to hear your thoughts. At 200 books…25 to go to meet the challenge! Had to resign from the Reading Alley site as the ARCs were so poorly formatted I wouldn’t give them houseroom.

    Take care if yourself Sheila

  4. Apple butter sounds yummy, don’t think I have ever tasted it. Yes midwife books do seem to be trending! Hope you are both able to quietly savor a birthday, pain and love mingled.

  5. The midwife book looks tempting…also the Steve Jobs book. I saw a movie based on another book about him, starring Ashton Kutcher, who did a great job, IMO.

    Hope you enjoy your relaxing day with the apple butter.

  6. I thought of you today. I am currently reading a book by Karen Schutte called Seed of the Volga. It tells the tale of a German family that leaves Russia to settle in America in the early 1900’s . Here is the paragraph that brought you to mind today. ” Subconsciously, David was nagged by a relentless quest for what he considered “the chosen land” – someplace, anyplace, where he and his family felt comfortable and where they fit in. Because of faith , hope and promises, the Steiner family was back on a train headed somewhere new. The traveled trough Madison, Wisconsin, and Brainerd, Minnesota and onto Minneapolis/St. Paul, where they changed trains to a Northern Pacific line. I smiled and thought of you. Hope you had an easy enjoyable Sunday.

  7. I have a huge bag of apples from the local orchard that I need to do something with and apple butter sounds like a pretty good solution. I love apple butter but don’t ever think to get it. And I’ll need biscuits to spread the apple butter on so I think I know what I’ll be making next weekend. I hope your husband has a lovely birthday and the soup sounds like a really nice thing and tasty too.

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