Morning Meanderings… Here We Go.


Here we are at the day I have been looking forward to with anxiety and scared of all in one.  Today is Justin’s benefit in St. Paul.

Looking forward to because of course it is a chance to see his friends and some of ours as well and that is always nice.  Anxiety and fear because it is after all, a benefit for our son.  My cousin put it well when she said, “it is like falling on the knife all over again.

Yes it is.

I obviously want to be there… have to be there.  The benefit proceeds will go the mission he loved in Honduras. It is for our son and I want to be a part of things for him but as you can imagine… it is also so hard to be there.  I am afraid it is now just something I need to get through.



I think I may listen to audio on the way there.  It is a 2 1/2 hour drive for us and keeping my mind else where may be a good thing.  It is an overcast drizzly, dreary day here in Central Minnesota… the weather matches my mood and that is about right.

Have a good start to your weekend.  I would love to hear what books/audio may be joining you on your journeys.  I feel as though I am out of the loop on what are the must reads/listens of the season so please… enlighten me. 🙂





19 thoughts on “Morning Meanderings… Here We Go.

  1. Justin was an amazing young man. To have his friends/family do everything they have for him is a testament to that fact.

    You can do this Sheila! It will be hard but you will be ok. You’ll be surrounded by love for not only Justin, but for you, Al and Brad. Sending you prayers and hugs.

  2. Thinking of you. Know it will be hard, but will likely be something to think about and ponder afterwards. Prayers for all of you.

  3. My heart goes out to you and your family. Try Her Royal Spyness series by Rhys Bowen, narrated by Katherine Kelgrin. Light hearted and read by one of the best narrators working today.

  4. I just said a little prayer for all of you, Sheila, in the hopes it can help a touch in some added strength you need. As hard as this all is, things like this benefit will someday bring you a measure of comfort, I think, in it being so incredibly symbolic of how much of an impact Justin’s 25 years had on so many people. Hugs…

  5. Words can’t begin to let you know how strong and amazing you are. I keep you in my prayers daily.
    Now…for the books. I just started “The 15 lives of Harry August” and I’m listening to “Deliverence” (don’t know why—but there was a 2 for 1 sale on audible and it was in the list). Neither one is a light book. Next up tho is “Lost Lake”. It seems there are a lot of “Lake” books going around this summer.

  6. Hi Sheila…you are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. I imagine today will bring lots of emotions and I send you strength and support. I’m reading Beatriz Williams’ newest book, Tiny Little Thing, due out on Tuesday – it’s pretty good so far and continues the story of another sister from her book last year. I’m listening to 2 books right now: The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith and The Liar by Nora Roberts…both are pretty good.

  7. Your friend’s comment reminded me of something my husband wrote on his blog. He said, “This is more like an ancient Chinese torture, really: líng chí, death by a thousand cuts. Each memory slices into me, each realization that you’re really gone takes another piece of me, until eventually it feels like there’s nothing left and I’m left feeling emotionally flayed.”

    I’m thinking of you today. I hope that surrounding yourself with Justin’s friends will be comforting and bring you a little joy, hearing their stories about their memories of Justin.

    As far as audio books, I just started The Husband’s Secret and so far, I’m hooked! Heads in Beds was a good listen, as was This Dark Road to Mercy (Wiley Cash) and The Circle (David Eggers).

  8. Thinking of you today and holding you close to my heart. It will not be easy, but you will be surrounded by the love of family and friends. Hugs, dear Sheila.

  9. we are with you, I’m sure you will receive lots of blessings through this. During my last trip, I listened to #8 in Louise Penny series: The Beautiful Mystery. A mystery in a very isolated Canadian monastery. And about Gregorian chant. beautiful. Ralph Cosham is an awesome narrator

  10. Thinking of you as all 3 of my kids are driving from Phoenix to Denver today. All 3 in one car, 20 yr old son driving 2 13 yr old girls hopefully talking his ear off. They are staying overnight in Albuquerque so at least they’re not driving all the way through. But I’ve been thinking of you all week as I got them ready to go, fearing the worst, praying for the best.

    I am heading to California this week for my graduation gift of a vacation. We will be listening to Debbie Macomber and Dorothea Bentonville Frank’s The last original wife. I’ve listened to it before while processing books at the library and loved it. Then, when we move our son to Colorado on the 1st, I will be driving alone in my car while hubby drives the moving truck so I will listen to Jane Green Tempting Fate and 2 other Frank books. I can’t wait for the solitude to listen to what I want for hours. It’ll make the time fly by.

    Take care of yourself. I’m glad you went to the benefit, especially since it was difficult but necessary. I hope you find some peace and get lost in a book today.

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