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Good morning.

Thursday already.  I feel like this week has been a cluster of activity that fits in so many different areas of my life that I feel like it is a box of puzzle pieces that have been dumped on the table to sort, turn, and try to find their place.


As I mentioned a couple of days ago, my good friend Connie is in the hospital for what looks to be the last time. I have been spending time with her usually twice a day morning and evening.  Between that I am working on my house projects, company, commitments, and two three events coming up fast – the Color Run, the Camp Bike Ride and Wine and Words shortly after.  I definitely feel whelmed all the while with my own grief just bubbling below the surface.

I have been too tired to read lately although I do try.  The same book has followed me from the bed stand to the living room several times throughout each day but I never get to opening it.  I have been listening to audio while working in the yard, mowing the lawn, and writing addresses on cards I need to mail.

I am anxious for life to slow down again.


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  1. It seems as if you are back to being busy. That is a good thing.

    HUGS and PRAYERS are still coming your way every day.


  2. AMEN sister!! I relate to some of what you said. It will slow down though….


  3. Each day can bring moments of peace and joy….and the fatigue is probably your body telling you to keep the pace slow. Thanks for connecting and sharing.

  4. I hope it slows down for you soon – you have had to deal with so much.

  5. Sorry to learn that is more grief for you. Remember God does not give us more than handle. Prayer for you.

  6. I’m glad you’ve got things to keep your hands busy and an audio to swallow up the time, but it sounds like you could use a little mini-break soon. Take it when you can.

  7. Keeping busy is what keeps me sane. That, and my kids & fur baby.

  8. I know what you mean…activity is good but sometimes I just need to sit and think. I stare at the pond…I listen to the birds…I just don’t move!

  9. WOW I am exhausted just with your list! *huggles* and energy boosts!

  10. I continue to think of and pray for you.

  11. Andrea (aka rokinrev)

    I know how hard this is, just take it easy if you can. I have been pretty diwn too…haven’t picked up a book in over a week. Blessings

  12. Sheila, I am sorry to hear about your friend Connie. It is so sad. I hope you will have some time to read and relax this weekend.

  13. Slow down if you need to and go at your own pace. I believe that only WE know what’s right for us.

  14. You are still in my thoughts, Sheila. I’m wishing the best for you. I know you are probably not even able to contemplate this just now, but please consider publishing your morning meanderings at a time when you can look back at this horrible, tough year(s) from a little distance. I have a feeling those morning meanderings could heal people struggling with loss and grief. I am able to relate to so much that you are sharing.

  15. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend, Sheila. So hard to ever have happen, especially now.

  16. I too am sorry to hear about your friend. I continue to lift you in prayer – for comfort, strength and faith.

  17. Keeping busy definitely helps, but if you are too busy and become fatigued it is counterproductive. Keep busy but at a less hurried pace. Find a happy medium. Hugs, love, and prayers to you every day.

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