Morning Meanderings…. Brought to you By The Letters A,B, and C


Once again the days seem to get away from me… I find myself in between activities that exhaust me, trying to find a new norm, and well…. naps.  Naps seem to be magical these days.  Some times it is just best to take myself out of an afternoon.

I have been working with the Apples in our yard.  I picked up the ones that had fallen off the trees already and started working on making apple butter.  I have my great grandmother’s tools that she used for processing and while I know there are easier ways to do this – I love connecting with the same things my Grandma used.  Almost therapeutic I think.


And then if you have noticed (and I hope yo have!) I started planning for Banned Book Week coming September 27 – Oct 3.  Please check out the post and consider joining in  – it is as simple as talking about book banning or reading a banned book (and there are many to choose from and MANY titles that will surprise you).   I am excited to see that 25 people have already committed to posting that week.  That is sooooo cool and means so much to me.

And…  Cell phones.  I have found I am really bad at returning calls these days.  Sometimes I am around when the phone rings and I just dont have the energy or right frame of mind to carry on a conversation.  I always plan to call them back and then somehow I just keep forgetting.  A few days ago I had a moment of clarity where I thought I will return the 14 messages I have.  Yes….. 14.  😯  One of the conversations I had went something like this…

Me:  Hello Trish?  Yeah, it’s me Sheila.

Trish:  Oh hey!

Me:  Ummm…. yeah.  Ummmm….. I see you called and left me a message on August 14th.  I feel bad I haven’t returned your call sooner.  You had asked me to call you and well, uhhh…. now I am. 

Trish:  I think you did call me back.

Me:  Oh really? Oh good!  I am so glad.  I must have taken care of what you needed.

Trish:  Yeah, I think so… we are actually camping right now.

Me:  Oh, I didnt know!  Why did you pick up your phone silly?

Trish: Well, because it was you. 

Me:  Well thanks… camp away.  Talk soon!


So there is an update on me.  The A,B, C’s anyway.  Today I hope to have a little time to dig in to Gone With The Wind.  It is growing on me…. of course…. I am not that far in.  It still could wear on me.  We will see.

10 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings…. Brought to you By The Letters A,B, and C

  1. I love apple butter but haven’t had any in years. My youngest son always wanted it on his peanut butter sandwiches instead of jelly like the other 2 kids.

    Like you, sometimes I’m just not in the right frame of mind to answer calls and am terrible about returning them.

  2. Thinking of apples and all the things you can create…one of my favorite things is a Boston Apple Cake my mother used to make: moist and delicious, with cream cheese frosting.

    Enjoy your ABC’s.

  3. Ah, Gone with the Wind – the ultimate romance novel. Like you, I hate picking up the phone, either to call someone, or to answer. I just don’t. I’d much prefer to e-mail, but for some reason, I have many friends who think they want to hear my VOICE, not read my words. Sigh. (Your phone dialogue is funny – can’t win, right?) 🙂

  4. We had a big windstorm a few weeks ago and were out running around grabbing apples and pears from the trees before they turned into missiles. Love my apples!

    I’ve signed up for Banned Books Week and started reading one of the books. This is my first time doing this…should be fun!

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