Morning Meanderings… Strawberry Picking



We made it through the 4th.

I knew the 4th was going to be a rough day so I had plans to lay low and not over commit.  The only commitment I had made in fact was to go strawberry picking in the morning with my cousin.  I have not been strawberry picking since the kids were young…


I went.

Getting at one with nature seems to be my thing this year.  It keeps my mind busy.

3a - Copy

We went out and were given a row to pick in.  We each took a side and chatted away while we crawled through the hay between the rows picking berries staining the knees of our pants berry red.  Two buckets each.


The owner, Roger, came and went through my bucket.  as a “newbie” he pulled berries out that he told me I wouldn’t want, over ripe and would not be good.  He told me I should be eating them s I went to know what the god ones looked like.  He was a nice guy and gave me a discount as he was worried about the state of the berries I had picked.  🙂

3 - Copy

So now, I have a pile of berries to deal with.  Yesterday I saw a recipe for cobbler on line that I would like to try.  I picked up some blueberries and plan to make a couple of these there this morning, one for my aunt and one for a friend who both recently went through surgery.  I will make one for us tonight as I believe a friend is coming form the cities to hang out with me the next couple of days so we are going to grill and either hang out by the fire pit or watch movies – or both.

Looking forward to it.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.  Stay safe.



17 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Strawberry Picking

  1. The last time I picked strawberries was with my mom right before my wedding – we had fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate at our reception. Roger sounds like a great guy!

  2. Ooh, I love strawberries…and you really must make strawberry shortcake! My mom made the best shortcake, but then, isn’t that what we all think? Hers was different than the ones I’ve seen since. The “cake” was biscuit-like, so not too sweet.

    Enjoy whatever you do with the strawberries…and what a perfect outing for the 4th.

  3. Getting at one with nature is very cathartic, at least for me. Glad you had a chance to get out and pick those beautiful berries. I’ve never gone berry-picking, other than grabbing a few handfuls of wild raspberries in Washington one summer. I should add it to my bucket list. 😉 If you need another cobbler recipe, I can vouch for this one. I was actually planning to make it this weekend, but since we’re going on vacation in a few weeks, I decided to curtail any extra calories since I know we’ll over-indulge when we’re in Oregon.

    Hope you have a peaceful Sunday.

  4. As I child I would help my mom pick strawberries from her large garden. Since the snakes liked them, I was always on guard. We had a lot of snakes and though most were harmless, they were all big snakes, not those little green garden snakes. I loved picking blackberries too – one for me, one for the pail, one for me…. Unfortunately snakes enjoy blackberry bushes as well, as do chiggers. Here I feared the chiggers more than the snakes, because in no time I’d be cover with chigger bites, while my brothers were never bothered. Glad you go to go picking. Now the fun part is eating them. Enjoy your cobbler.
    One more “1st” behind you. Hugs.

  5. I was wondering how the 4th would be for you…holidays are rough…you seem to be doing the right kinds of things…calm relaxing things that are peaceful and hopefully help you stay centered…baking seems to be good for you right now, too. Take care!

  6. The 4th was tough for me too. I wonder if any day will ever get easier.

    I love strawberries and my husband’s cousin has strawberries on their farm. I need to go pick some sometime.

  7. I haven’t been strawberry Picking like that since I was a kid, But I love being out in nature, Last summer I got a job as an activity leader which meant lots of time in the great outdoors running activities and Games with students who were learning english. Sadly this summer I couldn’t get such a Job and am now having to work at a supermarket untill university starts in spetember.

  8. Roger is a sweetheart! I’m glad you had a chance to get out to his berry farm. Enjoy the strawberries. It looks like you picked some good ones to me!

  9. Nature is healing, isn’t it? It’s so important to me to spend time outdoors – it’s rejuvenating.

    Your berries look soooo good! I was really bummed that I completely missed our local strawberry season here last month, though I did pick some lovely raspberries at our local farm last week.

    Enjoy your bounty – they look delicious!


  10. Glad to hear you are still finding your way… Wanted to echo the recommendation to dip the strawberries in chocolate. Very easy to do, just microwave good quality chocolate till it melts and then swirl strawberries in it and let harden on parchment on a cookie sheet. SO yummy.

  11. I always eat as I pick. How else would you know which ones are the best. But I keep picking and eating my way to the end of the row.
    Sounds like you found a good farm.

  12. Oh, strawberries are one of my favorite fruits! Yummmmm… 😀 I adore strawberry shortcake. We have a great recipe for sponge cake and when you make homemade whipped cream with sweet strawberries (or peaches or bananas or all three!)—-sheer heaven 🙂

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