Morning Meanderings… Each Day Is Precious


What a weekend.

Originally I was supposed to go to the cabin on Sunday with my good friend Belinda and we were going to hang out and bike until Tuesday afternoon.  I freed up my schedule and thought it would be a nice little break.  When Mater had surgery on Wednesday the plans changed as I had “dog care duties” and instead I invited Belinda to come hang out with me here in Brainerd and we could bike around here, grill, and maybe have use the fire pit.

Sunday morning (my last meandering post) I was out delivering strawberry cobbler to the neighbors when I received the call.  My good friend Connie had been struggling with her health all year and it seems that things were taking a turn for the worst.  Friends and family were asked to come to the hospital to see her.

Life changes on the drop of a dime.

Connie Statz, Sheila DeChantal, Book Journey
Connie and I at a banquet fund raiser

I went to the hospital on Sunday and my friend Belinda who also knows Connie met me there.  I was there two hours holding Connie’s hand and just being with her and her family.  Yesterday I went in the morning and again in the evening.  This morning I plan to go again.

Connie has been an amazing part of my life these past 5 years.  I learned much from this strong-willed, big-hearted woman and wish now I could take away all her pain.

The weekend clearly did not go as planned, but what really does?  Instead Belinda and I offered a place for people to gather and stay if they wished as they visited Connie because my home is about 3 miles form the hospital.  We cooked, we cleaned, we hung out on the deck talking with friends.

Today Belinda heads back home.  I have my lawn to mow.  A little audio listening. A mailing to finish.  perhaps a little flower planting project I have my eye on.  2015 has been a hard year for many.  I am emotionally exhausted in my own personal grief as well as my grief for my dear friend.

18 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Each Day Is Precious

  1. So sorry that your friend is sick. Opening your home to the friends and family of Connie was a very thoughtful, caring thing to do.

  2. Sheila, I am so sorry to hear about Connie. You are a wonderful friend to be there for her. Sending prayers to you and to Connie. Hugs, my friend.

  3. Oh, Sheila, I am so sorry to hear about your friend, Connie 😦 What is beautiful is yours and Belinda’s thoughtfulness in the way that means most, I would think. Hugs and prayers for you…

  4. That is a tough thing to be facing into, it sounds like you were very much there for Connie and her friends. A big heart you have. And indeed each day is precious.

  5. I am so sorry you are having to face more challenges, Sheila. Life is so unfair at times, and it seems especially unfair when other worries come one after another. I remember shaking my head in utter despair (and shouting more than a few angry statements at the Universe) when I learned of my brother’s colon cancer diagnosis just a month after we lost our daughter. But we (and he!) got through it, as well as a few other serious bumps in the road over the years. It sounds like you’re taking time for yourself while being a good friend. Hang in there! You’ve got a lot of people keeping you in their thoughts and prayers.

  6. Sheila you are always in my prayers. It sounds like you were exactly where you needed to be this past weekend. I imagine Connie and her family felt so blessed having you there and you opening your home. Sending you a great big hug.

  7. It’s true we don’t know what’s coming… It must be hard for you after everything you’ve been through. But lovely you’ve been there for someone who meant so much to you.

  8. So hard when grief accumulates on grief, I’m so sorry about your friend Connie and glad that you could spend time with her. Today is a ‘sad’ day for me, I’m sitting here reading blog posts and thinking we are both in need of hugs … sending one big hug express xx

  9. Oh gosh, life is really challenging you this year! Hang in there, and keep outpouring the love and it will come back to you. Thinking of you every day xx

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