Saturday Snapshot… The Month, The Bike Ride… and oh yeah… The Tattoo
Camp Benedict Bike Ride 2015: L: Belinda, Sheila W, Me, and Farrah

I have not been a part of Saturday snapshot for well… lets say a long time.  Today seemed like a good day to do this one again. July was a crazy mess.  On top of my own grief, my friend Connie went into the hospital on July 3rd and by the 5th we were told she would not be coming out.  This lead to the next couple of weeks of visiting the hospital almost daily, in some cases twice a day.  At the end of each day I would be a bundle of emotions – grief on grief I started to call it. On the morning of Thursday July 16th she passed away with her husband and two sons beside her.  The world lost yet another amazing person.  This set off another flurry of activity as I set up a meal train and helped the family as they needed throughout the weekend and the week of the funeral. On the afternoon of the 17th a friend posted on Facebook she was going to get a Rhino tattoo.  (Rhino was our team name for the bike ride, named after a book Connie received 32 years ago when she first became sick called Rhino Success, about being strong and courageous and CHARGING ON like a Rhino no matter what. When Trisha asked if I would do the tattoo with her… I said yes without hesitation…

Points to Vicki who spotted this on my foot in a picture I posted a couple of days ago in a Morning Meandering. Great eye Vicki! (I’d Rather Be at the Beach) 😉

Three days after the funeral was the Camp Benedict Bike Ride that Connie had created to raise money for Camp Benedict each year.  The Camp Board had decided in early July that we would move ahead with the bike ride. So…..  that led to a whirlwind of other activity weaving throughout all of this other stuff in July… working on rider count, lining up many volunteers, promoting, planning food for the ride, awards, t – shirts (Connie had already designed this years t shirt), permits, marking the road, etc….  Thank goodness for a great team of helpers! Any hoo…. here for Saturday Snapshot are some of the ride pics…

This is before the ride.... Riders ready!
This is before the ride…. Riders ready!
THis is my friends Belinda (standing) and Sheila at the day one lunch stop
This is my friends Belinda (standing) and Sheila at the day one lunch stop
One of the pit stops had a cool super hero theme and photo booth.... oh we had fun with that
One of the pit stops had a cool super hero theme and photo booth…. oh we had fun with that
This is the potatoes that were cooking at Camp... Vicki made a lot of delicious potatoes!
This is the potatoes that were cooking at Camp… Vicki made a lot of delicious potatoes!
Ready to go... day 2
Ready to go… day 2
Connie's son Nathan and his girlfreind Audrey rocking the t shirts Connie made this year.  A super fun fact - both of Connie's sons and husband participated in the ride.
Connie’s son Nathan and his girlfriend Audrey rocking the t shirts Connie made this year. A super fun fact – both of Connie’s sons and husband participated in the ride.
A DQ stop is always part of day 2!
A DQ stop is always part of day 2!

And… let me just say day 2 was HOT.  We were dreaming of riding our bikes right into a lake.  Then when passing my friend Amy’s home we popped in to get a drink and wound up in their pool…. yes… in full on bike gear.

book journey, farrah mckinney, Sheila DeChantal
.. and that is where memories are made. 🙂

So there it is.  That was last Saturday. The ride was a good way to complete a hard hard month and honor my friend Connie. Camp Benedict is a camp for families infected and affected by AIDS.  I am proud to be the Vice President of this camp that I have watched change lives for the past 5 years that I have been a part of it and I am sure many years before I became involved. Camp Benedict is a non profit 501C3.  If you or anyone you know would like to donate to this camp here is a link:

Today… I think I am laying low.  In fact I think I am laying low for the weekend and I am looking forward to it.  July was crazy busy and even this past week was filled with Wine and Words activity, a visit from one of Justin’s good friends, and catching up on my yard and home.  Books and audio and sitting in the sun are on the agenda.

22 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot… The Month, The Bike Ride… and oh yeah… The Tattoo

  1. Kudos to you for hanging in and doing your friend proud while still dealing with all you have going on…You have done your friend and your son proud…I have been following along even though I have not commented much. It has been a long summer of recovery for me as I had Bi lateral mastectomies on July 1, and I am still waiting for the right side to heal properly..You inspire.

  2. You’ve been through such an emotional time I know how important keeping busy is, but also laying low every so often is a good idea too. Enjoy your weekend!

    As for the tattoo, I notice everything. I’d make a great witness to a crime 🙂

  3. It is good to take a break from the crazy-busy days and weeks….I have been busy all month with my visitors from Berlin (eldest son and DIL). We have had fun, but today will be a kick-back day, I think.

    Great snapshots…and tattoo!

  4. Love the tattoo – what a great way to always carry Connie with you (although, of course, she’ll always be in your heart).

  5. What a wonderful tribute to your friend. I know how hard things have been for you, but I’m so glad that you’ve been able to join us for Saturday Snapshot again…and that you’ve been able to find some reasons to smile!

  6. Great tattoo to remember a woman who I imagine is deserving of your memories. The bike ride looks awesome. I’ll be doing one for MS in September. Ride on!

  7. Wow, Sheila, that’s a lot to deal with — grief on grief and so much more. Grace and teamwork and friendship. I’m glad you’ve got a laying low weekend on tap.

    Love the photos! A lot of fun mixed in with all the harder bits of life.

  8. Wow you had a busy July. I hope the pace can slow a bit so you can do things around the house – and listen to some good books. Love the tattoo.

  9. Oh, Sheila, I am so very sorry for the loss of your good friend – sounds like she was a special person.

    I spent July much as you did – visiting the hospital in my hometown twice a day while my dad was in hospice then returning again for the memorial service. I haven’t been online much at all in the past month, but I have actually been thinking of you a lot. Sorry to hear you suffered even more – grief on grief – but it sounds like you honored your friend in a wonderful way, by continuing the good work she started.

    I am hoping for a very dull August, and I bet you are, too!


  10. love the sentiment of the tattoo and all the pics from the ride. Nice to have somewhere for all that emotion to go … and to such a wonderful cause. Hope you had a nice, quiet, relaxing weekend.

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